Miss. Delicious #69 : 3 Tides at the newly opened Baha Mar luxury resort!

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Dear Steemit friends :


It is easy to visit Nassau, Bahamas and stay at the Atlantis resort for the entirety of your vacation. After all, Atlantis is reputed to have some of the best facilities on the entire island. No doubt we've spent quite a bit of time exploring what's on offer at Atlantis, and if you've followed me closely, you'll realise that Atlantis is every bit as good as the reviews say. (At least I think so!)

Although I still have a few more blogs about Atlantis (I know, it's hard to believe), today's blog will be based elsewhere. For those of you who might have missed my blogs about Atlantis thus far, here are the links to each:

Aside from staying at Atlantis, I had the pleasure of staying a few days at the brand new Baha Mar Resort, a direct competitor to Atlantis which opened in May of this year (2017).

Mired by controversy, the Baha Mar resort has been in development for more than 10 years and hopes to revitalise the tourist industry in Bahamas bringing an additional 315,000 visitors to Bahamas annually as well as contribute $700 Million a year to Bahamas' tourism.


As one of the very first paying guests to this resort, I had the pleasure (or not) of experiencing first hand what a $4.2 Billion, 1000 acre development has to offer.

Although the resort will comprise of three hotel brands - Grand Hyatt, SLS Hotels and Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, only the Grand Hyatt is currently open for guests. Other amenities including 30 luxury retailers, the 18-hole Jack Niclaus Signature Gold Course, and a handful of restaurants are also yet to open.

In my short stay, I only had access to the Casino, seven of the planned 11 swimming pools and a handful of restaurants.

Still, an early look at this resort has given me an idea of whether I will be going back to Atlantis the next time I visit, or whether Baha Mar is worth a second look.

At first glance, much like Atlantis, the Baha Mar resort is a real feast to the eyes. A long bridge connecting the main road to the entrance, crosses over a beautiful pool fountain. At the end of it, a cylindrical funnel functions as the landing area, complemented by palm trees showing just how high the walls of this cylinder truly are.

The architectural style of Baha Mar draws similarities to Atlantis, yet projects a different flavour of grandeur. Certainly the golden reception, with it's distinctively Asian ornaments bring a different yet welcome style to the building.

Across the foyer, we see a glimpse of the Casino through the large french windows. Reminding us that this Casino is in fact the largest Casino in Bahamas.


Almost like a flip on reality, the other side of the building reveals a tenderness and vulnerability with it's pink colours and humble stature.

Today's Miss. Delicious takes us to one of the very first restaurants to open for business at this resort.

Called 3 Tides, this restaurant prides itself as a seafood-forward Mediterranean all day restaurant. The executive chef, Brent Martin infuses Caribbean fish with locally sourced ingredients and turns them into fresh inventive Bahamian style dishes.

The restaurant is one level below the ground, so a walk down a lovely spiral staircase takes us into the main dining area. It's a very open space restaurant featuring three open "theatre" kitchens and is decorated with many colourful Bahamian displays of art.

The menu itself is quite a simple wooden like folder.

And inside, we have just two pages of foods to order from.

As always, it's about the quality and not quantity and I'm actually quite glad they've chosen to narrow their choice of dishes down to just a few.

Let's see the dishes I ordered and begin the mouth watering!

The Garden. Quinoa Salad + Local Bahamian Field Greens.

This was a refreshing start to the meal, and a much needed chill down from a really long and hot day. The Quinoa added just enough substance to wake my appetite whilst the Cherry Tomatoes were sufficiently sweet and delicious.

With some food in the stomach, it was time to indulge in the Bahama Mama cocktail. I'm not a big drinker, but this was really quite potent. I felt like feinting after my first sip!

Next up, another meatier Salad, the Grilled Spanish Octopus. I'm usually not a fan of cheese, but the goats cheese used here was really rich, combined with the grilled octopus strips which were both fresh and chewy, I barely noticed that I had eaten two salads in a row!

Sauteed Wild Mushrooms with Thyme. Continuing our light and healthy dinner, this little pot of Mushrooms tasted quite different from what I was expecting. The mushrooms tasted like what I could only describe as "earthy". It's texture was both chewy and meaty at the same time. The gentle sprinkle of Thyme added a bit of lemony taste which really picked up my appetite for the next dish.

