Travel with me #75 : Saying hello to Sharks, Stingrays, Sawfish at the Predator Lagoon! (photos + video)

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Dear Steemit friends :


One of the things that made Atlantis stand out to me was their incredible Marine life diversity. As we've seen from our adventures to The Dig, this little island resort is the home of a huge array of aquatic life. Indeed, the hotel and more specifically The Dig is the largest open air Marine Aquarium in the whole world.

A simple stroll around Atlantis will reveal just how diverse the marine life is, not only that, you get a sense of how well the exhibits are integrated into the very foundations of the hotel.

In today's edition of travel with me, we'll be visiting a lesser known part of Atlantis, known as the Predator Lagoon. Although it doesn't feature very much beside the more popular attractions such as The Dig and the Aquaventure Water Park, it is certainly no less amazing.


From the Royal Towers, you can actually follow a path on the edge of the hotel, all the way to Predator Lagoon. It takes about 15 minutes and you'll have some terrific views of the vicinity along the way.

Our destination is the circular building with the seashell roof labelled Lagoon Bar & Grill. In the above map, you can see it is adjacent to a beautiful sea connected lagoon called Paradise Lagoon which is one of the best places to swim in natural sea water. (As opposed to the other swimming pools at Aquaventure)

Below, you can see the Lagoon Bar and Grill with its very distinctive seashell roof, and a lovely view of the Paradise lagoon. Because the lagoon is connected directly to the sea, there are many fishes in the lagoon which have settled around the natural reefs and plantations. It is a really nice place to do some light snorkelling or paddle boating.

This is a view of the Casino from the outside near the Predator Lagoon. Although not as formidable looking as the Royal Towers, it certainly commands it's own presence, especially with the waterfalls which themselves, circulate water from the dock side of the sea, to the paradise lagoon.

Together with the Royal Towers, it's simply an amazing view.

Just to give you an idea of the scale of the Casino building, this is me sitting on the ledge with the waterfalls only just out of the picture. I look so small!

Can you see the Casino building on the left? That's where I sat on the ledge! Doesn't look that big from a distance, especially beside the Royal Towers.

As I mentioned earlier, the Atlantis hotel has the largest open air marine aquarium in the world. Here are some of the interesting creatures I saw on my way to Predator lagoon!

Sea Turtles. Atlantis supports the conservation of sea turtles through their "Sea Turtles Conservancy Tour de Turtles" program.

I was amazed to see so many Saw-fish in the shallow pools.

There were actually quite a number of these saw-fish.

Atlantis is the first zoological facility in the world to have successful births of the critically endangered small-tooth Saw-fish.

There are also hundreds of Cownose stingrays in their shallow lagoon. During the day, people can snorkel with them or even feed them!

These are some shots of the fish at The Dig from the outside.

At night, the lights turn on, and the shoals of fish become like moving silhouettes.

I love how they form these circular vortex's.

How could I forget the cute little feral kittens running about the place.

Predator Lagoon

After a lovely walk outside, we finally arrive at the Lagoon Bar and Grill which is the building behind me with the seashell roof. The Predator Lagoon is located right beneath it so a good idea is to grab a bite to eat and then proceed to the exhibit below.

The underside of the roof has magnificent artwork depicting many many of the creatures that inhabit Atlantis.

A walk down the spiral staircase and we're in the Predator lagoon!

Once we reach the bottom, we're treated to an absolute feast of gorgeous marine life. Hundreds of different kinds of fish swimming around, chasing each other's tails.

Some of the fish are ginormous. You'll find various kinds of sharks, barracuda's and tarpons to name a few.

Large shoals of fish swimming in near unison can be seen through the crystal clear glass.

There's also quite a number of large Stingrays. They are so impressive as they glide through the water with their wings propelling them forward.

Up close, you can get a sense of how large they really are. It's also a great opportunity to see their underside as usually we can only see them from the top.

I'm not sure why the fishes make this vortex formation. But it is remarkable to see.

Below are some of the other varieties of tropical fish you can expect to see here.

The Tunnel

Perhaps the highlight of the Predator Lagoon and indeed any Aquarium, is the Tunnel.

It's a visual beauty as well as a treat to see Stingrays, Sharks, Saw-fish and lots of other fish swim over your head.

I was in the tunnel for quite a while because I wanted to catch a photo of the big saw-fish swimming over.

In case you didn't know, the saw-fish is often mistaken for being a Shark because of it's top down profile being very similar to sharks. Sometimes they are referred to as carpenter sharks because of their saw-like rostrum which is the primary tool they use to unearth buried crustaceans (their primary diet).

