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This Thanksgiving in Canadastan, I am thankful for all the lies of the state, the false flag operations, the lies / propaganda of the state and the paid off police state and mainstream / lamestream media who are the real FAKE NEWS -- looking the other way to distract us from the liberties being stolen from us.

The fluoride in the water killing us and medicating us without consent that also ruins the pipes, and the waterways and lakes it is flushed and run back into, along with the animals and wildlife.

To protect and serve!

But who, or what???

As an Off-Grid / Bushcraft / Homesteader Self Reliance type, I question all the policy that steals rights from people to peacefully live off the grid if they choose.

Maybe grow some food, live as the good Lord intended us to -- while developing self reliance skills and doing simple things like wanting clean water, solar and wind power that is clean and sustainable, collecting some rain water, growing a garden maybe in your FRONT yard that cities don't want -- etc.

Tell me again how free you are.


Think on that.

And how you cannot question authority or now risk being labelled a terrorist if you do -- or if you give a shit about the environment and our effects on it ruining air, water quality and indexes with over consumption and pollution everywhere.

How dare you want to stand up for what little civil rights you should have left, that are not eroded!

Are you free, or are you not??

Tell me whose boot is on your throat and who you cannot question -- yet we keep over paying our oppressors.

Public Service --- Right.

As many of you know, I have put my money where my mouth is --- and been targeted for years for it:


Goverment and the Police State:

The Harlots of Liberty.

Stand Your Ground Without Shame for the Cause of True Liberty. I Have Done MY Best.


Justin Trudeau - Prime Minister of Canada Contact Info:


You can reach the office of Justin Trudeau at

Phone: 1 613 995-0253


Ottawa / Canadian Government Official Address:

Justin Trudeau
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

(No postage required!)

and of course from the government website, they will track you and classify you as a threat if they do not like what you have to say LOL:


The collection and use of personal information by this site is in accordance with the federal Privacy Act, which states that you have the right to access your personal information and request changes to incorrect information. The personal information will be used to respond to your inquiry as described in the Personal Information Bank PSU 902, "Executive Correspondence" which is posted at Information may be disclosed without your consent for purposes not outlined here according to subsection 8(2) of the Privacy Act.


G20 protest photos in Canada - just west of me actually that made international news for the wrong reasons, regarding civil rights stolen, police brutality, lack of best practices and the list goes on endlessly.

-- The police chief then is now an elected Minister LOL-- I have written about that before -- Bill Blair. I know -- shocking right????

This film documents the events leading up to, during, and after the G20 protests that took place in Toronto in 2010.

Things are NOT BETTER here.

Those awake and watching, and not brainwashed by the paid off lamestream / mainstream "media" here --- know what is going on at every level.

I've emailed the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on this and other issues of course.

And we are leaned on heavily by every level of government and the related "AGENCIES" -- believe me.

It highlights a number of very real and scary changes that are taking place in Canada with regard to the violation of civil liberties, policing, surveillance, and Canadian state sanctioned violence and brutality.

These things should become public knowledge. It is easy to say “well I haven’t experienced this so it doesn‘t impact me”, or to believe in the often used justification for such violence that “extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures”. However, it is only a matter of time before these things begin to impact all who reside within Canada's boundaries.

It is a very scary truth that Canada, and many other countries, are moving towards a totalitarian form of governance, and that all of us who oppose such an oppressive system can be labelled as threats to national security, potential terrorists, and can therefore legally (under non-democratic anti-terrorism laws and the like) be denied our rights as not just citizens/residents of a country, but as human beings.

Full Video that is well done and shocking is just ONE of many great resources you can easily find, even with Google and YT burying search results, every day --- in the surveillance and overtaxed and underserved Canadastan where civil liberties and rights are stolen from residents, daily.

Full film:

-- Press for Truth / Dan Dicks full video and credit given here for this video. And a sincere thanks for the work he does and I have supported his work -- and hope you might as well here and in other ways.


@pressfortruth - is where you can send a Crypto / STEEM based donation to him via his wallet here if you like. Dan is being leaned on in every way possible also. Every bit helps him.

I encourage helping him!! Thanks Dan, for all you do in the name of LIBERTY!