This is the Bahamian Red Snapper Fillet. Only being in Bahamas for a few days, this was now the 4th time I've indulged in the Bahamian Snapper fish. I can't get enough of the soft melting texture of it's meat. I believe it is served on a bed of yogurt potato salad which didn't agree with me at all. Besides, it's all about the snapper!

Every 30 minutes from 8:30pm to 10pm, there is a water fountain show at the main fountain bridge.

This was no doubt an influence from China as the group who now own the hotel are Chinese.

The show ran twice during my time at the restaurant, but I didn't leave my seat to go take a look.

Here is a video of the show from my room!

And that wraps up our first Miss. Delicious at the Baha Mar resort in Cable Beach Nassau. Aside from being quite empty because of how new it is, I actually quite enjoyed the atmosphere of 3 Tides at Baha Mar. It was also nice to see the water show from my seat at the restaurant as well as in the comfort of my room.

Certainly a very different kind of royal treatment to expect from the resort, but one that I welcome all the same!

Hope you enjoyed the post, and don't forget to upvote, follow and comment!

在巴哈马的行程中,前半段我选择住在拿骚天堂岛的耶特兰蒂斯酒店,后半段旅程我决定选择个有点与众不同的酒店——巴哈·玛(BAHA MAR)凯悦酒店。选择这家酒店有它的特殊性,这是一家2011年开始动工的酒店,由中国建筑工程总公司及中国进出口银行共同合作的酒店度假岑,占地1000英亩,耗资34亿美元,是西半球投资规模最大的酒店项目。但是由于建造途中,开放商和中国合伙人发生了纠纷,最终宣告破产上法庭,酒店一度停工,所以就这样,拖拖拉拉了6年,酒店还没完工。2017年6月,酒店终于开放了部分度假村,作为中国人的我,当然要支持一下这个酒店,所以不顾酒店还在施工,我就选择来这里住了。当然,毕竟是没完工的酒店,难免不少让人失望的地方,之后我会写一篇专门评测酒店的文章,给将要去的朋友,尤其是中国朋友作为参考。

今天我们来到酒店里的创意餐吧,3 Tides享受一下巴哈马美食。酒店一共有40多家餐厅和酒吧,不过现在只开放了部分,估计等这家酒店完全开放的时候,住在这里的游客就要享福了。和亚特兰蒂斯酒店不同,一走进凯悦酒店,暖色系现代的装修,光线非常明亮,尽管是晚上,却被光线魔术般的打成了白天,我很喜欢这门口建筑上的小小细纹路,非常萌萌哒。更可爱的要数酒店里面这个粉色的小洋房,仿佛来到了童话世界。3 Tides餐厅就在这栋楼里。我很喜欢这个由游泳池马克砖组成的logo三,好像跟我脸上的steemit标志logo特别搭配。伴着音乐声,从漂亮的旋转楼梯走下来,就来到了这家餐厅。餐厅最大的亮点要数正中央,3个开放式的厨房拼凑在一起,好像一个喜剧舞台。墙壁上挂着鲜艳多彩的巴哈马艺术作品。



absolutely gorgeous thank you so much for that! Upvoted !

Always a nice post by you. I really love your pictures and videos. Keep on steeming :D

I also like this blog! I'm delighted with such beauty! Beautiful places! Tell us all further!

Such a beautiful place.

very beautiful indeed!

That place is beautiful!!
So 4.2 billion for Atlantis? I was just reading that bitcoin will be over 1 billion dollars so we will only need 4.5 coins and its ours :)

4.2 billion for the Baha Mar resort! Atlantis is probably more ! Well, let's do our best to make steem worth more, then that will be even better 😊

@sweetsssj Miss Delicious having a good time at Atlantis Resort . Amazing Place thanks for sharing , very nice pics . Bahamian Red Snapper Fillet looks Yummy How it Tasted , plz reply me. Upvoted , you totally nailed this post. Loved the All-round Pics. Nice Take , you are Amazing Photographer too. Have a Good Day. :)

You know, the snapper tasted like a snow flake, from the sea. so soft, and full of natural ocean taste. Brilliant! Thank you so much for the boost of confidence!

