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"Tip or Stay Home : What Every American Waiter & Waitresses Wishes You Knew" - www.TheWorkingGuy.com blog on Steemit

Stories about restaurant life, from my current & past waiter/bartender jobs. WHAT THIS ISN'T: I'm not here to complain about my guests, job, co-workers or tips. I love what I do (much of the time anyways) and I'm not mentioning names, except positively. I have around 25 years "in the biz," some fun stories to share, and at times some pretty unique life lessons to impart. Hopefully, I'm both informing and entertaining you as I go.

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Table of Contents (to-date)

#0) "Things Waiters & Waitresses Say, But Shouldn't"

Ch 1) Training Day
Ch 2) Bleep My Waiter Says
Ch 3) Turns Out, You CAN Pick Your Friends' Nose!
Ch 4) Stiffed? I Got STIFFED!!
Ch 5) Why I Got Stiffed
Ch 6) How Getting Stiffed LITERALLY Costs Servers Money - Right Out of Their Own Pockets
Ch 7) The Food's Good... But The Service SUCKS!
Ch 8) Getting Hammered
Ch 9) Why You Might NOT Want to Order a Bottle of Wine from Me Tonight
Ch 10) She's Gone, and I'm Sad
Ch 11) Meet Cassie, My Ex-Work-Wife
Ch 12) Potty Humor
Ch 13) Ladies from Hell & The Worst Day EVER!
Ch 14) Ladies from Hell, Part 2
Ch 15) What Do You Do for Birthdays?
Ch 16) What Do You Do for Birthdays? Part 2

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In Borneo, the bill includes 10% service charge which is the tips to the waiters or waitresses

Thanks I didn't know that. In America to do so would drive up taxes and wages so the meal would actually cost the consumer around double (that's like Chapter 20-something for me, stay tuned) so the customer here is actually way better off by being given the option to tip at their discretion on a sliding scale (20% is the expected norm here for good service, but over 20% is pretty normal for outstanding service - I receive over 20% at least once almost every shift but I'm pretty experienced). Unfortunately there are some sleazebags here who think the tip not being added automatically is their excuse to not tip, or tip only 10% or so, and that's if the server is lucky. It's kind of rare to get 10% or less, but like I said there are sleazebags who do it routinely - fortunately they are in the minority, I might go all week and get only one or two of those.

Worth noting that in U.S. laws, whenever "the tip" (ie, gratuity) is included, it now becomes a mostly non-negotiable charge which the establishment is required to also charge sales tax on to the customer! Same as a mechanic's hourly labor, etc. So again the consumer benefits more under the present system, but some still abuse the system and cheat the waiters with less than 20% routinely even if service is adequate. But by adding the tip the customer than has to pay tax on top of the 18 or 20% autograt in most states these days. Paying them hourly and abolishing tipping is even more expensive to the guests because of Social Security, Medicaid, Insurance, etc that all has to be covered, so the increase in price to cover the "abolish tipping via hourly labor" argument only benefits government, but hurts the pockets of both servers and consumers ... all that in a future post!

Great post thanks for sharing! Yes in Canada as well we have to be carefull when paying our bill , as sometimes its allready added to the bill and you need to say no or its automatically charged . I didnt notice once and left a tip on the table on top of a tip when i paid with my credit card! Tricky! I also did a tipping blog 2 days ago for all people who require tipping! Here it is if you want to check it out! : https://steemit.com/travel/@karenmckersie/dont-be-a-jerk-know-what-to-tip

Ah the ole double tip huh? From our perspective that kind of helps make up for those that don't tip, or those that do but accidentally take the voucher they signed (!) but I hate that it happened to you and definitely feel that all "auto-grats" should be disclosed, and people need to be aware that practices and norms are likely going to be different when they travel and therefore read the fine print. Or when in doubt just ask.
Thanks so much for helping others with your Steemit post (which I also upvoted) - good research way beyond the realm of restaurants that people will want to know.

Thanks! I agree, that it should definitely be desclosed ! I always tip and have never had a problem doing so! And when the food and service is awesome i tip better! As it should be! Also thats a good point when in doubt ASK! I now double check all reciepts which i think everyone should do before paying. Thanks for the upvote! STEEM ON! ♨😉♨

"Tip or stay home" is it?
Naw...I'll go to another restaurant if that's your attitude. There are a great many of them.

Awww you've liked plenty of my stuff already to know my work is solid and my arguments are sound, and we've done this together before already back in Chapter 4's comments so I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish by saying the exact same thing here. And you know very well by now that my "attitude" is in the frst para at the top of this page, not in the catchphrase (that I cannot take credit for anyways, it's as old as I am).
Go wherever you like but every sit-down full-service fine dining restaurant you go to will be staffed by servers who do not want you in their section or their restaurant if you won't tip. It's the same as walking into a McDonald's and the owner of that franchise won't want you there if you don't pay. The restaurant doesn't pay us and you know that already from Chapter 6 so yes PLEASE O PLEASE DO either go to another restaurant - one that has paid staff members (like McDonald's) but doesn't offer full-service dining - or be amiable about the American situation and expect to pay for services that unpaid employees deliver to you, if you don't want to stand in line and serve yourself.
The attitude of every American waitstaff is summed up nicely in the catchphrase tho no matter where you choose to go, you've just never heard it expressed from one while we're on the clock and waiting on you is all.

Oddly enough I don't really consider McDonalds to be a 'restaurant', nor any other fast food joint.
T.I.P.S. To Insure Proper Service. If I get it so do they. It's my discretion.
No one 'deserves' it, they earn it. A bonus for doing an EXCEPTIONAL job.

Again that TIPS thing is a complete misnomer - aside from Ensure/Insure proof of basic grammar that the word tip did not come from those words - and that is a discussion we - you and I - have already had in again, in Chapter 4's comments You're being intentionally redundant and dense solely for the sake of being argumentative. Why?

You don't want to converse with me?

Not the exact same conversation we've already had, no. Apparently you don't want to consider my words either tho, you just want an excuse to say what you think. You're not even replying to my blogs, just seeing an excuse to vent your views it seems.
So anyways, I never said or used the word "deserve" and I agree with you whole-heartedly on that front. I earn every penny that I desire to be paid/tipped for the work that I do, I am not asking for charity. I never said that I or anyone "deserves" anything so why are you being so hostile? You are obviously bringing beefs you have from somewhere else, about something else, to this discussion.
You seem to be implying however that only EXCEPTIONAL service deserves any recompense tho. No, exceptional service deserves an exceptional tip. Average service deserve average tips. Bad service deserves a bad tip (10%). Zero service (like McDonalds - whom the government and the owners of the establishment consider restaurants whether you do or not - are where zero tipping is appropriate. If you think otherwise you really don't get life in America. Zero to 10% tippers deserve to be told to eat at McDonalds only and wait on themselves, or to cook at home.

Are you really this guy? Read the comments there, but I think you're arguing from the same line of reasoning as he does. http://www.bhagwad.com/blog/2013/personal/tipping-one-thousand-comments.html/