My Recent Flaggy Behavior - Steemy thoughts

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I started flagging and this is why:

I read the white paper when I joined and I perceived the goal was to use SteemIt like a social media site.  With that in mind my posts have always been a compilation of articles, opinions, something I just wanted to share, or whatever.  I never made the commitment to caring that every post I make is filled to the brim with Quality Content.  I went to school and I don't wish to revisit English 101.  

There is a difference between casual posting and posting garbage

To be clear, I don't care about the pennies, I recently started to care about the clutter though.  I don't use bots for voting on this account and I never have.  I don't seek curation rewards, I vote for what I find interesting, at the time I see it.  (Natural Use)  I often scroll down "New".   For the most part during my SteemIt Journey I have avoided flagging and leaned towards education and discussion.   The number of 1 picture posts, and other crap I see with no text makes it harder for me to find the people who are trying to write, post and interact on SteemIt.  So, if I right click and google search that photo and there are millions of copies out there, I am just going to flag it. That is how I am choosing to use my stake.   I am not going to find a special room on SteemIt chat and report anyone or join a police squad, I am just going to do a bit of clean up as I go.  

There is a balance of figuring out how to let people use the site in a fun and casual way, so they don't feel like they have to be Authors, but also to keep it just clean enough we can stand to use it.  I am adjusting my views as I go, and I don't pretend to have the only opinion that counts.

I want to clarify that I not against bots, the reason I use the site the way I do is when I came here I planned on investing and I was doing due diligence to see what the site felt like from the end-user perspective.  I don't think you can understand your product unless you use it like an end-user would.  Most of the bots are good, some not as much.  I am very excited to see smart, talented people using their skills to create on SteemIt, and I am perfectly fine with people earning money and investing it back into the community with tools!  It is my choice to experience the site as a mainstream user, because I find that is how I best understand different perspectives on SteemIt.  I spend a lot of time in SteemSpeak to hear the developer and investor side of the discussions.

If you ever want to join us here is a link, stop by and say hello.

Use your stake in a manner that works for you. 


a very interesting point of view. And thank you so much for kewping this site clean. I am also tryung to be a part of cleaning it. i have use my flag, a few times only.

on Bots, well i am a regular user of bots. As a south east Asian people this is a way for us to get more money, and first reason i join. but it seems you need more hardworks if you want to succed here. and help of the bots is what i need at sometimes. 😭

Completely agree. The way I see it, posting on the platform takes time. Each hour spent cannot possibly be remunerated through posting rewards for the majority of accounts. For that reason, looking at Steem as a long-term investment is best and that is essentially what everyone who creates an account and posts is doing, although some don't realize it.

If the Steemit front end here was a body of water with beach-front properties all along it, no one is going to be investing in those if all that washes up is trash. The developed properties along it (long-term quality accounts) will become abandoned in time. The whole area would rot and the investment everyone made (investment of time) will be wasted. The investment of time is much more valuable than any monetary investment. That is why I fully support any initiative to keep it clean or at least manageable.


This is a great comment and I love the comparison to a dirty beach! nicely done.

I'm a real estate nut, what can I say

Man, I would join you on this. I never flag anyone here on Steemit until few days ago when I saw a girl stole my article and "spun" it.

After that, I started flagging all spam and copied contents. It just pisses me off that I'm working long hours to produce a good quality content and I'm seeing spammers posting garbage and earning almost same (or sometimes more) centavos than me?

I mean, I'm not complaining coz I'm getting low rewards for an article I wrote for hours and I only get 20 cents or lower. I'm complaining because those spammers post garbage and they get awarded for it?! For what? For contributing a pic they copied on the internet?! They don't deserve to get anything from copied contents. Not even a single cent. They just don't.

Earlier today I saw a post of a girl/bot named "angelasmith" about Thailand's magha puja. I flagged her down coz her images were copied from a photographer's blog and she used an article spinning tool to write her article. I submitted her link and the link of the photos where she stole from. Steamitcleaners acted fast enough, they flagged her down. Her rewards from $10 to 0.50 I can't help it but smile. I felt like I did a good deed for flagging. :-)

I know! This is exactly what I'm talking about. I just want to not have to fish through all the garbage posts to get to the good stuff. But you know, it makes the good finds more worth it, and then you can follow them and they'll show up on your feed. So at least there's that.

But I TOTALLY hear you!!! I like to naturally curate as well. I think it's a lost art.

I am happy to see you around. I seriously considered trying to do your advice column! :)

I, for one, appreciate this. The more people on Steemit adding value to humanity and the less people we have scratching and clawing for any extra change they can scrounge the better off we will all be. Thank you.

lol, I am all about the money. It is just about a longer term investment for me! :)

I take a little time every day to see who's posting what out there that I may not have seen before. I usually find one or two quality posts. Check out their blog and see what's going on. I see alot a lotta posts with 0 upvotes even after an hour. People screaming "follow me and upvote. I'll follow and upvote you. Which kinda makes feel sad. I don't think Steemit is about "something for nothing." If my posts only bring in a few pennies I'm okay. I'm posting what is important to me and if even one person sees it I consider it worth it. Even if that one person is me. Weird Huh?