Sawfishes are actually classified as Rays. And like rays, the Sawfish's mouth and nose are flat on the underside.

I really like how they look from the bottom. Their mouths make them look like they're perpetually grinning!

Be sure to check out the video!

And that wraps up our visit to the Predator Lagoon at Atlantis. Even though it's not as popular as The Dig, it's definitely a hidden gem. Sure you get to see Stingrays and Sawfish in the open air aquarium, this is the place to go if you want to see them up close.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

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Dubai is amazing, but the weather is so hot at this time of the year!
I recommend visiting Dubai in the winter

Anyways, have fun @sweetsssj

I heard that Dubai has some of the best shopping in the WORLD. I remember the scene with the girls from SEX AND THE CITY when they went to Dubai. I feel so good whenever I buy a new scarf!

I love the movie! The fashion did look incredible, I want to go for the Karaoke! :-p

Thanks hasoon, I haven't had the chance to visit Dubai properly yet, but that's on the list :)

drooling on you r experience!
that's heaven on earth!
wowza on the sawfish and the stingrays!
thanks for taking us there!

you're welcome englishtchrivy, need to see you do some of this stuff sometime!!

hi @sweetsssj, how long will you stay there :))) ?

hi @shmu28 i've already come back now. But I have quite a few more things to blog about my trip so i'll be doing that then thinking about my next travel :)

When / Where is that?

Yes they are right don't go to Dubai it's hot there , come to Iran :D

Lol isn't it hot in Iran too?

The underwater tunnel looks interesting. I got to visit Bahamas sometime.

Yeah I agree, Dubai would be awesome for her to visit and blog about.

You can still visit the aquarium in the winter to.

One of the main characteristics that differentiates Dubai from other commercial centres is its openness to innovation and the freedoms it grants people and institutions to operate.

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Dubai is always beautiful. @sweetsssj Have FUN!

We visited nearby Qatar during winter time back in February. It was 49 degrees F one day! Also rained for 10 days, on and off. Amazing how cool these places get during the winter months. I never would have known it. Great tip @hasoon.

yeah weather is too hot there, avoid make any trip to Dubai, but in winter, best

Bro middle east is extreme at this point of time, I cant get out for a minute to light a smoke I be dripping in sweat during the daytime especially!

Such beautiful pictures, again thanks for sharing.

I have started to follow you. although it would be no matter for you but a lot for me:-)

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thank you oceancoinz :)

Wow 👍 Your pictures are so amazing.

I agree @inuk , @sweetsssj always has an amazing pictures and videos...a good value to steemit and the holiday location too. Good comment and great post.

yeah, it is.!

indeed. just reSteemed

wow what a great post big thumbs up !

The aquarium looks like it's from another world. Like a dream.

My wife and I just celebrated our 12 th wedding anniversary on July 1st! We are high school sweethearts and have been together 22 years. We have three children 8,6,1 . But we have briefly discussed going away just the two of us !! We have not been away alone since our honeymoon! So today I'm going to have her read this article and see if we can go here as well! My wife is a teacher so she has time off now!

wow, ryan thank you so much for sharing your true love story with you and your beloved wife. I'm so happy to hear that you have enjoyed a beautiful 22 years together and have three children. I'm so envious! 😍

I hope you have the chance to look through some of my other blogs about Bahamas and Atlantis, it might give you an idea of the activities you can get up to during your second honey moon!

Thank you so much for the message!

Ok that's great I will look through other posts! It's a rainy day by me so that's exciting!

perfect! If you go, then I expect to hear all about it (and shoutout!) :) :) :)

You got it🤙

amazing pictures and really great commentary on the pictures. I really felt like I travelled with you. Keep shining and don't let anyone stop you from doing what you do. We love it.

thank you ! really appreciate the kind words 😊

i really like your pictures and your post

Sweetsssj, Great blog girl! Loved the steemit tank you were wearing. Look forward to more posts, all the best.

great post i can feel like I'm almost there....

Hi we meet again .. i'm glad to see your post, I'm glad to see the beauty of the outside world through your photo, but it would be nice again if I can be there, beautiful ..! But I also think can I get there ..? Ha .. ha .. happy to enjoy your traveling.

hi kardevis, we meet again indeed 😊 I do hope you get to see the beauties of the world through my posts, I hope I document them well enough for your enjoyment !

You are absolutely killing it @sweetsssj ! I hope you get to travel the world even further and use the Steemit rewards for some fun and great adventures ;) The Sawfish looks absolutely GNARLY!

thanks avilsd! The Sawfish was really huge, did you know they can grow up to 20ft long!!

