Freedom of religion and religious and political hypocrisy

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A few hours ago Leia the spectacular post of @riverflows. And I got a lot of attention the issue, because this is something we are starting to experience in our country, although in Australia and the United States is a very advanced issue.


As a Christian and a Venezuelan growing up seeing many contradictory things, I currently believe in religious freedom, I think it is possible to live with human beings, despite the great differences that exist in one and other groups. The success of humanity is not in how much truth we have but how it unites us, healthy, forgiving, transforms in best friends, neighbors and relatives.

The religious Eclesiatico system is full of all kinds of people, religious jealousy the religious hicresia is everywhere.

What I mean by religious hypocrisy.


It is simple Jesus in the Bible I speak of those Pharisees, who took advantage of people to draw money from them, I call them whitewashed sepulchres, with this it was meant that people who aparentraban be very spiritual and jealous of their religion but with their heart and facts They proved otherwise. The same goes for Christianity to be the branch that is, Baptist, Catholic, Anglican, all looking for a greater appearance of spirituality. It is there in search of this that they forget to do well without looking at who.

Hypocrite a priest or pastor or professed Christian who rejects and criticizes even condemns a homosexual, or lesbian for his inclination, but forgets to give food to the needy, care for the poor widow, and take care of children, those who show superheroes of the Christianity, but they beat and abuse their wives, rape their children, and then go and in front of people reject the ideology of generosity and do not feed or dress a person for being homosexual, even worse not let her enter the church.

Jesus says in the Bible that he will say away from me to that kind of hypocrites, because they never did their bidding, as they saw the poor naked, lack of food, and not attended.

I believe in freedom of thought and fact, as long as it does not harm another person, I believe that we were all made equal, with the same weaknesses and strengths, and none were born as Christians or Baptists or Anglicans, we were all born human, beings Human beings created in the image of God, and each one deserves respect and love.

To that I mean political hypocrisy?

This point and many know it, right here in the country I see it daily, recently socialism has been driving idelogias policies that integrate homosexuals, which I do not believe this wrong, they also deserve a place or work site. The problem is that we are still in the same problem of unity under my Government and for my interests, because if the concern is actually for the thousands of people, their shortcomings, in case of, starve my people and they think is to involve the ideology of G January, children starve in the streets, and they simply take out a card to give money bonuses, which is another strategy to gain adepts for their government, as well as engaging the gay community as well. We fall again to the point of hypocrisy.

As I always say we need to examine our creed!

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thank you for participating in my initiative freedomfriday, i really appreciate reading your thoughts on this issue. this flows glowingly with freedomtribe and speaking about freedom is so important, even acting on it. blessings, ES


A pleasure to share my ideas, I love these issues, are my day to day! #freedomfriday


@lopzdaniel thank you so much and so happy you joined in. thank you for that! xo

A great post. I totally agree about the hypocrisy. How can they ask for exemption from law here when the grounds on which they do it go against the values by which they'd like to be seen?? And what is happening there is appalling. 💚

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