#foodmodel Week 5 | What's Your Favourite Foodmodel?

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Hi Steemians, last week after I announced Week 4 Foodmodel's winners, I stopped the contest for awhile due to Hardfork20 was still calibrating and stabilising. Now that HF20 is stable, #foodmodel resumes.

I have been thinking how to increase the rewards for winners and participants, so this week I will try to set a bounty for the question "What's your favourite foodmodel?" and see how it goes. It is the first time I use bounty and I am still learning it. With bounty set, every valid post of #foodmodel submitted at my comment will get a portion of bounty. For more information on the bounty, you can check it out at their website https://steem-bounty.com.

Nothing complicated, everything remains the same, just showcase your foodmodel!

Week 5 What's Your Favourite #foodmodel?


We eat everyday. And why not showcase what you eat in my contest called "What's Your Favourite Foodmodel?" this week. Could it be Western or Chinese, or mixed? How about Arabian or Indian? Showcase your favourite one and win something.

Steps to enter the contest

⚠️(Reminder: Remember to post your link at the comment)⚠️

  1. Take photo of your food and make a post of your foodmodel with a description of your food. ** No recipe is needed. *(Although this is **NOT a photography contest, but your model of food should look vibrant, enticing and appealing to the eyes.)*
  2. Include the post of link of this contest and @iamjadeline somewhere in your post, so that people will know you are not spamming your post with photo and short writing.
  3. Tag #foodmodel
  4. REMEMBER, REMEMBER to comment (below) with your post link so that I can find you and won't miss you.
  5. Upvote and resteem is NOT necessary although it helps to increase the prize pool.


There is a change for the prize. I am thinking the top 3 winners (whom foodmodels successfully make me drool) will get 1SBI each. That means u get a share of SBI and then you get upvote from SBI whole life. For more info, check out @steembasicincome.

Plus all who join will get some bounty rewards, we will know how it works by then. (sorry first time using bounty). Just remember to post your link at my comment to get my upvote to be entitled for the bounty rewards.

Every participants will be rewarded too, I shall see how much as the post reaches its payout.


Easy Peasy! Let's showcase your #foodmodel now! :) What's your favourite foodmodel?


double trouble.png

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Certainly yummy and healthy. :)

This bad boy right here ....

Subs are awesome and subway makes the best ones. I don't have to put it together myself which is another positive :P

They are looking good indeed. :)

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My food model has to be this Ramen Bowl :)

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 08.51.58.png

@heelsandmuffins don't you have a food model you'd like to share? :)

Who don't like ramen? :) thank you for joining and good luck.

no se pero esto se ve riquisimo.

Don't need sorry one. Everyone's life is busy. And you have so many to handle already. Awesome food!

I think that's the thing about being a parent... We always have so much to do

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Always can come again and again and again. Lol :)

Yay!! I will, thanks!

Foods I absolutely hate: all kinds of cheese.

There’s nothing appealing about glorified rotten milk, laden with saturated fat and reeking of everything from sweaty feet to vomit to nosewax.

I once had a slice of Gouda on a cracker during an out-of-town stay, and it was probably the most horrifying food experience in my entire life. The cheese was OOZING with grease from not being refrigerated in a day, with an appalling odor and taste resembling nothing better than the decaying fat of a dead beast. Sorry, there is simply no nicer way to describe what my taste buds had to go through.

As someone with a decidedly Eastern palate, I’ve never really understood the appeal of cheese. It grows your belly and it stinks.

You can choose to showcase your favourite pick of food that has no cheese instead. Showcase the food with a photo for a valid entry into the contest. :)

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Thank you for yet another entry. But everyone is only entitled for one slot of participation reward 🙂 but really your food looks so tasty.

Next time can try to include my post link also in your post.

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make a post is important? if i do in comment it will ok?

Please Ignore @cleverbot @automation @banjo

Yes you may do it in comment as long as there is a photo and a description. Why making a new post so that your followers get to see your new post and upvote it, that is the main reason. :) it is your call. Looking forward to your entry.

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His just a spammer, don't pay him any attention. I've flagged him now he did the same thing on my posts. I suggest you also report him to steem cleaners - http://steemcleaners.com/

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