Delicate Waffles | Recipe

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I have not cooked delicious waffles for so long that I decided that I should correct this situation immediately! And Early in the morning I cooked some delicate waffles.

I usually cook waffles in just a few minutes, my waffle oven helps me in this without which I can not do at such moments.

I choose the simplest dough for waffles and with a minimum of ingredients, these are eggs, sugar, butter and flour. I believe that all these ingredients are enough to prepare very delicate and delicious waffles.

Also I usually add jam and fresh fruit or berries to the waffles. I like jam with figs, this jam is delicious with a pleasant aroma.

So, if you like waffles and simple recipes, then I think you will be delighted with the taste of these waffles.


Flour - 350 g

Butter - 200 g

Eggs - 3 pieces.

Sugar - 100 g

Salt - pinch


1. Mix the butter with the sugar.

2. Add eggs. All mix well.

3. Add flour and salt. Knead the dough.

4. Choose special forms for baking waffles and set in a baking dish.

5. Put the dough on two tablespoon shape and bake 5-10 minutes.

6. Fold the wafers in a pile.

7. Add jam and fresh fruit to waffles and enjoy!

Bon Appetit!

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

Thanks for watching and your time, I always appreciate it!

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Enjoy excellent day, friends!


Nice photos again! Needs more sirup though haha! Best wishes again

Looks so good, will have to try.

Thank you very much!

Waffles are delicious! I love waffles! :) Especially with whipped cream and strawberries on top!

Hi, I'm new to this platform. God bless your work and keep growing physically and mentally, I hope you go through my blog and follow me @carlosdap11 I follow you too

Uhhhhhfff si que se ve rico... atractiva receta probare...

again you are great its look so fresh

They look delicious thanks for sharing your recipe with us. I will make it for my soon to be wife I'm sure she will love it.

Thanks for your comment:-)

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Oh God, those Waffles are delicious, I'll make the recipe when I have time, thanks for compratir.

Thank you very much, I'm glad that you liked my recipe! :)

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

Thank you:-)

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These look good! My daughter loves waffles and often makes them for breakfast. We have them with greek yoghut, honey and blueberries. I will try this recipe out.

Thank you very much, waffles for breakfast is a great start to the day :-)

You made this delicious food for your family ?

Great picture and good post

Ooooo I LOVE WAFFLES. Usually use maple syrup and butter to spread on the waffles :) Good to have you with us once again at #steemitbloggers :)

I love waffles with jam :) and I'm happy to join the community #steemitbloggers :-)

I love it with strawberry jam too, sometimes chocolate syrup :P

Chocolate syrup is also delicious, I'll try it :-)

mmm very tasty, lots of chocolate, I love it :-)))

its appetizing

The flower in the middle? Did you eat that too? :)

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