#2 - BIG OIL:

I wrote about a huge victory here in the last week!


  • that is honestly just one fight down, governments and related lobbyists and companies are always lurking to fund political campaigns, greenwash things, infiltrate schools and spread their propaganda thru mainstream media, etc. as we know.


But what can be expected, from the latest politician elected to govern the country as Prime Minister.

Pierre Trudeau was our PM decades ago and finished taking Canada off the GOLD STANDARD for backing currency in 1974.

The USA came off the gold standard in 1971 as we know under Richard Nixon, -- oddly the year I was born.

Justin Trudeau, Pierre's son -- is now the PM of Canada --- and is very friendly with Big Oil and LOTS of other donors in and out of country (thru his family foundation, of course) as you can see:


Now, that article is dated OCTOBER 13, 2015 ---- and the date of the last Federal Election here was-- Monday, October 19

So that gives some interesting perspective -- but nothing shocks us when it comes to donations.... right???

#3 -- - Suing Feds for Monetary Policy - Back Into the Peoples' Hands:

(Canadian Version of End the Fed for Broken Monetary System/Policy)

Other related project worthy to check out by Hon. Paul Hellyer: Former Minister in Canada:

(When the Liberals returned to power in the 1963 election, Hellyer became Minister of National Defence in the cabinet of Lester B. Pearson.)

Paul Theodore Hellyer, PC (born 6 August 1923) is a Canadian engineer, politician, writer, and commentator who has had a long and varied career. He is the longest serving current member of the Privy Council of Canada, just ahead of Prince Philip.

I am a dues paying member.

The group has retained one of, likely the BEST Constitutional lawyer in Canada --- to return the monetary supply/policy back to the hands of the people and out of private banking interests wasting our money, just like what is happening with every other Central Banked country in the world -- private banking cartels/cabals draining wealth from regular people, daily.

I've emailed the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on this and other issues of course.

Rocco Galati -- the lawyer handling this case which is being muddled with by the court systems, yet has made it to the Supreme Court of Canada over the years...... and which is being almost COMPLETELY ignored by the "mainstream media" even though it affects every Canadian, every day:

Rocco explains to mainstream "media" here an overview in a brief 17 min. clip:

June 2017 Official update from COMER and our lawyer Rocco Galati - at his offices - where the Supreme Court of Canadastan dismissed the case, after 5.5 years of battles won and lost -- and they do not have to state the reasons why --- and THEY DIDN'T.

Recorded on June 3, 2017 at the COMER Press Conference in Rocco Galati's Law Offices

In my opinion this is one of the most important cases of the XXI century in Canada about one of the biggest issues the world is facing since the XX Century and that is the central banking control over nations and the issue of money.

"After nearly 5 ½ years of contentious litigation between the Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) and the Government of Canada involving three separate Federal Court and two additional Federal Court of Appeal hearings resulting in contrary decisions, on May 4th, 2017, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed COMER’s “leave” (permission to appeal) application from the second judgment of the Federal Court of Appeal. Following established practice, the federal Supreme Court does NOT issue reasons when it dismisses a leave application.

The dismissal by the Supreme Court of the Leave application, means only that the Court does not want to hear the appeal. The jurisprudence on this is clear: it does not mean that the lower court decisions are correct in law. The possible reasons for the Supreme Court not wanting to hear the case are many and various, including the washing of their hands or “deference” to the political process – hence, this is why reasons are not issued by the Supreme Court in leave dismissals.

We believe that the case has ample legal merit, and should have proceeded to trial. It is not uncommon for the Supreme Court to refuse leave on a given issue multiple times, finally to grant leave, hear the appeal and the case then succeeds. The Supreme Court controls its own agenda, both in its timing and on the merits of issues it will or will not hear. (Annually, fewer than 8 - 10% of all cases filed are granted permission and heard at the Supreme Court of Canada.)

It should be noted that throughout this arduous and expensive legal process, the substance of this lawsuit initiated in the public interest has not been addressed. (The matters raised by the lawsuit are summarized in the attached original news release issued on December 19, 2011.)"


Video in 2016 of all these parties in earlier days in the case as they explain in a press conference details: (50 mins)

#4 - BILL C-51 and C-59: POLICE STATE MASS SURVEILLANCE BILL.... and so much more.



