USA and Bangladesh Friendship Poultry Farming Business via Steemit Prat-10

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Dear Steemians,

You might know that I am doing a poultry farming business for last few months. @kenny-crane and I have a share of the business which is run by my brother. It is the second batch of the chicken farm. My two brothers were working hard to take care 2000 Chickens.

We started this batch on 8 March 2018

4 April 2018

Now they are ready for sale within 28 days. We already sold around 500 Chickens. Today we will sell another 100 Chickens. As we are still feeding them for better weight, we are selling out slowly. Last time we sold all the chickens within 3 days. This time we want to sell slowly as we have some foods extra to feed them.

But I was shocked by the market price. The retailers sell chicken at 135 BDT but they don't want buy from us at rate 115 BDT. Last time, we sold chickens at rate 106-110 BDT per KG. But this time we are selling 112 -115 BDT per KG.


No space left inside the farm. The picture was taken after we sold out 500 Chickens. As the number of chicken was so much, so 5 big chickens died due to hot weather. We had a load shedding problem all day and chickens couldn't tolerate it. So we decided to sell them earlier. The average weight of the chicken is now 1.6 KG.

16 March 2018

The baby chicken was gathering to warm themselves.


Last night when I was working at the farm.


One of the chicken was drinking water after I gave the pot with full of water. They have to finish all water at night and early morning my brothers will come to give water again. As I sleep late at night, I can't come to help in the morning. But I know how hard to give water to 50 water pots. We hired a person who left the job after 5 days. We will see what we can do next. But I really love to work in my free time.


We are so hopeful this month as the death ratio is very low. Last time 111 chicken had died in 1500 chicken but this time only around 30 chicken died in 2000 chicken.

Let's see what comes next. I have some videos and pictures every day but I don't want to change my main focus from @SchoolForSDG4 and @WomenEmpowerment .

@kenny-crane donated 9.591 USD from last batch profit.

I mentioned his donation amount in our last overall report.

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N.B: By upvoting this post you are supporting me @Azizbd personally, not my charity @SchoolForSDG4

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

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I am happy to read this Update! It seems like things are going very well. I was glad to be able to donate my profits from the first batch to your excellent projects and I hope my profits which I will donate again from this second batch will be as good or even better.

I appreciate all your work on this! Thanks again for this great post about our friendship poultry farming business.


I am glad that you liked the update. Everything going very well till to date. We still have around 1500 chicken at the farm and I wish to share more good news as soon as we finish selling. Maybe it will take 4-5 Days. Have a great day my friend. So much happy for your donation to @SchoolForSDG4 and hope this time we will have better than last batch.

Have a great day !

Wow! That's a lot of chicks soon to grow fully!
I have always wanted to own a poultry as a side hustle.
Just haven't found the time and place to do that.
Nice seeing you add this to the things you do!
I guess this should provide some protein for the school kids!
Cheers man!


I hope your wish will come true. They grow so quickly than I expected. It may because of the good environment which helped them to eat a lot. We had poultry farm around 10 years ago but we stopped. Few months ago, my brother wanted to start it again and I wanted to invest some money also wanted to invest some school fund so it can generate a sustainable source of money for charity too. But as it is risky, so we didn't want to invest school fund. Later @kenny-crane joined me as partner and invested some steem.

School kids ate chickens from the last batch on 26th March, 2018 during their monthly hot meal arrangement . I will save some chickens from this batch too for their next monthly hot meal arrangement. Thank you very much for your continuous support.

Kita harus mempunyai sikap yang positif, artinya kita selalu punya komitmen tersendiri dimana kita selalu untuk mencari celah dalam berusaha. Tidak mesti dengan berbisnis mungkin dengan cara lain juga punya ada cara tersendiri. Dari sebelum-sebelumnya langkah awal dalam berbisnis ialah modal. Dimana keharusan dalam berbisnis benar punya tekad yang tinggi apalagi terangkai dengan kosa motivasi agar yang lain turut melakukan hal yang di inginkan. Salam kenal @azizbd dan terimakasih atas postingan ini


Sangat baik dari Anda. Terima kasih saudara atas komentar Anda.


Sama-sama @azizbd semoga dalam pertemanan ini lebih memberikan penerapan yang baru kepada kita. Semoga kedepannya lebih cerah lagi dan sukses

Thats great where the farm located in sylhet? my kids surely would love to watch it! My dad also did farming chicken.

Loved school projectd too. Really nice meeting here on steemit.

seems you know different languages also, lot to learn from you sir. Happy Blogging!


Hello Mam,
Thank you for your comment. It is at Shekghat. They are always welcome to my school. It will be great to see you at school. The farming business is managed by my brother and I work as part time. I love to help him.