Spreading the Love #16 :: #FreedomFriday Edition

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Happy #FreedomFriday! We're switching things up on this weeks Spreading the Love curation report - our very own Freedom Tribe member @eaglespirit has initiated using the tag #freedomfriday as an opportunity to post about freedom and the many ideas within this big topic. Of course, it’s right up our alley at @freedomtribe so we are highlighting our members that are making this new hashtag an excellent place for discussing Freeeeeeeeedoooooom!!!

This week we chose Freedom of Religion as our #freedomfriday topic - stay tuned for an update on next weeks freedom theme if you would like to participate!


Our goal at @freedomtribe is to support passionate content creators that are doing what they love! We promote life, freedom, truth, love, and happiness in all forms. Our only rule beyond that is no hatred or abuse towards anyone. In these curation reports, we will be showcasing posts that we are voting on from both members and non-members.

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You become a member by delegating SP and following our curation trail at any %. You will gain post promotion abilities and other benefits discussed in this post:

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Thank you for taking the time to visit the posts below and show them some love with upvotes and comments. We have chosen these posts because they exemplify the kind of consciously created content that we love to see. We hope you love it, too!




No. 3 ===> Exploring The Freedom Of Religion!


In her third #freedomfriday post, @eaglespirit objectively explores our culture’s idea of religious freedom and shares her unique experience navigating those murky waters. For all the details about #freedomfriday make sure to checkout @eaglespirit’s awesome post!



Freedom Of Religion: The Problem with the Manifestation of Belief


@riverflows post really dives deep into that fine line when your freedom of religion turns into freedom to discriminate. Her post sheds light on our societies gaping loop-hole that still exists, despite all of our recent advances towards freedom for all. If her post doesn’t leave you questioning that fine line between practicing your religious freedom and forcing your beliefs on others, then I urge you to check your pulse. Though we’ve made major progress in this subject, this eye-opening post clearly shows how much work we have to ensure our personal freedoms are causing no harm to others.



Freedom of religion and religious and political hypocrisy


@lopzdaniel has also joined in and offered us a Venezuelan perspective on the topic by pointing out the political hypocracy running rampant in the various religious institutions that are supposed to be a safe haven for the people in need of the most basic, fundamental resources. Thankfully, we have people like @lopzdaniel and his charity @littledisciples who see a need in their community and take it upon themselves to close that gap.


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I'm in love with all of you. Like really, really in love. Can't wait til next Friday - this is gonna be big, and so it should be.. Freedom is everything!


you are so darn loveable my friend xxx

these are such fantastic articles such a great initiative, cheers for that @eaglespirit and thank you @freedomtribe for bringing them all together xx

Yay!! this is fantastic, thank you so much for your beautiful work. just love the presentation and invitation.

much love,

eagle spirit


Thank YOU for the awesome idea!

Super duper interesting topic! Ironically, I was talking about this with people at a gathering on Friday night!! Little did I know it was also being talked about on steemit as well! Crazy!

Loving the opening, sharing and curation of these ideas!

Such a awesome collaborative post and initiative. Well done to the freedom tribe for bringing great topics forward and spreading the love! 👍