Weekend Freewrite- 6/2/2018 – Above the Law

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Day 19 - Selfie Freewrite Celebration Contest!


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This is my entry for the Day 19 - Selfie Freewrite Celebration Contest - Prize 93.56 SBD, hosted by @freewritehouse.

You can also find this weekend’s freewrite prompt by visiting Weekend Freewrite- 6/2/2018 - Part 1 - The First Sentence, hosted by @mariannewest.

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Above the Law

“No one is above the law” he said, then he winked at her like she should know.

“I’m not saying I am above the law Sheriff, all I am saying is if you won’t do something about those horse thieves I will have no choice but to shot them dead. That’s the third horse these fools have taken, and I won’t stand for it any longer.”

“Shelly, I don’t want to haul you off to jail over some petty horse crimes.”

“Everyone in this town knows I make my money hauling my crafts to the store. How am I going to haul my wagon without any horses you tell me that! They will put me out of business. I’d say that’s a little more serious than a petty crime.”

“Calm down Sugar.”

“Don’t call me Sugar. I swear Sheriff if you don’t find my horses and bring them back soon, the next person who sets foot on my land is getting a bullet between the eyes. And this whole town will know not to mess with Shelly Wilson. I promise you that.”

“Okay I’ll do what I can, but you have to promise to keep your guns in your holster until I can get to the bottom of this. It will take a few days.”

“You have until the end of the week, then I go looking for my horses and I’m going to shoot first and ask questions later.”

“I’ll find your horses. You have my word Shelly. No need for you to go off all half-cocked. Maybe if you had a man around these parts you wouldn’t be such a target.”

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The barn doors slid open soundlessly, revealing the complete and utter chaos that he had been sent to fix.

“I told the Sheriff if he didn’t do something about these fools I was going to kill them dead and I mean to keep my word.”

“Please ma’am calm down. I’m Sheldon James and I work for the Sheriff. He asked me to find your horse thieves. I followed this man into your barn. I will take it from here. Whatever you do don’t shoot him or else you will make matters worse for yourself.”

“I ain’t gonna take it anymore. He’s gonna tell me where he took my other horses and then I’m going to end his life.”

“Shelly. That’s your name isn’t it.”

“Yes. Shelly Rachel Wilson. The woman who is fed up with these criminals.”

“I know you are mad Shelly, but you can’t shoot him”

“You see... he said you can’t shoot me. Tell this crazy lady she can’t shoot me. It’s against the law.”

“I told you to shut your trap. Ain’t no one doing anything lawful tonight. But if I have my way… justice will be served.”

“Please Shelly I give you my word that these men are not going to get away with what they have done to you. And, this is not the only one. It is a gang of thieves stealing your horses. Killing this man will only draw attention to you. You don’t want that kind of attention.”

Shelly thought for a brief second and then put her gun to her side.

“Let me do my job, and I’ll take him to jail. We’ll round up the other men and you’ll get your horses back.”

“Fine, but you had better do it quick before my mercy runs out.”

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Shelly had just about loaded up the last of her crafts onto her wagon when the dog barked loudly. She looked up to see a dust cloud and images of two men on horseback. Behind them were three horses she recognized as her own.

When the dust settled, she stepped away from her chore and focused on the Sheriff and the man she recognized from the night in the barn.

“Sheriff. I see you found my horses.”

“I told you I would find them for you. There’s no need to be running around with an itchy trigger finger.”

“Well they look pretty thin, but I am sure glad to have them back. I must thank your deputy for his hard work and quick thinking. If he hadn’t shown up when he did, that boy would have died.”

“It’s all in day’s work Ma’am. I’ll take the horses to the stable, so they can adjust to being back home… where they should be.” The young deputy said and nodded.

“I’d say you are lucky that Sheldon showed up when he did. From what he tells me there were more men in the woods that night. Had they heard a gunshot, you may have been in more trouble than you could get yourself out of. I still say you need a man around these parts…”

“I could stay for a few days… just to be sure you are safe.” Sheldon said and smiled.

The End

Thanks for Reading!

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What a delightful story! Shelly better watch her trigger finger and do I smell a romance brewing??


Thank you. It does have a great romantic premise. Of course Shelly would have to be hard headed... :D Thanks for reading.


It was truly my pleasure to read! And I can see that she would be that hard headed. LOL


I might have to revisit this one!

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Oh, Sheldon is finding himself a sugar moma :)

I am sure you already did this one...
Today's prompt for you. Wonder what it will bring to your mind :)


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