Miss. Delicious #68 : Poseidon's Table - A restaurant worthy of Gods!

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Dear Steemit friends :


The Atlantis resort in Bahamas has surely drawn the attention of many travellers who seek their own answers to the mystery of the ancient lost city. After thousands of years submerged under the sea, curious explorers now have the chance to make their own pilgrimage to this Utopian relic.

Our adventures thus far have taken us to The Dig where partial ruins of the ancient city have now become the permanent home of a thriving marine ecosystem, buzzing with life.

Since the 19th century, historians have renewed their interest in origins of Atlantis, looking for clues as to where the advanced kingdom sank in just one day and one night. Whispers of the Greek island, Santorini remain a subtle yet plausible theory. My own adventures exploring Santorini and it's magical sea served only as a cathartic temporary release of my curiosity, ultimately leading my travels to Bahamas for further affirmation.

The Big Chair belonging to Poseidon, gave us a glimpse to where the mighty Olympian once sat as he ruled his Kingdom. Though indeed a God, Poseidon and the other Olympians walked among the realm of the mortals, ruling undetected as they presided over their areas of control.



Poseidon was of course, the Greek god of the sea. After defeating the Titans, the world was divided into three. Poseidon drew the Sea straw and hence forth became the protector of all waters as well as all those who depended on them for safe passage.

He wields a three-pronged spear also called a Trident allowing him to strike the ground producing an earthquake. For this reason, Poseidon was also known as "The Earth Shaker".

Known for being arrogant, moody, and always flaunting his masculinity, Poseidon no doubt commanded a God worthy appetite.

My expeditions as Miss. Delicious takes us deep into his place of banquet. Poseidon's Table, a place that delivers both the quantity and quality of food, only worthy of a powerful deity. Dining here is a privilege, one bestowed upon us by right of abode in the heart of Atlantis.

What food, fit for a God and his Godly appetite can we expect?

Join me in the feast and let's find out!

Just a minutes walk away from Poseidon's Big Chair. We see the marvellous entrance to Poseidon's Table. His Trident piercing through the name as a reminder of his unwieldy power.

Entering the main court, we begin to see a style of decor that mimics the unwavering motions of the sea. A wall with a myriad of bubble like holes echoing Poseidon's position as God of the Sea.

Enormous bottles frame the upper portion of the walls. Their size, a reminder of the unearthly size of the Gods.


Behind the wall, the food awaits. Section by section, row by row, food of all sorts await our picking. Let's go through and have a look.

Roasted Vegetables



Lots of different Cheeses and cured ham / meat.

Even more pre-prepared salads with Olives, Beans, Beetroot etc.

This is the Teppanyaki stir fry section where you can choose your own ingredients and the chef will stir fry it for you!

Seasoned Vegetables and Kimchi

Freshly roasted meat!

Sushi Bar. The Sushi bar was surprisingly varied. There was all sorts of sushi rolls, nigiri's and even sashimi's.


Pizza and make your own pizza

Hot Food section with various curry's, meat stews, vegetable stews etc.

Boiled Broccoli, Jamaican Rice, Mediterranean Rice

Crab Salad, Conch Salad, Shrimps Calamari Vinaigrette, Fish Cerviche

This looks like some sort of curry and Baked Pastry.

Meat lovers will love this section with Sausages, Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Steaks and Grilled Salmon.

The seafood section is perhaps my favourite, it has Pealed Shrimps, Smoked Salmon and Mussels.

Mediterranean foods have a very good representation.

Make your own Tortilla!

Bread lovers will have no problem finding one that suits their taste.


Perhaps the most comprehensive section of all, the cakes and desserts!


Ben & Jerry's has their own stand here! I of course obliged.


To celebrate a true banquet, a surprise mini Junkanoo sprung out of no where. All the restaurant staff and waiters started dancing and playing on the drums as they paraded around the eating area.

Check out the video below and see for yourself!

Poseidon's table is an eatery of epic proportions. There is very little chance that you will not find something you enjoy eating at this place. More likely, you will find it hard to choose what delights to eat and end up missing out on many delicious foods by the time you are full.

My visit entitled me to but a taste of the food from Poseidon's very ample table and has left me in awe of the food the Atlantians are able to enjoy.

I would recommend fasting an entire day before attempting to conquer this restaurant. Even then, you will likely be defeated by the onslaught of food. At least you will walk away with a personal victory! (And a very big belly!)

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Oh good places !!

yeah it is

and good faces :)

Once again a great post. I love your pictures.

thank you inuk! There are so many, sorry for making it real long!