You have everything with all your income you can go around wherever you like !!
The world of travel is extraordinary
I also want to go around the world like you @sweetsssj
For that follow and upvote me @ sallsteem
Thank you very much

Wow! Very beautiful. I hope to visit this place someday. It looks so relaxing :)

Expressions !! Gorgeous!! Pretty beautiful!!! What a lady!!! Charming!!.

thank you dear! You are very flattering 😊

Yes amazing! Steemit money makes anything possible!

you guys treat me so well. I love you guys 😊

You know this means you will have to continue travelling around the world sharing new adventures everyday - I know it's tough, but somebody has to do it. :)

Probably won't be travelling for a while. But i have plenty to blog about from my trip just gone. It's not so much about how often you travel, it's more about what you do when you do travel, and the details.

That's true, truly amazing and beautiful pictures.
Thanks for sharing.

thank you codingdefined, hope you enjoyed the video / gifs too 😊

thank you askaran, you're going to absolutely love it when you visit. I can't recommend it enough!

Thank you for sharing! I would love to go there some day. :)
I'm new to Steemit but have found your postings very inspirational and I hope you keep at it for s long time.
You seem to be having fun and enjoying yourself which is important.
I look forward to your next post,
Best wishes

thank you brentt! You'll get your chance for sure! Some other users here have already been, so it's not out of reach! Thank you for following and hope to see you more :)

Sorry, double post

Sorry, having trouble with thi

So Amazing, I was there last year. Had so much fun in Atlantis... except for the casino that took all my money haha

ooh no! Atleast it was fun right??

Yeah, best water park there :)

Wow a wonderful post, great pictures and amazing never fail to amaze me my dearest @sweetsssj keep it up. Unfortunately I saw this post now, a bit late ...upvoted . Keep safe and enjoy your holiday

thank you for enjoying it charles! And for the comment too! :)

welcome my buddy, more success to you..

@sweetsssj your on top of your game as usual. Aquatic nature of this place is on equal. I love to see the formulation of the fish, and the one that is forming circle. The see turtle is also something to watch. The place looks so amazing and the quality of the pictures you took were excellent. I will like to visit this place some day, haven't seeing all these amazing things in this your article. Keep it flowing. Upvoted and always following for me quality content.

thank you hynet, I have been blogging about Atlantis for quite some time, but as you can see, it's quite a big place and so much to do! I can't recommend it enough! 😊

Your welcome @sweetsssj. always making the community proud and entertained. Weldon. keep it flowing. thanks for the permission.

One of the places I definitely have on my list to visit. This blog is superb.

Yes she is doing a great job and we are proud of her.

I'm here for the TURTLES 🐢 😃
What a nice collection of marine life predators just doing their thing. That Atlantis Resort sure is a beautiful place 🙌
Good stuff @sweetsssj 😎

thanks sandstorm, no turtles in the predator lagoon, but they were joining me on the walk on the way there!

Thank goodness for that @sweetsssj , I'm glad those little guys got a little air time in your post, because turtles always deserve at least that much 👍 😄

I thought cats hated water... Something about this post doesn't add up... thinking.png

j/k =)

ha well the cats were kind of away from the water.. just hiding around the trees.

Wow, how big is Atlantis? It must be huge.
You are always doing totally new things on each post!
Imagine if you got to stay to live there :)
Amazing post.

Thanks silent.screamer, it's really quite a big resort and I tried to do as much as I could there. Not sure if it would be interesting to live there for a long time though. Sometimes the best moments are short lived and that's what makes them special.


Nice post.
I love that Tunnel.

oh gosh, me too! I felt a little scared it might collapse on me as the big sawfish swam past though.. I wonder how thick the glass must be!

You go to such cool places !!!! and that water is SO blue ! i hope you have tons of fun!

thanks moderninvestor, this was definitely one of the coolest places I've been so far. I don't know why, but it seems exotic tropical islands always has the bluest water!

I can not travel with you but your posts feels me that i am traveling with you...

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Hello @sweetsssj stunning shot and video dear! First time i am discovering the saw-fish, i was not aware of it till now!

Thank you for sharing such hidden treasure to the world!

You rock!

thanks progressivechef, I always thought saw-fish were sharks, turns out i was wrong and they're just very shark looking rays!

Infact they are also called 'carpenter sharks', i was just doing some research and found it!
It is sad that they are listed as Endangered or Critically Endangered and face the threat of extinction as a result of overfishing mainly. Sad

Yeah, that's the one! It's a good thing that Atlantis are working on their breeding program and protecting them from us( the fishermen etc.)