@sweetssj wow nice post upvoted you really write nice articles
i have find a way to find your upvoters and i found mine and you wreer also one of them i mentioned you in post here is the link see how much you supported me and if you like it please upvote thanks


thanks diverse-thinker, you have good stuff! upped


Next up, another meatier Salad, the Grilled Spanish Octopus. I'm usually not a fan of cheese, but the goats cheese used here was really rich, combined with the grilled octopus strips which were both fresh and chewy, I barely noticed that I had eaten two salads in a row!

Wow, you know i'm very love octopus and i thik this is delicious

Ohh me too! They taste so distinct with their chewyness, I think i'm going to go have some today actually!

I love it when you say 'chewyness' @sweetsssj ! lol


awesome post I have never wanted salad so bad in my life after seeing that grilled octopus salad

Beautiful! Everytime I see one of your posts I end up adding another place to my Travel Bucket List. My wallet is already yelling at me. 😂

I hope you get to visit them soon. I'd love it if people went to these places because of my reviews! 😊

I'm pretty sure that will happen more often than you think, you have an incredible talent for describing everything in a beautiful light!

woah you're so lucky that you're able to try and review that luxury place.
If I ever got chance like that I would be so happy.
The food also looks super delicious

thanks walterz! It's one of the first restaurants to open in the resort, so I just had to go try it. It's actually not pricey at all. The experience is priceless though :)

The place is indeed very beautiful @walterz and a good destination to enjoy your Steem dollars and other gains from altcoins..haha. @sweetsssj always send us great updates...very good indeed.

Thanks for sharing this priceless experience :)

thanks altcointrends 😊

Wow! This is amazing! So in depth. I feel as though I'm there. Haha. The food looks exquisite!! Did you gamble any in the casino?:) This looks like Vegas x10!! :D Thank you for your work. You're an inspiration. Have a wonderful day!!😎 image

wow !!!!!

thanks deeboe1126, I didn't manage to play in the Casino, mainly because I don't gamble! I do enjoy walking through them and seeing the other things on offer though.

The place looks amazimh indeed even though its not yet complete and will be a big competitor to Atlantis when complete however both will do great as there are a lot of people that wanna enjoy their holiday in such locations (me..haha)

Ohhh i'm sure you'll goto Atlantis and maybe here in the future. They're both waiting your divine presence :D

Absolutely and will buy you yummies at Senior Froggy as promised..Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

You're welcome! Haha that's understandable! Continue to travel. I love viewing and learning through your adventures.

thanks very much! I will persist! hehe 😊

Amazing places you visit 👍💖👍💖👍💖☝

thanks trafficbit 😊

You almost got me in to plan a visit right due to clear pics you painted in words and pics you took as well, noted it , will certainly visit here down the road of life time.

haha you would surprise me one of these days when I blog about something live from the location and see you show up haha

What is this picture of ? It's beautiful

Sunrise in Red River New Mexico. Thank you!🙃

Thanks you @sweetsssj

Always you come with new blog on travel and i like to read these blogs. Today you come with amazing resort baha mar.

I am happy to see youat there travelling. And i also want to join you but i dsont have time and money to travel.

Why you are not trying a new youtube channe..

Hope enjoy @sweetsssj and @steemit

thanks hirennamera. This is all from my one longer travel to Bahamas which I'm back home from now. There's still quite a few stories to share, so that'll be my main topic for the next few blogs 😊

wow what a beatiful place and the hotel is just plain gorgeous. im. a graduate of hoteland restaurant managementand ibe been and seen alot of hotels and this one definitely on my top 10 list. of course looks arent everything in a hotel but it ads value to it. ive been to hotels that have very minimal style yet i love because od its wonderful services
how is the service in there? i wish i have the money to ba able to travel like you do. still im going to go there someday ill make it come true.

What a great place and such nice pictures.

OHH my God, That's so coom, Amazing hotel i love it

very grand right!?