No problem :D You are making stemmit GREAT.

Is Poseidon's Table a buffet restaurant? Is it one of those all you can eat places? I'm curious. Thanks!

it is indeed !😊

hahaha, yeah pics are

Damn, going to have to put this on my - Things to do in my life hand book haha great post!

thanks knuckz!

Damn, I'm really hungry now!

Go eat!

hahaha My first thought was the same!! :-D

Wow...I'm officially starving! I'm pretty sure I would come back at least 15 lbs heavier haha. Great post as always :)

Not a bad thing to happen though! Enjoy vacations, eat, sleep, play!

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that's a lot of food.
Damn I'm hungry now, thx for posting tho

you are very welcome. Getting hungry is part of the fun :)

Looks yummy!

with so much to choose from, i don't know which is yummier!


Wow! The back wall of Poseidon's Table is incredible.

All the food just makes me want to eat my device. Dang it looks delicious!

Following some of your layouts and using them as guideposts has really helped me on this platform.

Thanks for being splendid.

OMG! The Vanilla Madeleines, I bet, were earthshattering!

So much awesomeness!

It's such an amazing design right? They've really made it quite fitting for the theme and the space is really ample too.

As for the food, well i'll let the pictures do the talking!

Thanks for taking a look! x

@sweetsssj That place is amazing! That place is like Golden Corral (an American Buffet) on Steroids! The Bahamas is on my bucket list for traveling someday. I hope to get there sometime soon! I liked how this restaurant had many, many options for "healthier" eating too!

I actually haven't had the pleasure of eating at an American buffet (yet). Hopefully I can get an idea of the difference soon. But from the sounds of things, this is quite a bit bigger!

Bahamas is also on my bucket list. Your posts have opened my curiosity for Bahamas.

great :) I'm happy that you've taken that interest!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@sweetsssj In my opinion American Buffets are known for serving "mediocre" food. Most of it is good, but people don't go there only because it is amazing food. They go because they can go back as many times as they want for the same one price. My "on steroids" comment wasn't especially referring to the size of the place but he quality of the food served. At an American Buffet like Golden Corral, there are lots of carbs and sugar served. There is only one pathetic looking, at best, salad bar.

Got it! Thanks for the clarification :)

Yet another amazing post :) You really fill my hearth with joy to see what can be accomplished here on the steemit platform.
You are a role model for many people and your adventures are breathtaking.
All the love to you from me and i wish you all the best in the future.

Thank you vangelov that's so sweet of you, it's so lovely to hear comments like that from people because i know that since you've taken the time to read through the post and take the time to comment, you really mean it. Thanks so much!

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Well that was the most mouth watering entry I've come across. I am now starving and I have a serious craving for Sushi.

Hopefully I can visit there one day, I'm sure my stomach would thank me.

Wonderful post. :)

thanks breakingbathory! I absolutely love sushi, I don't blog about it much, but I'm secretly always eating it on the side 😊

Sushi is wonderful, I try to have it at least once a week and even that is too far apart. Haha. :)

Sushi is one of my favorite foods. I'm a bit worried about the parasite anisakis though, so I'm not eating sushi as frequently anymore :(

did you have a bad experience before?

No. Not yet, at least.

Focus on ordering items that have been steamed or grilled.One of my favorite sushi choices would have to be sashimi because it's literally just the meat of the fish without any rice or extra ingredients.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

thank you alaajabal!

I just reading your post and my more focus on your dishes because i love to eat different foods and you sharing diffrent kind of foods and its decoration. There is lot of verity of food and even you can try only taste of each foods still you cant complete all verity of it. Its really great photography of food and there is no any doubt that you enjoyed lot and lot there.

A fellow foodie! Thanks for taking a look at all the food! It's a good thing you have an appreciation of food, it's one of life's pleasures! :)


哈哈,没有啦,只是照相的时候肯定避开其他人画面比较干净 : )

Wow Im going to the Bahamas just for that food.
Nice post

You're gonna love it. Forget how much it costs. Just do it!

im booking a flight now. give me that food

il pay anything!

I need!


haha you are so spontaneous!

send me some! do something!

Well... costs may be getting in my way right now :( But maybe next year I visit Bahamas! :)

I hope you can make it! :)

Wow, Poseidon's Table you mean...A true mouth watering experience for me going through this post...As usual, you are awesome...
love this line.s from you...quote
"My expeditions as Miss. Delicious takes us deep into his place of banquet. Poseidon's Table, a place that delivers both the quantity and quality of food, only worthy of a powerful deity. Dining here is a privilege, one bestowed upon us by right of abode in the heart of Atlantis...
This got me day dreaming as someone who loves quality & quantity from good food...you always tickle my fancy!

