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RE: TIP OR STAY HOME by Guy Malone - the growing Table of Contents to Guy's Waiter Blog on Steemit

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Great post thanks for sharing! Yes in Canada as well we have to be carefull when paying our bill , as sometimes its allready added to the bill and you need to say no or its automatically charged . I didnt notice once and left a tip on the table on top of a tip when i paid with my credit card! Tricky! I also did a tipping blog 2 days ago for all people who require tipping! Here it is if you want to check it out! :


Ah the ole double tip huh? From our perspective that kind of helps make up for those that don't tip, or those that do but accidentally take the voucher they signed (!) but I hate that it happened to you and definitely feel that all "auto-grats" should be disclosed, and people need to be aware that practices and norms are likely going to be different when they travel and therefore read the fine print. Or when in doubt just ask.
Thanks so much for helping others with your Steemit post (which I also upvoted) - good research way beyond the realm of restaurants that people will want to know.

Thanks! I agree, that it should definitely be desclosed ! I always tip and have never had a problem doing so! And when the food and service is awesome i tip better! As it should be! Also thats a good point when in doubt ASK! I now double check all reciepts which i think everyone should do before paying. Thanks for the upvote! STEEM ON! ♨😉♨