Day 218: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: Clouds

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Day 22- Selfie Freewrite Celebration Contest


This is my entry for the Day 22- Selfie Freewrite Celebration Contest - Prize 94.326 SBD, hosted by @freewritehouse.

You can also find today’s freewrite prompt by visiting Day 218: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: clouds, hosted by @mariannewest.

The clouds that had been lingering the past month finally cleared and made way for the blue sky. Malorie took her sun glasses from her purse and covered her stinging eyes. She walked past the umbrella and took the chance that the sun would keep the rain clouds away.

The humidity was still in the air, but it was warm again; verging on hot, and Malorie liked it this way. She could go about her day without a thought of her puffy hair, or her wet shoes. The rain lasted so long she almost thought her town had moved to the west coast overnight.

But the buildings stood tall around her as she walked down the street reminding her she lived in the busy city. The sound of horns blowing, people on their cell phones and the occasional cursing of a motorist all confirmed this was New York, not Seattle.

When Malorie got to the newspaper stand the picture on the front page stole her attention. She often saw her father’s smug face in the business section, as he was such a mentor and pillar of the community, but this picture showed him with his head down and his hands in handcuffs. She paid for the paper and slowly read the headline.

“Oh Father, what have you done now?”


Thanks for reading!

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That's quite a good story and what a surprise ending! Now I want to know what he did!


Thank you. I would like to know too!!! I hated that the sun came out for her just to see a cloud over her head emotionally :(


It's so well written!


Thank you again!

@simgirl, lovely poem. Best wishes in your contest.

@evarich from steemschools


Thank you very much! Have a lovely day. Thanks for reading!

What a great #freewrite @simgirl excellent use of today's prompt. Keep 'um coming!


Thank you!!! Can you believe today is the first day we have had without a cloud in the sky lol. It's been raining for weeks here.


Today was the first day we didn't hit 99°, damn Texas weather. 🇨🇱


We got hot weather too after the rain. As soon as it got hot went right to 99. We may have hit 100. I hope this means that it will last longer in the fall and push the winter back a few months. We are in South Carolina. I think it's hotter in Texas.

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Uh-oh I wonder what he did :O This is a very well written story, I hope to see more of it!

I see that you're enjoying your freewriting journey, so here's your next prompt:

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