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RE: My Recent Flaggy Behavior - Steemy thoughts

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Completely agree. The way I see it, posting on the platform takes time. Each hour spent cannot possibly be remunerated through posting rewards for the majority of accounts. For that reason, looking at Steem as a long-term investment is best and that is essentially what everyone who creates an account and posts is doing, although some don't realize it.

If the Steemit front end here was a body of water with beach-front properties all along it, no one is going to be investing in those if all that washes up is trash. The developed properties along it (long-term quality accounts) will become abandoned in time. The whole area would rot and the investment everyone made (investment of time) will be wasted. The investment of time is much more valuable than any monetary investment. That is why I fully support any initiative to keep it clean or at least manageable.



This is a great comment and I love the comparison to a dirty beach! nicely done.

I'm a real estate nut, what can I say