Ladies from HELL & The Worst Day EVER (Guy's Waiter Blog, Ch 13)

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I am bordering dangerously closely today to crossing the line and breaking my own rule about not complaining about my customers in this blog.

    "Can I get you ladies anything... else?" IMG Source

In fact, several hours ago while living this situation (and yes, while kind of writing about it in my head... I do that a lot now), I had already decided that I WAS going to break this rule and just totally "Grrrrrr!" RANT !

Today was the kind of day for me that turns waiters into total stress-buckets, alcoholics, people who are completely indifferent to your needs, and who are smart-alecks, a-holes and people-haters.

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But I've chilled out since then. I'm off now, I've run some errands (the bank, post office, Wal-Mart) and am home now with the work-day behind me. I only want to share the story with you because the particular details are so unbelievable as to be laughable

Seriously, you're about to get some laughs at my expense. This one's on me.

And even though I'm telling you here, seriously, I can only hope that the people who witnessed my job performance today (especially management) will soon forget about it. Because I totally sucked. I was two or three steps behind where I needed to be the whole afternoon. 

The second irony is that early on, I was planning about maybe writing about what a GREAT day today was! 

I mean, I made it to work early -  a few minutes before 10am, that is. My other "opening" co-workers were likewise early or on-time for once and already setting up so I had an easy start. The kitchen manager asks me "Hey are you hungry?" and then he points to the French Toast, eggs and bacon he's made for us today!

Yes, I work somewhere that honestly does that for us occasionally - twice a week, at least. They just call it "family meal." 

Can you imagine what it's like to be up late closing the restaurant, then barely getting here at 10am to open  - "Clopening" we call it - and not really eating but just slamming coffee and a breakfast bar while driving in, and then walking into ....

IMG Source Dave's Hot Breakfast Buffet, Minneapolis, Minnesots

For free?!? So from all early indications I'm already thinking "Wow! Best day ever!!!"

So anyways, it has been kind of slow lately, and the budget's getting tight. Today, after eating, I get the great news that part of my section is being held for an "8-top" (party of eight) reservation at Noon. As long as they show, this is awesome, and partly because here eight or more means an automatic 18% gratuity is added to the check (which should be pretty big given that many people). 

And in case you didn't know.. I'm a waiter, which means that I live and pay my bills - or not - on a rough percentage of how much people actually eat and spend. 

So an 8-top reservation means that I'm looking to make quite a few bucks on this otherwise slow day! Right?

Gee, could this day get ANY better?  

The answer to that question would be "NO... No, it's only going to get worse from here."

Continued in Part 2 .. Possibly today as well .. it's already written just gotta post  ..

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