Amazing action from Atlantis indeed! I wish they are successfull in the program!

It's so cool of them do help save the small-tooth Saw-fish. What a beautiful creature. I love how you caught that stingray with a smile on it's face :D

I'm not sure why the fishes make this vortex formation. But it is remarkable to see. - I believe they always travel in formation to look bigger in the eyes of predators but I could very well be wrong lol

Also , the video montage was amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can see that a lot of work was put into it.

You're awesome

Ohh that makes complete sense now (about the vortex) it's strange how they just naturally do that as if they're controlled by some sort of hive mind !

Thank you so much for the compliment, means alot :))))

You are probably one of the best photographic traveler on here that I've seen, I always wonder who takes your photos they are always cool. I want to travel like you someday.

Thanks blackamine, I think it's important to take good pictures, they help you 'relive' the experience much more vividly! 😊

i absolutely love your life. you get to go through so many places and see the nature and beauty. I wish i get to do the same one day

Cheers :)

Oh, i'm sure that day will come sooner than you think! Keep going and you'll do it real soon!😊

I dream same way and she is living out her same dream, amazing...

so awesome to see your images... :) thanks, that tunnel is now on my travel list ..

@sweetsssj What a Amazing Post . You had a Good Time Traveling Around and Having a Lot of Fun. Your Posts Give Us Holiday Goals You are Amazing Explorer . Nice Place . Didn't The Sharks Scared You ? I just Loved the Underwater Tunnel. Lovely Dear , Thanks for Sharing your wonderful Journey here it really gives us boost and positivity. Totally Loved It. Upvoted . Keep Traveling and Sharing . Bless You. :)

hi vikbuddy, You know what, at first I was a little intimidate by the sharks, but they're actually not very vicious at all. Always docile. I think they feed them very well so they have no interest in being actually "predatory". The tunnel was definitely the highlight of predator lagoon for me!

That place looks mesmerizing, @sweetsssj, thanks for showing us around! Love the colors in your pics. Sure, the Predator Lagoon may not be as popular as The Dig, but it's looks amazing nonetheless.

Love how those fishes swim around in a vortex formation. And I wonder what that little kitten is doing there. Must be cat paradise, with all those fish around...

thank you livenowandwow, sometimes it's the hidden gems that leave the deepest impressions. I think in this case, that might be true!

Actually I didn't see too many cats around, I was hoping to, but this was the only one!

I love marine life so much.. thank you for sharing. . beautiful pictures as always..

thank you aburmeseaboard, I wasn't particularly a marine life lover before, but I can safely say I am now!

Wow another amazing post with great photos and a cute video. Really like your posts and always looking forward to see the next ones!

Thanks georgemales, sorry about the long video, didn't have that much time to cut and edit it. You get to see the marine life moving around though! See you in the next post 😊

I have just came across your profile, and I am quite amazed how colorful your pictures are.
You can see that you put a lot of hard work into taking them.

And capturing that kitten in that cute posture... Knowing how restless and active cats are, I believe it took you some time to make this shot ;)

Well, nevertheless, keep up the good work!

thank you kir-b, I do like vibrant colours so I guess my pictures tend to reflect that! 😊 I love cats!

Just curious as a photographer: what kind of camera do you use for taking those?

I was using the Sony A9

That's a great piece of hardware. Although a bit large to carry around for a travel blogger.
Sometimes you need to capture quickly some good scene, but it's quite hard to do it with a mirrorless camera, unless one constantly carries it around on his or her neck.
For me there is constantly this dilemma going on :(

My other camera is the Canon 5D and it is much heavier!

YES!!! We're travelling with you in as much as you update us here in steemit, its our own duty to up vote you, Huge travel experience @sweetsssj. I love the lagoon.

thank you maxdevalue, really appreciate the support as always 😊

Welcome beloved.

As always, such breathtaking pictures. It seems that it really lived up to its name "Atlantis". I definitely loved the up close and personal view with the stingrays. How marvelous is that?!? Swimming right above you and all around you.
Oh how i wish to go there someday..... ฅʕ•̫͡•ʔฅ

Yet again the always alluring @sweetsssj with the cute and lovely pink dress. (btw is that pink? X'D)

Keep on Steemin'!

thank you yukimaru, it's certainly living up to the name as you say. There's nothing quite like getting up close and personal with these gorgeous fish.

(Yes it's a faded pink) 😊

Aha i was right! It's pink! :)
You look like a living human doll!
And you can wear anything, and still it would look lovely on you. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
(maybe if it's okay, you can follow me up too? it would be an honor.. @[email protected])

That sawfish is crazy looking! Did you see any GOLDfish by any chance? :)

Haha you and your GOLD ! haha, but no, I don't think there were any goldfish there.. The sawfish are sooo big. You know they can grow to 20ft long?