Very mouthwatering arrays of foods...love the Seasoned Vegetables and Kimchi & the Sushi Bar has stuffs that is causing me to salivate! . For the Pizza section, can one really make own pizza? If so, i have learnt quite some tricks on Steem food blog which i can use and lure @sweetsssj ;) also the Mediterranean foods are quite yummiscious!
"Poseidon's table is an eatery of epic proportions" is a truism...I have been really entertained with your post and wonderful photography along with great narratives...

As a dedicated follower and admirer of your posst, i shall adhere to your advice and garnish it more ...by following your recommendation of fasting an entire day or take it further to 3 days of only water before attempting to conquer poseidon table !
Upvoted, following as always and yes, left my comment awaiting your delicious response from the lost city...Atlantis!
Keep steeming hot Miss delicious...

Wow what a really detailed reply ken thank you! I tried to write this food blog a little differently because after all it is quite related to Poseidon which itself is a very interesting part of Greek Mythology - something that i'm also very interested in.

As for the food, well, aside from the sheer quantity and range, I have to say it's not failing to impress in terms of quality either. I never really enjoyed buffet's before because they are usually quite poor quality, but this was really something else and I believe you can't find any better in Atlantis or even Nassau (don't quote me on that).

Thanks for taking my advice, but remember to be healthy and don't starve!!

well, since you have advised on the contrary...i shall heed your advice as always and do a semi fast before hitting Poseidon table... thanks for the timely reply...If i may ask, did you majored in Tourism... You report your experiences like someone well bred in the field of tourism and photography winning lots of admirers and even members drawing your portraits...2 days ago, another nice lady/stemian apart from @andrianna that you resteemed her work drew your portrait been that you motivates her and i commented how you look quite like my best character "Pocahontas" in her art work... You may not know but you are touching lives positively by your posts taking away boredom and giving other steemians like me a style & aesthetic scenery worthy of emulation...Keep steeming hot my lady from the lost city!

thank you ken, I'm so flattered by all your lovely compliments and comments. I actually studied Marketing for undergraduate, and then international business management for masters. Nothing to do with tourism. But, i've always loved travelling and my family has encouraged me to keep travelling and discover the world.

Oh yes I also remember that drawing it was seriously good, really really brilliant and of course I'm very grateful for her work. I'm glad I can help people see the world through my lens, I am certain many people will learn a lot and do it for themselves one day if not already.

Thanks again ken

Always welcome. You did your masters in international business mgt. Little wonder you are doing great in the business aspect of Steemit better than me that did my masters in Human Resource Management ;) Seems your choice of course makes you smarter or is it that ladies are always smarter than guys That reminds me...will publish a post because of you proving that women brains are smarter than that of men....check my blog update tomorrow for the posts...plus another older short story of family versus office ...your informed comments shall be appreciated...
Keep Steeming my hottest Stemian!

Quite a selection to choose from @sweetsssj 😳
I wouldn't even know where to start, since quite a few things caught my eye 🍕 🌮 🍎 🍦

I would have to increase that day of recommended fasting to at least a day and a half or maybe even two, prior to visiting Mr. Poseidon and his table of goodies! 🍽
Thanks for bringing us along for the GODLY experience Miss Awesome! 🙌 😋

Thanks sandstorm! Maybe 30 days and 30 nights of fasting! Then, a treat at Poseidons table for the effort! 😊

You may be right @sweetsssj, a full 30 days fasted may be needed for an epic sit down with the Earth Shaker himself 🔱 and all of his tasty offerings 😜

That is incredible, the restaurant is a place to visit. Your style of documentary and reporting is superb and difficult to come by. You always take time to identify what other people might not see as important. To you, every details are important. It is very difficult to resist the temptation of reading your article. Your such amazing writers. Yes looking at the kinds of food you snap in this your content , one need to fast not only one day but one week before visiting such a place. The pictures are so nice and the food looks so delicious. Keep it flowing. Upvoted

Thank you hynet 😊😊 I'm really happy you have taken the time to notice these details! A lot of people just look at the pictures!

Yes your are right people preferred picture to knowledge, but as for me, i go for the both. I have sent you a mini latter on one of your recent post, please duo read and reply. Thanks.

Well done post You deserve for getting Upvote from me. I appreciate on it and like it so much . Waiting for your latest post. Keep your good work and steeming on. Let's walk to my blog. I have a latest post. Your upvote is high motivation for me. Almost all Steemians do their best on this site. Keep steeming and earning.

