Southwest Egg Rolls + Avacado Ranch Dip (FOOD PHOTO SHOOT)

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Are there any fans of Southwestern style food in the house? Anyone? Bueller…..Bueller…….

Southwest Egg Rolls and Avacado Ranch Dipping Sauce.2.jpg

How about avocados? Well, around here avocados are eaten almost religiously and this avocado ranch is such an awesome way to showcase them. It is so good with these egg rolls.

Southwest Egg Rolls and Avacado Ranch Dipping Sauce (6).jpg

Okay, so I’m not gonna lie, photographing these egg rolls totally kicked my butt. In fact, I may never try taking pictures of egg rolls again. I’ll add it to my new year’s resolutions or something.

Southwest Egg Rolls and Avacado Ranch Dipping Sauce (3).jpg

Don’t ask me why. I really don’t understand why the most innocent looking food can be so extremely difficult for me sometimes. I just couldn’t capture them the way that I wanted. I won’t even admit how long I spent trying to make them look the way I had planned.

Southwest Egg Rolls and Avacado Ranch Dipping Sauce,.jpg

Honestly, my best photos are the ones that I take when I am relaxed and not trying to be a perfectionist. I think my mood shows through my photography. If I am having a bad day or just not all that excited about a recipe then it’s a sure bet the pictures are going to suck. For example, my camera had been misbehaving this day and the weather was creating the worst possible lighting which had me doing nothing short of dancing around trying to keep up and capture the right moments. The point is that it just wasn’t happening, I was frustrated, and I came very close to scratching the entire thing.

Southwest Egg Rolls and Avacado Ranch Dipping Sauce (7).jpg

Of course, after I had spent forever on these I would have felt even stupider than I already did about it if I didn’t at least get to share them with you guys. I think I’ve said this before and I know that I have told you not to let my amateur photography skills keep you from trying a recipe. I can at least say that these really are delicious. I made them for our Christmas party one year and called them “Feliz Navidad Rolls” or “Santa Fe-egg Rolls”.

Southwest Egg Rolls and Avacado Ranch Dipping Sauce (2).jpg

Yeah, I know, I’m much cornier than these rolls are. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I made the wrappers from scratch. I’ve never seen egg roll or wonton wrappers in the stores here so I didn’t have much choice but even if you can buy them I recommend trying them at home at least once. You know, just to say you did. Plus it really impresses people. I hope you try them!

Southwest Egg Rolls and Avacado Ranch Dipping Sauce (5).jpg


As always, the recipe is available upon request. The first request gets an upvote.

ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST. And by the way, my intro post did a huge $0.21

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I am always open to feedback, and would love to know how you feel I could do better and please do not forget to


Southwest Egg Rolls and Avacado Ranch Dipping Sauce..jpg


"I'm much Cornier than these roles are."

Don't worry, we love your corn and it's working for you. "If it ain't broke don't fix it!"

My Dad says that like all the time, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" He'll normally replace 'ain't' with isn't, but it's the same.

I'm going to post on this next week, hopefully, but there's a chance I might get to see you in November. I'll keep you posted

Recipe please? And let's face it, egg rolls are not attractive, it's no wonder they were difficult


The second great food blogpost from you i stumble upon today. They look so healty and yummy at the same time. You definitely know what you are doing

Ahh, that is so nice, thanks @steemboys

Those egg rolls look so good! And your photography is always good!

Thank you so much, my sweet @alovelymess! 😆😆😆

I LOVE Egg Rolls! Those look SO awesome!

Isn't Life an Eggroll?

Yes, It's a donut, an egg roll, a cinnamon roll,.....oh, and a pizza too! LOL

Southwestern Egg Rolls are my favorite. Thanks for cooking them and sharing your pictures. I tried using a copy cat recipe of Chili's version of them that turned out well but I baked them instead of frying them to cut down on the fat. It's so intense that you had to make your own wrappers for them. I think you can substitute tortillas (flour or corn though I think the flour ones are bit more pliable when cold) the next time if you can't find egg roll wrappers. They should be available where you are hopefully. They should work just as well fried or baked. :)

Thanks @rockjon I'll keep that tip in mind.

I know what it means when the weather don't allow good lighting for the photo! I suffer from that a lot in my house. But I don't think your photos got bad, no way!! They look pretty and the eggrolls look yum! Probably you had a different idea to show them to us ;)

This weekend I saw some tourist with a red Nikon camera and I immediately remember ​you! It's not common here, usually​, ​ they are all black!

That's awesome that you thought of me. Perhaps some day we can meet, that would be really nice.

That would be so nice!! Maybe we could shot together you with your red Nikon 5300 and I with my black Nikon 3300! ;)

Am hungry now :)

Looks amazing once again and on that note I think I'm going to go to the grocery store!

How did the trip to the grocery work out?

I ended up getting a bunch of crap I shouldn't have and now I'm a total chubster. :-(

I understand, it happens

Wow....just wow these have my mouth watering.... the photos look fantastic as well no hint of a struggle coming through in the photos....

Well, thanks so much for the kind words. Sometimes, food just isn't pretty. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment @lily-da-vine

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Thanks so much for your support @drophead

Its looks like very delicious. Thank you for the recipe and for the Pictures. :)

You are so welcome. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment @eljividaman

Thank you so much @jonuzi!