Thanks please sweetsssj visit my blog and help by Upvoting

i'll take a look thanks

U are welcome and thanks so much for reply and visiting my blog

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I liked the Quinoa Salad

In fact, Quinoa is not cereal, as is buckwheat. The nearest relatives of this plant are vegetables: beets, spinach.

From the seeds of Quinoa they get grits and flour. Young leaves and shoots are sometimes used as vegetables.

The agency NASA plans to use Quinoa for powering astronauts on long flights.

The nutritional value of kinva is very high. By the content of proteins and essential amino acids, this plant is unrivaled. For vegetarians, it is quite capable of replacing animal protein sources. Quinoa is rich in fat and fiber and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Lack of Quinoa - high content of saponins in the skin, which give it a bitter taste and lead to numbness of the tongue and lips. Perhaps this was the main reason for the unpopularity of the Quinoa among Europeans, who borrowed corn, potatoes and other plants from the Indians, abandoning the Quinoa. The bitter peel of the seed of the cindy is the best protection against pests. New varieties of Quinoa, devoid of bitterness, are difficult to grow, since the entire crop is destroyed by birds and rodents.

that's very useful information there alex, thank you very much for that 😊

Wonderful, being among the first to visit Baha- mar luxury resort is something to remember for a long time. Tourism have a huge potential in the economy of any nation, Imagine the resort attracting over 315,000 visitors annually with estimated value of 70 million dollars, that is huge. the pictures were so lovely, the staircase is magnificent. the food looks so delicious. the picture of the resort is incredible. nice work. upvoted. I have posted an article about you few minutes ago, I hope you will like it, hope the post will get to a place where it can get a wider view. Keep doing the good job we love you.

Thank you hynet, indeed it was an honour for me to visit as such an early time. It has both good and bad consequences though because many of the facilities are not yet opened. Still, a really nice early look at what it might become. As for your article, i'll go check it out now :)

Okay dear, thanks for the upvote, I hope you will like the work and that others who will see it will see reason to follow you in other to enjoy your quality content. Your right that being among the early visitors have good and bad consequences, I notice that you did not get all the information you would have love to get.

thank you so much for that article hynet, i'm seriously touched by all the details you've put there. You really make such a big effort to understand me and I appreciate that SO much!

Your welcome dear, I am glad you like the work, I may not know much about you, like what you like doing etc. But haven't followed you for a while,I spotted out somethings about you that interest me. I love to analyze issues and bring out the best in it, this is one of my hobbies. I got the inspiration one night to write something bout you. it gives me greater joy to review your qualities, to let the world know about you and to show you some love. You have work hard in this community and deserved to be celebrated, though I am new in this community but I have taking some time to read many of your works and i can categorically tell you that your exceptional. Is true that you are making money while doing the content, but the joy and entertainment you have brought to the community through your travel with me and miss delicious is amazing. I wish that all your followers will see the article and read it, and tell you what they think about you, than you will know that your a celebrity, a role model, an entertainer and a gift to humanity. the truth is that one cannot exhaust describing you person. Thanks for the joy and hope you have given to many of us in this community. Your my inspiration.

looking at your pictures makes me so hungry!!! i wish i could get a chance to visit this place and eat here!

one to add to the bucketlist for the future! Thanks!

nice blog :)

Very nice place you are staying at!

Yeeah it's a gorgeous place for sure!

What a beautiful resort. That Bahamian red snapper fillet looks absolutely delicious too, I'd really like to try that since I love seafood.

this is the place! They pride themselves on their seafood! Of course it is a beautiful resort to stay also ! You should go!!

It is really amazing how you get to travel the world like a wind.
I wish I could afford to do it... lol
Maybe once the steem community starts to upvoting my post the way yours are upvoted. Not jealous- just envy- actually just kidding.
wish you a trillion more trips like this. keep enjoying your like while you can.

Hey Guys, please visit my page @riz-cryptonian and share some community support by upvoting, following and resteeming my posts.

