USA and Bangladesh Friendship Poultry Farming Business via Steemit Part-14

in friendship •  5 months ago

Dear steemians,

10 days passed and I am here with our poultry farming business update. If you haven't heard about our poultry farming business before, I request you to visit my previous posts to read about the friendship poultry farming business. We are running the business for about 4 months in Bangladesh.

One of my friend @kenny-crane invested 40 steem in the business a few months ago. The profit generated from his investment goes to a charity school @SchoolForSDG4 which is facilitating about 60 underprivileged children in Bangladesh by providing free access to education. The charity school is fully funded by steemit community.

7 May, 2018

Today I was working at the farm with my brother. The chicken weight became 1 KG around within 19 days. They look much healthy and active. In total, only 19 chickens had died till to date. My brothers are working hard to achieve good profit this time again. I am like a lazy one, can work when I have time. But as one of my brother will leave Bangladesh next month. I may have to give full-time support.



I was giving feed for the chicken and my brother was giving water in the pots.


This one looks much healthy. Last time we made a profit around $1000 and it reduced after I deducted the labour cost around $200. I am so happy that the business has much success and we have not faced any trouble yet.



As my family has an accident, so my brothers are busy with other things too. Now I feel my dad was right as we have a big family and we are tackling the challenges of our life together. Though, I remember how hard it was for my dad to feed a big family alone.

Now I feed my school children, I feed chickens and I can pay my dad's treatment cost. So much blessed with many of you. Stay blessed and have a great time on steemit.

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Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

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This is another great initiative as you always do. Definitely you are blessed from everyone as helping the underprivileged children. We will find very few people who are thinking beyond himself. Thanks for your initiatives.

Thanks for the update, my friend!

This batch of chickens is looking good. Thanks for all the work you and your brothers do for this chicken business. Sending prayers for your dad and your entire family and the school and women's empowerment!


Thank you, friend. for your prayers. Everything is going great with the batch too. If god want we will have good profit again.

Those chickens are looking great. How much longer before you take them to market >?


Within 2 weeks they will go to market for sale. Actually, it takes around 30 -35 days to finish a batch and their average weight become 1.7 - 2 KG. Thank you for your support and comment

You’re my inspiration!!! I’m sure you’ll have much success in all you do because you have good intentions❤️


Thank you for your kind words @naturald, I look forward to chat with you soon. Have a great day.

This warms my heart! And @kenny-crane is wonderful be has been my friend for a while now :)


He is a great support for many people here on steemit. I am so happy that I found him and we are now good friend and doing the business for few months. He also bought a product from my @WomenEmpowerment last year which works with underprivileged women in Bangladesh. Also he donated some BTC while he bought the product. So glad to have him as friend.

its a Biggest poultry farm sir, just go ahead, best wishes for you.


Thank you. keep up the great work you are doing.


You are most welcome sir..

Masha are doing really a great job..Allah will help you & protect you from all the bad things bro😊


Thank you for your kind words and prayers. Have a great day.

Poultry business is really a nice business.

I wish your farm free from any hazard.


Also sending healing to your family

i feel vomiting to this ... i am vegan ... you please fear god and learn to care about life ... of other beings.