This comment has received a 0.08 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @hamzaoui.

Thank you @sweetssj for amazing Post again. I love sushi too. Do you make own sushi at home?
Everything on the table it looks very delicious :)

Thank you!! I actually have made sushi before! Maybe i'll do a post about it sometime!

Genius post as always, keep up the good work girl!

thank you cryptogirly92 😊

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Good one @sweetsssj even though am an explorer (thats what we have in common @sweetsssj hiyaaaaaaaaaaaa ) I will allow the mystery of the ancient lost city to rest till I take care of the yummy yummies in the Poseidon's table and subsequently after powering up my steem, I will then go full time in exploring the ancient lost city like good old Pirates...and trust me, I will come up with some treasures...Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaa . Another good one from you, keep steeming. Upvoted , always.

Thanks charles, so many interesting things to get up to here. It's really worth a full trip! You gotta go and tell us your experiences one day.

Absolutely @sweetsssj as I promised you on my former comments, I will go there and enjoy myself and buy you some froggy gifts at senior frog!!! an amazing place for some exotic delicacies..haha

I just had dinner and now this makes me feel hungry again.

aww, can always eat second round!

@sweetsssj Another Great Post. I like All Your Post , You are a Amazing Writer And having very good quality content. Highly Appreciated Work. Upvoted and Following You. Keep Sharing such Wonderful Posts. Have a Nice Day. :)

Thank you vikbuddy, always appreciate the comment and thanks for the compliment too 😊

@sweetsssj thanks soo much for the post! My friend actually compared this to Atlantis Dubai and mentioned that it was a very tough decision for him to make in terms of which atmosphere is better/more unique...

I'm sure the Dubai Atlantis is really good too! I actually plan on visiting there too some day.. It's quite a bit more expensive though!

Yeahh it's frustratingly more expensive!! I love these hidden gems as it's such a "cliché" to always head to the tourist attractions like Huawei, Seychelles etc. if that makes sense. I have done a bit of a bucket list of places to see before it's too late...apologies for the negative statement, was going for the sentiment behind the saying, lol..annyways I have been working on my list which includes most of the places from the below link:


You have probably seen or been to most of them already.

That's a fantastic list, and actually there are many I haven't been to which I look forward to visiting one day! You are going to be such fantastic traveller when you blog about these, I can't wait to see them from you!

It's going to be a very humbling experience, that's for sure!! In my mind it's not about the destination, but the journey since you will find many situations that would challenge who you are and to always stay true to yourself, and your up bringing can be mentally and spiritually exhausting.

One of the many challenges for me would be the fact that I am an absolute tech maniac, so being away from Internet and all my gadgets will be a bit of a challenge when visiting some of these places lol...

I love my gadgets too so I can fully understand. I also agree about the journey and not the destination. Thanks for sharing this list, it has given me many good ideas of where to go :)

Cool, I am glad to have received a response, didn't realize you would actually enjoy my selections..you seem to be quite the celeb on this platform ;) I have friends in almost every continent (well almost) and I can definitely recommend a few places depending on where you are at that point of time, based on knowledge and interaction with them.

Have a fantastic day further, chat soon!

I love your way of bringing out the Poseidon's story out in this post because I truly have no understanding about Poseidon other than knowing he's the God of the sea. The name and the logo of the restaurant are really creative and what amazed me was actually all kinds of different dessert that can be found in there. What exceeded my expectation is there are self-made pizza and tacos! (not a big fan of pizza but taco!!!!!!!!!)

Thank you for giving us a glimpse of Poseidon's Table.

I'm glad you learned something about Poseidon, Greek Mythology is so interesting and at the same time so vast! As for the restaurant, I agree, the dessert section was mind boggling. I just can't believe the selection available. It's truly fit for a god!

it wouldn't have called Poseidon's table if they can't offer these luxury meals.

Very true :)

Hi! Long time listener, first time caller.

I was wondering if you could somehow make the images smell better. I've been trying the scratch n' sniff approach for the past half hour. It's not working. I might have to get this laptop repaired.

Of course, I'm only joking, but that food looks like it smells good. I'm hungry now. That's your fault.

Okay, i'll take the blame. No excuse for behaving like my cats though! Greetings for the first time !

Yeah, you're right. This isn't a good time to be acting like a pussy.

I have plan to travel to Bahamas and visit Atlantis resort on the 15th of July, am going to eat all the foods

You better blog about it and post all the pictures!