Amazing! And also a bit frightening!:)

yeah, apparently the predators there are quite docile though, they don't harm humans unless provoked.

Would you be scared to swim with one? I think I would :)

Yes definitely. Terrified actually!

You? Scared? I think you are quite fearless ! Any plans to visit "fearless girl" in NYC?

NYC is a possibility. I do have a US Visa. There are other places i fancy visiting before NYC though!

Yes 100% enjoyed it is like travelling along with you. I love love to travel too but for couple of years not visited any place. Anyhow you astonished my sence by posting the great pictures. Sea and it's partial views like amuses me. Thanks for sharing great post. I will definitely share all my previous travelling stories.

thanks angelshare, it's good to see what wonders of the world might take your intererst. I look forward to seeing your travel stories 😊

Thanks for your inspiration. I might no be good as you do but I will definitely try my level best.

Wow! You are such an inspiration to those who indeed want to blog about life. Your passion and skills are too impressive. Thanks for taking us around the world through your stories.

thank you stevenomole, I still remember the nice article you wrote about me. Always appreciate things like that :)

I will do it again and again. Keep traveling dear, we love your travel stories.

Wow! More amazing photos! This journey has been so incredible. Thanks for sharing.

thanks larksongbird! It has been an incredible journey indeed, now that i'm back and blogging about it, reflecting back on all the things I did, I wish I never left!

Don't worry the next is adventure is never as far away as it seems to be

OMG, You have been to Atlantis. This is the coolest place I know. The place is so memorising and just. The pictures you have posted are really awesome. I am really lucky that I am following you. You always brought such good memories in form of pictures from your lovely tours.
Thanks for sharing and wish you all the luck for your next adventure @sweetsssj

thank you cryptonet, this visit to Bahamas and Atlantis was incredible, i'm really glad to have done it because I had been dreaming about it for years actually. Now, I want to blog about the rest of my adventures so it's always imprinted here, and I can look back and enjoy it myself!

Wowwww amazing images..... I like your every post.
And I have no words to describe your photography.
I m following u from the first day I joined the Steemit.
Please upvote my posts.

Thank you lachitsarmah, i'll take a look at your blog :)

Thank u so much

@sweetsssj - You look like a pretty mermaid among those sharks and sting rays :)
Very nice pictures of you in the tunnel with the sting ray in the background and in silhouette against the shark tank. The GIF of the shark with teeth like a chainsaw is great. I wish I was so lucky to travel to such exotic locations.
The cute kitty you found there looks adorable.

Thanks for sharing. Upvoted.

I request you to visit my latest blogs if you find time. Have posted couple of funny ones (my funny bone seems to be acting up these days 😎 ) about wildlife. Your comments will be very welcome. Thanks

Thank you vm2904, you're so nice 😊

I'll definitely check out your blog soon :)

Wow!! Awesome post!!
I actually just posted last night on my trip to the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. I must admit - Atlantis has a lot more to offer but you should make a plan to come to South Africa. Lots you can see here :)

that sounds like a really goood time, i'll take a look! :) South Africa is definitely on my list near the top!

You should sooo move it closer to the top of your list ;)
@sweetsssj in South Africa - now that would be awesome :D

who knows, I might visit very soon :) Btw do you know what their stance is on Visa's for Chinese nationals?

As you are from China you would need a visa (see end of page here).
More info on requirements here.
See you soon then - hehe ;)

thanks, i'll have a look at those soon 😊

Schweet :) Shout if you have any questions :)

Wait, you followed me!! Ahhh! Thanks so much - means a lot to minnows like us hey :D

For years i've had an interest in sealife and sharks, would love to go swimming with sharks, small ones, one of those locations is the Bahamas, but seems very touristy.
An other option would be the Pacific, but that's once in a lifetime because of the distance from Belgium.
Enjoy your stay!

thank you nin0000!

It is a bit touristy and it might not be for everyone. It is for me though :)


Hi @sweetsssj amazing travel. I must to learn travel post with you. I love your blog. Here I am wild photographer try to give you respect to my senior in steemit. I dont hav many word to comment your blog. Because you are amazing writer. Iam waiting for next post and be good writer and great photographer in steemit. I have latest post about aceh travel. Check it out now. Nice too meet you

hi joe28! Keep at it and you'll be a prolific blogger real soon, you have a wonderful positive attitude. I'll also check out your blog, thank you!

Amazing Pics

thanks mabre! 😊