Eagle Spirit & FreedomTribe's Collaboration, With An Invitation To Participate In #FreedomFriday No. 4 "What Does Freedom Mean To Me?"

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When we think of freedom it may come at a cost, for others it is may be taken for granted. These are some of the thoughts that were going through my mind when I created #FreedomFriday nearly two months ago. A few other reasons were the "disappearance" of The China Ink Girl and the banning of quite a few people like Alex Jones, Ron Paul Institute and Tommy Robinson from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, and other social media platforms. There is a part of me that cries out for F-R-E-E-D-O-M every single day, and these situations are happening globally on a continuous basis.

Every Man Dies. Not Every Man Really Lives. ~William Wallace

My initial post concerning freedom of speech was a blog entitled Eagle Spirit's Freedom Friday Initiative ---> I Begin With Freedom Of Speech!, and this was prompted by The China Ink girl mentioned earlier. Her disappearance broke my heart and I could not sit in silence.

Within the two months of initiating this cry for all of us to use our voice, I joined a great group of freedom fighters called @freedomtribe led by @richardcrill and @lindseylambz. Richard asked me to tell him what my initiative was about and long story short this is what led me to my second post on Eagle Spirit's Freedom Friday Initiative No. 2 ===> Exploring The Freedom Of Assembly!. This was a topic Richard thought was worthwhile since many of these topics are not being discussed. I agree.



The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear. ~Aung San Suu Kyi

Another topic discussed in @freedomtribe and suggested by Richard was Freedom of Religion and this one got a few people from the group interested. In fact, @riverflows made a great post Freedom Of Religion: The Problem with the Manifestation of Belief discussing the fine line of freedom of religion that can turn into discrimination. Another participant was @lopzdaniel with his post Freedom of religion and religious and political hypocrisy, which discussed the religious hypocrisy in his home country of Venezuela. My third post added to the discussion with Eagle Spirit's Freedom Friday Initiative No. 3 ===> Exploring The Freedom Of Religion!, explaining my own personal experience with religion in America.



Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

#FreedomFriday No. 4 -- "What Does Freedom Mean To Me?"

For this week our topic will be open-ended in order to invite as many people as possible to participate. We invite you to take on this question with an answer that can range from:

  • Your original poetry.

  • Write a long or short story.

  • Your original artistry; drawing, painting, music, etc.

We want to hear from you in any way you wish to share your expression of freedom and what you see going on in the world. How do you really feel? What is your heart and soul telling you about freedom? Sing us your song so we can support and rejoice with you.

For those that truly impress me, I am going to send 1 STEEM to @SteemBasicIncome for your Steemit account. Thank you for all those that participate.

As always, reading your comments is a pleasure, so please leave one below.



Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. I’m a Certified Indian Blood member of the Hopi & Apache Native American tribes, Reiki Master-Teacher, Medicine woman in-training, paralegal, researcher, and writer based in the mountains of Colorado, USA. I work closely with fellow planktons and minnows in a few groups by helping them adjust to Steemit and curate quality content. I’m especially interested in finding others who love natural medicine originating from ancient practices, gold and silver, and energy work. Additionally, I'm the creator of #MedicineCardMonday and #FreedomFriday, so if you are interested in receiving Native American Medicine stop by my blog every Monday to say hello!

A'OO, Eagle Spirit

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I think you mean @richardcrill and @lindseylambz, although I Iove me some @lindsaybowes 😂😍

So excited about #freedomfriday! Thank you for spearheading this initiative! 🙌

oh snappp ahahhaha ty, will change that! im not sure why i keep getting you both (lindsys) mixed up. apologies. looks like i got richard crill correct ...
yes ma’am as far as leading it, i prob should since i started this and i cant wait to see where it goes.

Oh no worries, I was just giving ya a hard time 😜 im happy to be mixed up with Lyndsay - she's pretty rad.

@lindseylambz i'm glad you did or i never wouldve known! two lindsy who woulda thunk it? :) she is rad and you are too!! xo

Ohhh Yeeeah! Bringing SBI into the mix for Freeeeeeddoooooooom! Thank you so much @eaglespirit!

@freedomtribe ahaha you crack me uppppppp


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhh !! Awesome. xx I'm in xx

woo hoo! cant wait to see your masterpiece 😁🔥

Yeah I love it, am so looking forward to participating in this, great initiative @eaglespirit yeah FREEDOM !!!!!!!!!!

excellente!! cant wait to see what you have to say, exciting 😁🙌🏽

This is a fabulous invitation. Thank you! I feel a poem brewing...

woot, cant wait to see it! :)


lmaooooo why you spammin me ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣


lol!!!!!!!!!!! :)

@rawutah yesss yess i got RU to lol woo hooooo

How goes it @eaglespirit? My "Free Speech Friday" rants aren't working. I was the only one to post a rant last Friday and it was my best rant yet (according to the comments). My goal was to get more people posting stuff along with me. No luck! At one time I had two people make posts but that was it. Nothing consistent.
I love your Freedom Friday posts. I find writing to be therapeutic which is why I rant so much. I'm a better writer then I am a performer. With that being said could I submit a rant on Friday?

sure thing! as long as you stick to answering the question! 🤣🤣🤣

you are welcome anytime 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear. ~Aung San Suu Kyi

Unfortunately Aung San Suu Kyi is staying silent on Rohingya genocide - thousands of them are living in fear, no freedom whatsoever.

yes the people are, but hasnt she been on house arrest for most of her life and fought when shes needed to?


i worked at the UN, Burma/ Norwegian Embassy for a year and not once did she cave. she picks her battles and i hope will win the war. i admire her greatly.

