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Many of us , includeing myself quite often wonder what exactly is the correct amount we should be tipping in our everyday lives , for services such as pizza delivery, restaurants, hairdressers and taxis! Not to mention for those of us who travel what is appropriate for bell hops to maid service! Without feeling like a jerk about it and then worrying if we actually tipped enough! I have some answers for you that I read about on" CNN Money " I wanted to share with you guys especially leading up to the holidays!
: And im provideing the link also which will give more information on HOLIDAY TIPPING! : http://money.cnn.com/pf/features/lists/holiday_tipping/

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Let me start with waitressing, Bar Keep and Pizza Delivery!

  1. Waitressess and waiters - 20% For good service 10% For bad service : I would also like to add that some restaurants have been putting in no tipping policies and paying thier kitchen staff and wait staff more per hour instead, But most are not happy about it as they can earn from $35.00 to $ 45.00 per hour when they are bringing in tips!

  2. Bar Tenders- its $1.00 per drink or if your running a tab its like the wait staff 20% of your final bill!

  3. Pizza Delivery Driver - its 10% of the total bill or 15 to 20 % If it was a difficult delivery such as bad weather , or your elevator was out of order. The absolute minimum though is $2.00 per pizza!

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  4. Taxi Drivers - 15% of the total fare, plus $1.00 extra if they help you with your bags!

  5. Valets - $2.00 For the car and $1.00 for your coat check . If theres washroom service its .50 to $1.00!

  6. Hairdressers- 20% of your bill plus $2.00 To the shampoo person. Same goes for all Spa Attendants $2.00 unless the spa attendant is the owner , then no tip!

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  7. Bell Hop- Doorman- Sky Cap : All 1.00 to $ 2.00 Per Bag

  8. Housekeeping - 2.00 to $ 5.00 Per night!

  9. Concierge Service- $5.00 for Tickets and $10.00 If they were they were hard to find!
    And its free if you ask for directions no tip!

  10. In closeing I would like to add that theres no tip required for all fast food outlets , Handyman services or Gas Station Attendants! Im not sure why even though they are low paying jobs!
    So there you have it! I was checking into this as i will be doing a bit of traveling leading up to the holidays and also useing many of these services over the next 2 months especially! Dont forget to check the link above for your holiday tipping information! 💲💱💲
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thx for this listing @karenmckersie, I think many of us need this for orientation and the servers will apprieciate it as well ;-)

Yes i agree , especially this time of year we just had Thanksgiving , Halloween is coming up and many people are getting their hair done and eating out ,soon its Christmas lots of travelers and ordering in! I thought it was the perfect time for at least a refresher as some things like everything else have gone up since last year! Is why i put the extra holiday link in! And your right the servers etc. Will appreciate it ! Thanks for replying much appreciated! 😉✌👍

...and I'll need such an advice for myself when visiting America again ;-)

Yes for sure! Im in British Columbia Canada, Be sure to visit us as well! Same tipping rules apply here as well! Im sure its the same everywhere but in different currencies! ? STEEM ON! ♨👍♨

I would also like to add that some restaurants have been putting in no tipping policies and paying thier kitchen staff and wait staff more per hour instead

This should be universal already. Americans and their old methods.. making it weird for tourists who have no idea they have to tip.

They stopped for quite some time, but just started doing it again in some of the more chain type restaurants. But theres much controversy over it, as the staff are still making much less then they were when they got tips! With tips as i said they make 35 .00 to 45.00 dollars per hour. Where my son worked as a cook at Joes Restaurant theres many of them around . All the tips were shared with all the staff! And were paid out once a week inbetween paychecks! Usually from 100 to 200 dollars each every 2 weeks, he really liked it as he always had money inbetween pay days! Lol! Thanks for your reply!♨ ✌👍♨