My Monday with Women Empowerment (02 April 2018)

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Dear Steemians,

Today was our Monday class at @WomenEmpowerment. @WomenEmpowerment is a social business project run by myself since 7 January 2017. The venture helping some underprivileged women to get free training.

Thank you all following our blog @WomenEmpowerment. We have got 100 + followers there already.


We had a heavy storm last few days in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Some people had died and many houses damaged. Thankfully our tin shade house safe. Today was sunny and clear sky here. We are going to have a new trainer soon. I am looking for a new trainer and this evening I am going to contact a new trainer. Today was last class by our existing trainer.


Our new machine had problem last few days. Today, the seller of the machine came to fix the problem as we have 2 years warranty. I think it will work fine now when we can use more. As it will be used by many women who even know how to sewing, it can make a problem for the machine. But I hope it will be okay.



A few days ago, children of @SchoolForSDG4 played in the small playground we used for the Annual sports event. But now the small place also under construction now. Children were facing problem to come school today but it will be ok by tomorrow morning.


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Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

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great work...


Thanks for your comment

I hope your place was okay in the storm!


Yes. Everything was ok. Thanks