I've emailed the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on this and other issues of course.

NDP Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair explains in 2015 how Bill C-51's scope and terms are TOO BROAD AND GOES TOO FAR -- with police state powers -- and tied to the RCMP (Federal Police Force) who have a ton of their own dirty laundry and scandals I will add.


Edward Snowden 2 mins. video here -- as he echoes why Bill C-51 goes way too far, and also questions WHY opponents are being silenced -- some of them former GOVERNMENT LEADERS:

Great recent Press for Truth / Dan Dicks Overview of this issue along with how new/related Bill C-59 (Spy Bill, under "National Security Act") -- continues the over-reach by government on Canadian residents under the usual guise of "everything is a terrror threat!" scare tactics to steal civil liberties:

The National Security Act 2017, tabled as Bill C-59, is meant to fulfill the Liberal's election promise to overhaul the Anti-Terror Act passed by the previous conservative government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper...But in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains how the new boss is no different than the old boss and all this bill seeks to do is grant the deep state a tighter grip around it's own agents throats!
I love Liberty and we don't have it. We have what we allow.

We have what we are allowed by those that rule and tax us to death.

Are we free or not?

I wish you the best daily-- and that you have a nice week.


My Philosophy In Daily Life & Travels:


I have always tried to be kind to people every day, as part of my life Philosophy, since I have always believed we can achieve more TOGETHER.

We are called to encourage one another.

Life Goals:

-- Get Paid to Travel and Blog about Pizza & Those Travels.

-- Buy a Pizza Store.

-- Become Crypto Currency Independent and Love Liberty and Life!

-- Continue to Hold and Sell Real Estate as I have done for clients since 1991.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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It's very frightening to see cameras being installed in Toronto, I had no idea how far along these crooks were in there agenda. It's really such a shame that our general public has no interest in politics. Most people I know that live here have no idea what bill c-51 or bill c-59 are nor do they care. People chose to close there eyes and let the government decide there future, a future without freedom and a slave to over taxation and debt. I do my best to spread the truth and I hope more people wake up before its too late!


Thanks for the great article!


I hope many people see your comments here.

Thanks for taking time again to comment.

Everybody in the US always uses Canada as an example of what we "should" be. Especially on healthcare. I dunno what the deal is.

It seems tyranny knows no borders.

Somebody called me a conspiracy nut last week when I was talking about the Las Vegas massacre. My response was that the US government and mainstream media lie to us on such a consistent basis that is it almost impossible to take anything they tell us at face value. False Flags? Maybe. Real people died. It can still be a false flag event. Our government doesn't trust or want us to be free anymore. Especially when it comes to self defense.

Keep fighting the good fight brother! Stay armed. Stay vigilant.


When dealing with US residents, tell them to google Operation Northwoods -- even though we know google has their own agenda and buries/censors stuff.

I decided years ago this false flag declassified ops was the best to use with USA folks:


That title is on point.

No wonder your wife mentioned to me weeks ago that you and I have similar beliefs LOL.


She said that? Hah, that is funny!


I asked around then if she had a sister LOL


I have friends in the USA who think it is better here and frankly -- they are uneducated on the matter. I have told them that.

That's why my particular wording was strong all the way thru on this post -- incl. EXACTLY that angle you are talking about.

It's not better here.

And I inform people quietly also as needed to avoid thinking it is better here.

The more I learned over the years, the worse it looks, when you are informed.

And you basically cannot defend yourself here. Without saying a lot more on the matter I am sure you know what I mean.

Awesome post!

I didn't knew COMER's case was dismissed by Supreme Court of Canadastan. Sadly I knew it would be dismissed but it truly was the case of the century as you said.

I was surprised the case was given any coverage by the billionaire's propaganda apparatus.


I am glad you took time for this post --- and hope many get to see this.

Rocco is fighting Bill C-51 and took it on quite awhile ago, we will see how that goes.

It is very telling, and that is why I included all the info I did but kept it simple...

-- the Gubment just is --- above the law so they don't have to answer on it.

Thanks for the support on this. I knew you would appreciate this update from a Liberty perspective.

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