<3 <3 @sweetsssj Portrait -> Step by Step @yusaymon

in art •  2 years ago  (edited)

@sweetsssj it´s so beautiful OMG this is a journey..!! enjoyy








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Such a lovely piece of art work, thank you so much for this beautiful painting. You have a really good talent! much love 😊💖

@sweetsssj OMG thanks for ur time and for stopping by... thank u very very much** :D

you're very welcome!

Beautiful drawing as always.

Thanks my friend <3

Hehe me gusta el estilo que tienes, utilizas estilografos para hacer los dibujos o son sólo con pluma?

Hola @angielb es un pluma 0.7 mm a veces uso otra mas gruesa BIC Z4+ Roller Pen, 0.7mm, Black :D gracias