Sounds like you are treating it like social media, that pays sometimes. :)

I am new to Steemit; and, have had to remind myself of the purpose being more than a platform to chit-chat without substance. For most people, that's how FB is used; just a huge sharing of 'nothingness'. I have no Steem power as of yet; but, I am certain, as someone who hopes to be in it for the long haul, I will eventually see something that might need a little red-flag warning.
In pure curiosity, does a flagged post get a special review? I am asking this because, what happens if we come across a post that clearly shows someone in suicide ideation mode? I would like to think if we flag a post for that reason, it would get the attention it needed, asap. I make this comment because I have read a few posts where people seem to be 'reaching out' for help; and, well, there's very little one can do if there is no catchall. Perhaps this is something that could be added as a 'reason' for a flagged post which might help save a life. Let's pray for a saved life.
Just the same, thanks for sharing.

Welcome to steemit and no there is no review process of flagged posts although they often gain some attention.

SteemIt is decentralized, meaning it has no official support/help/office.

It would be very difficult to even know who was suicidal.

Thanks for the welcome! And, thanks for the heads up about the unmanned platform. It’s good to know. I know with YouTube a flagged comment gets a personal review. That’s where my curiosity came from.
You’re right about suicide. People who go down that path very often blind-side those they leave behind.

No one wants to read a 9k word self-affirming philosophy piece, or any of the other regularities here.

I like your casual style.

We all should be doing that in my opinion.

I keep trying to make everyone think "right". You know, like me! :) kidding.

Flagging doesn't even hurt if the piece is casual lol.

lol, I am hoping people will go a bit crazy with it, and pull the scab off, so we can carry on with new interesting fights.

Yeah this is bullshit.

There isn't enough drama.

I didn't quit watching tv for this place so I could be part of a pansy love feast.

Take your naked yoga cures cancer bullshit else where.

I'm here for the flags baby.

I agree with the difference between the casual and the garbage posting. When time is short I don't want to start a long read, so the casual post fits the bill. At no time, do I want to read a garbage post. It's a pain to sort through the trash sometimes. That being said, I haven't used a flag yet. I'm sure the occasion will arise at some point.

Agreed and I don't want our only users to be Authors either. So, we have to find compromise and balance.

Yeah, I'm not that brilliant of an author lol..but I am a voracious reader with good comprehension skills, so for now, that's the role I'm filling. Time will tell if my writing improves or not LOL

I haven't been flagging, yet. I don't have enough weight to make a difference. However, I have been sending reports to the chat channel run by the @steemcleaners. I know there is a debate about whether we should use a system like that to flag others. I use it because they have the power to affect earnings, while I don't.

Also, I do the same, simple trick that you do. A quick google image search shows me what I'm looking for. I don't mind if someone uses a picture as long as they give credit. If they act as if they took the picture themselves, they are reported.

Let the debate on flagging and spam continue! This is a #WarOnSpam!

BTW, you'll likely notice that I self-vote. There is still a debate about that as well, and I don't mind hearing comments about whether or not we should do it. Many include it as though it is spam, but I don't. What are your thoughts?

If you are reading and interacting, I am so excited about you self-voting, I am going to upvote both of your comments.

Thank you for reading and using the site.

I didn't think I cared much about it, until I saw accounts doing it over and over and over. I got sort of angry. :)

You are absolutely correct and the way you thought and the way you think, I feel respect! Actually this is a kind of new life or something like that for me too.
Bots I hate to use too, and stopped upvote on my own posts, coz feel guilty by posting and say "I like my post" :D
Anyway flags, I hate to use as you said... actually I won't, but if there is a spammer, then we might use that option...
So, basically the way you think, the way you are dealing things made respect!
Thanks for sharing this nice and great article! really appreciate the way you think and act!


I agree. It is unfortunate but for many what drives the interest and incentive is monetary gain as opposed to the actual content building and long term usefulness of the platform. It was bound to happen and perhaps in the future there will be addressed by the devs and an active role can be taken to de-clutter Steemit.

I wouldn't be here without the potential for monetary gains. I just want it to be bigger than a few cents on a post.

It is possible in the future devs will alter the platform so that even older posts can have some reoccurring value. This would make more valuable content useful as it provides even more incentive for end users to add higher quality posts..etc

Relaying my understanding of conversations I have heard. (I'm no expert)

I think the issue with that has to do with scalability, in that it would consume too many resources to have the all the posts "open" all of the time.

What I think would be cool, would be the option to pay in Steem, to extend the life of a post! Then people could use that fee wisely to extend posts that were still getting some traction.

Yes that would be a nice option. Especially for quality content that deserves more exposure. Since this platform has endless posts 24/7 material can get buried quite quickly.

@whatsup - I have a respect about your thoughts sir. Perception of yours about steemit is awesome. I like that sir.


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Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Flag. Thanks and good luck again!

This is right and you are doing absolutely correct we don't need garbage and SPAM for sure here on steemit this platform belong to all of us and we have to take care of the things we see here :)

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