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RE: My Recent Flaggy Behavior - Steemy thoughts

in #flags3 years ago

I am new to Steemit; and, have had to remind myself of the purpose being more than a platform to chit-chat without substance. For most people, that's how FB is used; just a huge sharing of 'nothingness'. I have no Steem power as of yet; but, I am certain, as someone who hopes to be in it for the long haul, I will eventually see something that might need a little red-flag warning.
In pure curiosity, does a flagged post get a special review? I am asking this because, what happens if we come across a post that clearly shows someone in suicide ideation mode? I would like to think if we flag a post for that reason, it would get the attention it needed, asap. I make this comment because I have read a few posts where people seem to be 'reaching out' for help; and, well, there's very little one can do if there is no catchall. Perhaps this is something that could be added as a 'reason' for a flagged post which might help save a life. Let's pray for a saved life.
Just the same, thanks for sharing.


Welcome to steemit and no there is no review process of flagged posts although they often gain some attention.

SteemIt is decentralized, meaning it has no official support/help/office.

It would be very difficult to even know who was suicidal.

Thanks for the welcome! And, thanks for the heads up about the unmanned platform. It’s good to know. I know with YouTube a flagged comment gets a personal review. That’s where my curiosity came from.
You’re right about suicide. People who go down that path very often blind-side those they leave behind.