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Late last night, my cats and I got into a very serious philosophical debate, over wines.

One prefers Pinot Noir with her chicken and fish flavored cuisines, while the other (a purist, to be sure) still insists on white wine to go with his white meat (flavored!) dishes. 

Tell me what you think, in the comments below.

What? You fell for that? I'm talking about CATS here! Okay, a little more truthfully now...

Late last night, my two cats and I got into a very physical debate over whether my wine opener is more suitable as a devise for scratching them with, or is best used simply as a chew-toy... 

No doubt, it's pretty awesome either way. No arguments from the opposing view could be refuted, or shut down at all. Let's just say the whole debacle ended with a split decision, and wet fur everywhere.

Anyways, everyone's being called in early tonight for some big thing-a-ma-jig, and instead of washing and sterilizing my wine opener, I'm writing this. I'll probably have to skip showering for that matter. 

Point being, if by some weird stroke of fate I just happen to be your waiter tonight - and if you're drinking wine - AND if you're not really a cat person... Well, you might prefer just ordering by the glass rather than having me open a bottle for you, table-side. 

That's my whole point here.

If you are a cat person, you probably totally understand, and could probably care less.

Hey I'm here for you either way. But it's totally your call.

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Photos above by me.

PS -  Nah just kidding - I washed it. Sorry for the gotcha!


I am not a cat person at all really. I can't have animals due to my allergies but I thought this was pretty funny. It is also neat -- the inside look of the server side of the industry. At first I thought this post was going to be a CATastrophic bummer but it was not and I found myself feline pretty good about it too. I pawsitively mean this!!! Voted/resteemed.

You are so bad that you're good!

After this post I want to try your wine :)

Holy cow I was about to write you to tell you I linked! Thanks for the vote and comment, glad your link is already doing well too.
"A bottle of my finest CATernet" coming right up ;)
Best, Guy

You had me with the cat photo lol:)

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