The rolls looks so delicious. I would like to have a bit on them. Good job.

Your welcome

You had to post about egg rolls!!! haha

Haha, I'm glad you like it @stackin!


Wow it looks good, please can I have the recipe.

Absolutely @patasieduagh! The recipe is near the top.

Delicious, followed and upvoted ur post

This looks good! Keep up the good work!

I am so glad you liked it @maj. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment

Wow this looks great! I would love one of these right now! Keep up posts like these. I'd love to see more of these!

Wow, thanks @themessup! So happy you like them.

love the way you posted because i am a food lover and this post is really mouth watering for every one i followed you @gringalicious

Thanks @waqarkhan, I'm so glad you like it.

If i could just take it right off my monitor and eat it now...

Looks yummy, indeed it tastes yummy!!! <3 <3 <3

followed you up for upcoming mouth watering posts! @[email protected]

I'm so glad you like it @silvia!

OMG that looks so good!!! Take me to there!!

It looks amazing, anything with avocado dip is 10 times better. but this rolls are so colorful and look so tasty, its probably one of the best quick dishes I would love to have right now. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the recipe. Have a nice day.

It's nothing, @fivefiveeleven! Thank you for reading.

It looks very tasty, but where is the recipe??

It's in the top of the comments, @vysmek! Thanks.

It looks very delicious.I can't control after watching it.Thanks for recipe.

You are very welcome @head10! Thanks.

Thanks for Recipe

Absolutely, @vishal1088, it's no problem!

very nice thnx for Recipe

Hi, great post ! for a follow and upvote please reply to this message and follow and upvote my latest post @rafkimuhammad

They look so good and yummy. Nice post @gringalicious

Looks like a mini shaorma

I guess it's pretty similar. Thanks @jwolf!

haven't one of these, i might just have to make one now thanks

You're welcome @angus-law! Thanks.

I believe infact every indian believe that taste depends not only on receipe it also depends on the chef. The amount of love mixed by him while cooking.

Oh, that's so sweet @indiantraveller! Thanks!

i can see gaining some weight from these bad boys :)

I guess that's very possible @kersmash!

It's not the best looking food ever, but it should be really delicious and healthy)
And by the way - your pictures look better than you think))

Oh, thanks @travelmuse! I'm so glad you like it.

Yummy... Yummy... Yummy... Can wait to eat it...

I'm so glad you like it @kamar68!

I always loved healthy food. It looks delicious!

Upv and follow You>follow me !
Great post, bon appetti!
greetings from Poland - deazydee

Wow, Poland how cool! Hope you have a great @deazydee, thanks!

Please put some southwest egg rolls in my mouth!

That's kind of freaking me out - LOL Thanks @kingmotan

Despite not having an attractive look , you just did great on the photo! Beautifully shot! Justice made to the egg rolls!

So glad you liked the photos!

Your posts are always awesome dear!

Delicious! Avocado worship seems entirely acceptable to me :)
On the photos, well for me lighting is everything. If it's a bright sunny day everything goes easily, if not it becomes a tortuous exercise of technique from beginning to end to get it looking kind of okay. These look pretty good though. you have a tripod? It helps a lot with crispness on less than bright days.
Naturally I don't bring it when I myself actually need it lol.

Thanks @throughmyeyes! I do have a tripod and it is definitely a lifesaver!

Yes I rather thought you might...ugh mine weighs 3 pounds so I tend to leave it behind then lean on one of my poles or do some weird rig or another...

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Hi @ gringalicious !
i'm fatema from Pakistan. the post is awesome and pictures as well. see u soon.
upvoted you.

Welcome to steemit @fatema. Thanks for commenting on my post

@gringalicious !
your always welcome .......

I don't know if it's possible for a food to be sexy but damn, those are some fine looking rolls! Thanks for the awesome post!

Haha, well thanks @akuda!

You're very welcome! It's obvious you put a lot of effort into your posts, this one included. My only complaint is now I'm hungry... So thanks for that @gringalicious 😁

looks soo delicious..!! it looks similar with indonesian food named RISOL,,but yours more delicious I guess

Thanks so much and I enjoyed your food post. Keep those coming.


The colour looks so pretty! It would go so well with the avacado sauce! Great photos too!

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment @photooftheday

These look really delicious! Yummy!

Hey @firepower, thanks so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to post

Hmmm delicious. How did you make the wrapper?

It's pretty simple @juvyjabian! I'll share the recipe.

Ohhh man.. these look SO good - and I am all about some avacado ranch honey! I would love the recipe :) I think the fam would dig these!

I am so glad you liked it @j-vo

Amazing recipe. Very good post. Nice pics. Loved it. I am going to try this recipe. @gringalicious thank you so much for this delicious post . you came up with amazing stuff everytime. :)

You are so kind. Thanks so much for commenting @vikbuddy

I love my Shwarmas! lol Great post though! btw I am new to Steemit, Would appreciate all interest in my profile, Do leave an upvote if you like something and follow, please check my latest post

These look delicious! Will be adding them to my recipe list! Upvoted and following!

Great photography! Great healthy food! And thanks for sharing the recipe 😉 i follow you now @gringalicious 👍

thanks so much @dwightjaden, I appreciate it

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This is some mouthwatering stuff! :)

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