Thanks, I actually go really hardcore for a week or two, then rest another few weeks. Because I do so much on my travels, I tend to be able to blog about them for quite some time after I come back. That and I only have time to post once a day so sometimes it's quite while after my actual travel that I blog about it.. 😊

Wow another day another beautiful update from you @sweetsssj and thus a 100% upvote from me!!!
I would like you to give us more update of the Baha Mar resort in Cable Beach Nassau and its eateries including the 3 Tides..at least one more. The location will be a big competitor of The Atlantis when all work is done and a great place for holiday. Keep steeming, be safe and more success

thank you charles1! Appreciate it so much! Yes, i'll be posting a few more goodies about Baha Mar soon, with so much money into their project, it could well be a rival to Atlantis. It's certainly the only other grand resort in Bahamas.

Great, looking forward to your update and keep well and safe my buddy. Hope you have some body guards or a big Doggy to guard you always..haha

haha thanks charles :D You are so funny!

welcome, just wanna be sure that you are safe and jolly...hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Such a lovely place and great pictures as well :)
Great post!
By the way, what smartphone or camera do you use to take your pictures? They have a really nice quality.

thank you silent.screamer! I use the iphone 7 plus and Sony A9 :)

Nice post!!

And i love Bahamas, i hope one day i could visit that!

thank you! You will visit very soon I think! 😊

When will this cute lady stop amazing me...! As if Atlantis is not enough, here comes Baha Mar Resort
The architectural style of Baha Mar is amazing. and for "3 Tides" restaurant, what can i say...wonderful. your quest for healthy diet is appreciated...The Quinoa Salad + Local Bahamian Field Greens looks quite fresh and hope they are not GMO, did you confirm that? Wow! Grilled Spanish Octopus...is octopus really part of the menu...how does it taste...
Sauteed Wild Mushrooms with Thyme you say! now you have triggered my appetite...salivating already...the view from your room overlooking the water splash show is super duper doo!
Keep steeming hot..

Thank you kenhudoy, i actually don't know if they are not GMO or not, let's hope so. All of the food was quite different from what I was expecting honestly, maybe apart from the snapper fish. That was still my favourite.

its ok...as long as it gave you the taste you desired...good one and keep it up
was hoping to remind you i sent a new post about male and female brains which is more efficient.... as my mentor, your comment/support will be appreciated...thanks

that's a wonderful and interesting post ken, upped!

always welcome and i do appreciate your commendations...thanks

Nice post~~

Isjw84 thank you!

Must you always make me so hungry with your post.
Question you never left the resort.

Haha.. I am not there now.. I am back from my travels to Bahamas. Now it's time to blog about the rest of my journey 😊

thank you for posting all the beautiful pictures

you're welcome newschannel428, enjoy them :)

Amazing pictures. You always rock on your photography. Do you travel all year round?

thank you dear! I guess I travel a bit more than usual but probably at most once a month, then I try to take a break for a few weeks before I go again.

looks great

thanks elevator09! 😊


Now I remember the Baha Mar Resort, I applied for a construction post there when it was about to being construction. Looking at the pics, I just wished I got the job.

Oh, I think there was a lot of controversy over the mis management during it's construction. I'm sure there are some good posts elsewhere though!

Incredible place.. you really have a way to have fun , nice. With steemit we can do it !.

thank you jez, amazing place and amazing amounts of fun!

It's very beautiful. I want to see it,

more posts about it coming soon!

of course we were with you in your whole journey... I love and enjoy your beautiful trips of Islands.. specially Atlantis...

thank you, atlantis will make an appearance again soon :) Just introducing Baha Mar today :)

Welcome ...

Its good....

@sweetsssj All this resorts you are travelling it's something I didn't even know them exist ... Btw I love the steemit make up ! You are really put 100% into steemit. You need to come to Europe :) One day hopefully - there will be an opportunity and you get involve into my project of CryptoGirl Portrait - 7 Days of CRYPTOPortrait

Thank you dear! Tiny steemit promotions everywhere I go! 😊 Also, i'd love to come do that stuff with you when I get my chance to come to Europe again. Damn Chinese passport is so hard to get visas..

@sweetsssj come on it's not that hard. I'm sure you can do it :) You will love in Europe. Come for SteemFest in Lisbon don't forget about bodyguard - you would be there like a biggest celebrity in the small community.

