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The Ice Cream Lab in L.A. offers the freshest and creamiest ice-cream

When visiting L.A. I always make a stop at Ice Cream Lab with my buddy David. He is always me taking me to the coolest places in L.A. I totally love the Ice Cream Lab, they make super fresh ice because the Ice is instantly prepared with liquid Nitrogen. 

I can confirm that the ice-cream is super fresh and very creamy...you have to try this

Heisenberg only buys his ice-cream here

It's easy: Choose flavor and size and toppings

The staff puts the ingredients into the Mixers

The liquid nitrogen instantly creates the ice-cream

The ice-cream is super creamy and great

This might be the future of ice-cream. I could imagine ice-machines in the future where you can do this at home.. How cool would that be? It is fancy and I am happy to blog about it, as this is really something out of the ordrinary. A bit  elBulli Style.

Check out the Video:


Ever seen something this fancy ???

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I just want one tub of ice-cream.... and that's a bathtub full of ice-cream!
I will eat until I am almost bursting at the seams, and then just lay there soaking the rest up.

haha ;) you love icream ..

I do today!

cool . post me the link here!

What happens between me and Ice cream, wil remain a secret betwewn me and Ice cream!
I will not share any personal 'memours with ice cream' links

LOL ;) haha

Is there a home version of this machine? I think it would look awesome next to my espresso machine!! And I could make one bowl at a time. :)

true. I would buy one too ;)

I was thinking, if there's an easy way for you to pitch and provide a solution for all these eateries you go to for them to start accepting and using Steem / cryptos in general. You'd build a pretty decent network on all the popular eateries around the world in a year or two!

yeah there is some problems with that. 1.) you need some kind of hardware (pad etc.)
the owners are mostly not there... so not possible to pitch to someone in the driver seat.

it might be easier to get Steem integrated into checkout solutions stores use anyway.

"I've already created an account for you and deposited 10 usds worth of steem in the wallet, here's your password. Trust me, it's real money" lol

@kevinwong Looks like you are suffering from P.S.F.S
a.k.a the fried brain!
Just kidding!

@kevinwong might have a good strategy!
fake it till you make it @knozaki2015

Ice-cream!!! Lovely post :D

this one is really cool

Very interesting. Upvote it

thank you!

You welcome my friend :)
If you have time to give me an apvote i appreciate