I will definitely do that

LOL to personal victory and a very big belly! Oh gosh look at all the food, very well presented and a great wide selection of it. I'm drooling, do you mind to share whats the pricing like? thanks in advance

It's about 50 dollars! Thanks!!

that's not bad at all considering the wide range of food and quality oh my


so following you for more updates

thanks nicky :)

That's a great table that needs to be explored.. Amazing post

thanks anjylion! :)

Thanks you @sweetssj for this kind of informative blog on bhamas hotel.

I really want to eat in that hotel after watching you doing the same...

Some people in @steemit cant afford to go and eat and travel because they dont have time but by your blog they are surely enjoying it .

Keep posting @sweetssj on #steemit

thank you dear! I hope you'll get the chance to taste it for real one day :)

I very much enjoyed this post. Though it made my hunger escalate but it feasted my eyes unconditionally.

you're welcome abdullahzaman, enjoy :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Another flawless, enlightening and enteratining post by the enchanting @sweetsssj . ヽ(´ー`)ノ
If i could just follow you everytime you make a post i would do that. :)

Well you got me again. With food. How could you maintain that figure when all the while you are eating delectable cuisine? @[email protected]
And again that lovely black dress. Im sure you definitely stood out there. (`・ω・´)

Thank you yukimaru! This restaurant deserves a very detailed look!
I really neeed to put on some weight, I think I might have stomach worms or something .. I just eat and eat and never put on any weight :(

The photography is on point! And i love how classy and fine the restaurant is.. ^_^
stomach worms? you tell me that, im like so slim yet eat like a pig and still be this light.. :3

thanks :) We're similar in terms of metabolism it seems !

Yes indeed! :)
Its nice that you are still replying at this time. Wait, where are you now by the way?

China now :)

please do drop by in our simple yet colorful country (Philippines) if you have time... :)

☺ Well written for Poseidon. i am from Greece.Freshly roasted meat nice decor. Seafood is my favorite and salads too. I am hungry.Everything looks delicious.✔
You look great with black dress! Upvote me ! Thank you !

thanks vanessa11val 😊

thats just ridiculous lol yet another awesome post your a machine :) thats a compliment :P

thank you kersmash! Taken as a compliment :)

How do you find all those places you go to?

Good question! I do some research about the place before I go, and then when I arrive, I do some more research. It's always good to plan, almost always I have had a more enjoyable time as a result.

It is 10 in the morning in here but all that amazing food got me so hungry. Specially the deserts. OMG 😁 it is fun to know more about ancient mythology. ❤ I love that.

thank you sergiomendes, glad you enjoyed!

You're welcome. It is always a pleasure to see your bkogs of the places you visit. Are you a youtuber as well?

I haven't really got much on youtube.. it's blocked in China :(

This and instagram are my main places of activity!

Ohhh yeah. But You have a huge video platform in China similiar to Youtube don't You???

definitely yes, only Chinese users though. My goal is to bring more Chinese people to the platform, so eventually I will spend a little time on making more videos that's for sure.

That sounds awesome. You do that. China is such a big country and hsve so many People that i bet you can be a succees making videos on the equivalent to youtube in there.

My gosh, chocolate madeleines! Poseidon's Table has everything you could ever dream of, you can eat like royalty there.

More than royalty! Like a GOD!

You're right! Poseidon himself was a God. God of the Sea.

Not sure yet! Amazing post btw! upvoted 😊

This place at Malaysia, hope you visit us

Thank you! I love your writing, the funniest on steemit.

ooh thanks dear, don't forget @trafalgar he's one funny writer!

I have this same photo! Malaysia wasn't my favorite country but it was quite photogenic. Did you visit the Taman Negara?

Another awesome post Ms. @sweetsssj. Always look forward to the stories of your travels and food discoveries.

thank you rvgenaille, just keep following and you'll see them come soon!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@sweetsssj - The Atlantis resort should have YOU as the brand ambassador. I just can not resist the urge to go there after seeing your wonderful blog. I am intrigued by the Posiedon's chair and am enticed by the great spread of buffet! You look glamorous as usual too.

Thanks for sharing. Upvoted

I request you to take time to visit my funny blog about Avian Aerobics if possible. Your comments would be very welcome. Thanks

aw vm2904, i'm so sad they don't have me as the ambassador, I would love to stay there for free in exchange, telling everybody how wonderful it is. The food was ridiculously ample. Even though this was a few days ago, I'm still feeling the fullness from the experience.

Nice blog about avian aerobics btw, upvoted it.

It's always informative and fun to read you posts keep it up!