I will try 😊

Wauwn amazing i wish i could travel to such i beautiful place!!

you will ! It's going to be around for a long time, just opened :)

why payments for post stopped??? whales please upvote minor posts or you will loose people,

wow what a beautiful place Bahamar and i wish to visit atleast one time there, thanks for sharing your experience ,@sweetsssj a true adventurist :)

thanks beretc! A good alternative to Atlantis if you feel like having a quieter stay :)

So how many Bahama Mamas did you have? Don't tell me it was just one! =)

I hope you know daxed that I'm 5ft 2. I had one sip of that and I almost banged my head on the table!

Amazing views and always great presentation @sweetsssj. I will like to visit those places just by looking the pictures. Enjoy the moment. Follow me too thank you

thanks fshllc, i'll take a look at your stuff soon 😊

Everything looks soooo delicious! And especially with you on the photos, everything is just perfect! I love the atmosphere, the food, the cocktails. i don't know if it's the way you take the photos, but they are always clear and pro-looking :) Do you plan on travelling to EU too? Hopefully yes!

p.s: I will draw a very realistic portrait of you these days, you deserve it! Will post soon, you will see. hope you like it :)

Mmm making me hungry, this looks so delicious, giving me ideas for family lunch

thanks! I'm pretty sure you are going to make a lovely meal. Home cooked beats all!

I fully agree, always nice to eat out once in a while when we want to splurge on a date night, but otherwise enjoying a meal at home with family is so much more fulfilling :) Love your post btw, always look forward to your next one

Hi @sweetsssj I am @speed-harry and I am jumping in for @lucky.digger today. It's a pity he can not see your post, all that nice food and that Bahama Mama cocktail is exactly what @lucky.digger likes. Is it possible to do any diving at that location? I just posted my first post and you can find it here: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@speed-harry/introduce-myself-speed-harry

greetings speed-harry, I hope you and lucky.digger are both well. The post will still be here when he's back! I just had a look at your post and i'm impressed! Welcome to steemit and hope to see you again soon :)

@sweetsssj you are so kind, thank you thank you thank you, you gave me such a great surprise. You made me very happy 😘. @lucky.digger and I are alright, but we are missing your next post and getting our mouses ready to click an upvote for you.

Nice post and pictures, the food looks delicious.

thanks patasieduagh, enjoy :)

@sweetsssj I am continually amazed by your details and photography regarding your travel. Such great work. I actually wrote up an article about you and a few others on the great work that you do here on Steemit. To read the article please click the link below

great art in photography. The fact that the treasure is hidden don't diminish its authentic worth. Follow and Upvote too, Enjoy the beauty of life

You are welcome dear @sweetsssj :)
I hope you will take some time to read my posts, I pray all that you will read bring within your heart the peace and satisfaction which doesn't come from what you have.

@sweetsssj as always wonderful work! @hynet great work on @sweetsssj. Thanks to all the Steemit community for writing good content which is attracting more people to our community. Much love to all of you

thank you dear, for always commenting and being a really great supporter!

@sweetsssj you are welcome, it is always a pleasure reading your posts because they are very informative. I particularly love traveling so visiting your destinations through your eyes is a pleasure. I actually wrote up an article about you and a few others on the great work that you do here on Steemit. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts :)
To read the article please click the link below

Must be nice to be rich :D

Wow like your post very much. The photos are very sharp and vibrant. Good work @sweetsssj your posts are superb just keep them coming

thank you joshua, lovely compliment and yes, I will keep posting 😊

That salad looks amazing!!! What a cool experience:)

it was amazing! Especially to have two of them in succession haha!

Hey, do you want to send me a little SBD, I really need it, because I need to pay my tuition, help me @sweetsssj

Thank this a very helpful review. I'm planning on vacation there soon. Might try to check them out.


haha thanks raybilson, it's such a new resort, so there's really not too many reviews of it thus far. I have a couple more things to post about it as well, so maybe that will help you with your decision. (hopefully many others on the internet too)

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To rich for my blood.

真的,你是偉大的,謝謝你向我們展示的是存在於我們的世界裡,你很漂亮呵呵呵偉大....You really are great, thank you for showing us the greatness that exists in our world, how beautiful you are hehehe ....

thank you dear, for the comment in Chinese too :P

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