She is the foreign minister and state counselor, a winner of NOBLE prize, her voice matters, but she isnt saying/doing anything for Rohingya people, her own people, regardless the religion.

i know who she is, as i mentioned i worked for the burma/myanmar UN. i never mentioned religion, her stance is peace and solidarity. as i mentiontioned i am familiar with the situation from her rep at the UN and the situation in Myanmar is very precarious. being held at her home by the military is not an easy matter. she writes books and is still loved by everyone. what you are saying is not what i saw during correspondence and protests against the regime in nyc. we all have our opinions on things, and usually if i write something its because its something ive personally experienced. as i always say, we have a right to the freedom to think and feel as we will.

I wasnt saying you didnt know who she was lol

I was merely stating that as a person of high rank power, there should be something that she CAN say and do

And no, you didnt mention religion. The people being butchered are of differ religion from hers, thus she gets the critics worldwide as she is seen not caring due to the differ religions. So what is so peace about that.

Anyways im out. Scary talking to you.

Cheers lady.

This could be the difference of face to face speaking versus writing. The way we read something, also subjects such as politics and religion are touchy subjects. Like I said we all have a say, that is freedom, and that is my only point here. You have one and so do I. I know what I saw so, I was stating that. I won’t defend that. She may not like muslims and that is her choice. I’m not saying I agree with that. I did further research on her stance and I read a book on the muslim perspective. You are hitting on different topics like “peace, politics, etc.” about a woman that was locked up in her house for her people for most of her life and what set you off was a quote. A quote that she made and was given a nobel peace prize for. Granted the world is corrupt and I know about the deep state, the possible economic crash, the powers that truly rule this world and manipulate us into slavery, and many of us accept the slavery. I like to look at humankind as a work in progress, and we all do things as a learning experience as we are growing on our life path. There are others, like this particular group Im a part of that are willing to fight for all of us. There are many that are not like us, there arent a lot of William Wallaces in the world that are willing to die for freedom. This is how I see Aung San — fighting in her own way.


I like it! I have to wait to upvote because the reward stands a $3.33, and the number 333 is my recurring number. I take it as a good sign as I am a believer in the Holy Trinity. I wake up often in the middle of the night at 3:33 am, it has been going on for years. I get in my car in the afternoon crank her up and guess what time it is, yep 3:33 pm, little freaky, especially when I think that 2x333=666, yikes - the eternal struggle between heaven and hell!

@handofzara ok cool! hope you come back ahaahahahh whoa 3:33 hmmm thats a special number and for some reason a "jesus" type of love light feeling came to my third eye when i saw that right now. i usually dont say love and light i think its overdone but it is what i saw. what ive learned about 666 is man's struggle humankind. wish we could talk this out ... darnit

I think your third eye is correct, I always feel it is God winking, "I am" here, nudging me forward, calling me to action. When this happens a 3:33 am I get up make some coffee and begin my morning prayers. As to the 666, it is a reminder that I have a choice follow God or follow man. I choose God. May you have a blessed day @eaglespirit.

@handofzara woo hoo! i choose God too, we are kindreds. xo
just saw you are in NC, i hope florence didn't kick you with her heels? let me know you are ok

No Worries, I live in a section of the State that got just a little rain and nothing else. It is all about location! I lived down East for years but after Hurricane Floyd came through back in 1999 my wife insisted that we move to a much safer location. And when the Boss says move, we moved!
Thanks for asking and yes we are kindred!

@handofzara oh good, glad to hear you are okay!!! yeah i was in sandy and the other B that ripped NYC up, i was done after that. i was on staten island at the time. kindredssssss xo

Im with you in spirit!


I am really glad to see this one taking off. Naturally I forgot again this week until Sunday lol.
I love the open ended topic it gives forgetful people like me the option to just write whenever and save it for a Friday.
Are you going to do the @ifc again this season? I did the all star one but there were hardly any entries.

i know right!? no worries as sometimes i dont post, i should be up to 8 or so by now 🤗🤣😂😂

im not sure about ifc and yay on your entry for the all stars, i hope you win 🎉🎊

Thanks I can honestly say this is one I did just for the pure fun of it

@headchange i'm so glad, because those are the best!! fun fun fun

Oh!! An invite! Thank you! xo

@dswigle you are so welcome :)

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Here is an original poem by @ecoinstant (that's me!)
I wrote it a couple years ago, and when I read your post here (linked from PYPT) I thought of it, and had to spend about 45 minutes digging around in the dusty corners of life to find it. Thank you for being so motivated by freedom and motivating with freedom.

My fellow man, and woman too
I hope to stand along with you.
When I say freedom, shout it back
and pray one day we can attack
such forces that oppose us so
we fight for a bright tomorrow.
In the gloom of murky night
It seems our battle's grown quite tight.
But for ev'ry dusk there is a dawn.
I doubt it not, our vict'ry song.
Let freedom's voices sing out, alive
though one or more may take a dive.
A fevered pitch, victims be true
to ev'ry thing your parents told you.
A bunch of numbers is not our nation
but freedom, love, emancipation.

@ecoinstant why do i feel like ive heard this before? Lez Mis?? ahahahahahah
i love it!! it sounds like a poem song almost ... thank you sooo much for sharing this woo hooooo
really enjoyed hearing your voice today. :)

Fabulous imitative - let us be free to write what ever freedom means to us.

@porters so happy you feel this way! woo hoo ... can't wait to read what you write! woo hoo :)