Steemit Daily 100+ Rep Fitness Challenge Day # 43 - 1/18/18 - Total Team Reps: 62,467 - 2 New People

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9 Steemians for 1,846 total reps today. Welcome two new people: @khufu (Australia) & @kellerkulturist (Germany)!

Our team could use some more appreciation from the community. Our ongoing daily effort and content covers better health, teamwork and motivation, so please helps us spread the word.

Countries represented:
@belemo - Nigeria
@bentheredonethat - France
@cygon - New York, USA
@dj123 - ?
@kellerkulturist - Germany
@khufu - Australia
@lordcarlo297 - Aruba
@mightpossibly - Norway
@myleskshupe - Oklahoma, USA
@ninjamike - California, USA
@povilas - United Kingdom
@rmsbodybuilding - United Kingdom
@steemmatt - USA
@thevillan - Australia
@xced2806 - ? (female power)
@xxlobo21xx - Arkansas, USA

More people are joining simply because they've SEEN this blog series, and wish they saw it sooner. In the spirit of helping others be healthy and join a supportive team, please help us by resteeming for visibility.

You know that exercise is important, so start with just one day of sharing 100 reps of your choice and go from there. We support each other every day, and we'll support you, so why not give it a try?

These people are creating their own original posts to prove their hard work, so please support their passion and dedication.

TOTALS: 62,467 reps done across 16 Steemians in 42 workout days.

Cumulative Results: #'s vary with different start dates
@rmsbodybuilding = 22,160 reps (36.0%) - 42/42 days (20K+ reps!)
@thevillan = 12,914 reps (20.7%) - 22/42 (perfect attendance since starting)
@myleskshupe = 6,063 reps (10.6%) - 16/42
@steemmatt = 4,805 reps (7.7%) - 42/42
@povilas = 4,421 reps (7.1%) - 23/42
@lordcarlo297 = 2,881 reps (4.6%) - 16/42)
@xxlobo21xx = 2,487 reps (4.0%) - 10/42
@ninjamike = 1,745 reps (2.8%) - 8/42
@mightpossibly = 1,675 reps (2.7%) - 17/42
@cygon = 969 reps (1.6%) - 4/42
@bentheredonethat = 650 reps (1.0%) - 3/42
@kellerkulturist = 340 reps (0.5%) - 1/42
@belemo = 280 reps (0.5%) - 1/42
@khufu = 240 reps (0.4%) - 1/42
@xced2806 = 158 reps (0.3%) - 1/42
@dj123 = 101 reps (0.2%) - 1/42

The Challenge: At least 100 honest reps of exercise every day. No excuses. No bullsh*t. Just actions, positivity, and results. Only post AFTER your reps are done.

  • If you can't contribute yet, try to eat natural foods and stay well hydrated without the sugar for now.

  • It's ok to start with a number you're comfortable with if you can't reach 100. You choose what exercises to do.

  • 30 minutes of dedicated brisk walking, running, or SPINNING (new) can count as 100 reps if you're unable to lift or need to rest.

Fitness Challenge Logo.png

My Daily Challenge Completed - 115 reps:

-35 Bar Thrusters (75 pounds) [Squat & Shoulder Press Combo]
-25 Bar Shrugs (75 pounds)
-45 Overhead Two-Handed Tricep Hammer Plate Press (25 pounds)
-10 Reverse Forearm Bar Curls (75 pounds)

Daily Assessment: @rmsbodybuilding recommended two exercises for me in a video in his last post that I'm going to try to do. He makes it look easy since he's a professional, so it was harder for me. My shoulders were beat from previous days so I started with 35 reps of thrusters to get the feel. Given my floor situation at home, I'm hesitant to throw plates in the air (second recommended exercise), but baseball > floors. My body feels pumped all day, so that's nice, but a little weird to get used to. I guess this is what happens when you work out 42 straight days in a row after almost a year of nothing. Oops.

Also happy to see two new names making entries, one from Australia and the other from Germany. It's nice to see this expand around the world, probably because I was not into social media much before Steemit.

Feedback from @mightpossibly:

"I'd also like to add that I find it deeply satisfying to do these reps, which is a big deal. I've always hated the gym and prefer to exercise at home. But I've lacked the discipline to do it. It sort of feels like I have gym buddies now, without the hassle of going to the gym."

Please see my first post linked below for my motivation, the challenge background, rules, and details for the Steemit Silver Coin prize! It's also got some personal stuff about why I'm doing this, so it could be a good motivator.

Original Intro Post With My Motivation

32 Day Update With Progress Pictures

-DAY 1: 370 total reps from 2 Steemians (both 42/42 since)
-DAY 2: 375 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 3: 1,368 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 4: 415 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 5: 1,900 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 6: 530 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 7: 300 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 8: 311 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 9: 550 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 10: 927 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 11: 1,273 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 12: 642 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 13: 514 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 14: 883 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 15: 474 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 16: 616 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 17: 697 Reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 18: 490 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 19: 769 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 20: 1,089 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 21: 1,594 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 22: 1,523 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 23: 1,619 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 24: 2,964 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 25: 1,849 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 26: 2,574 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 27: 2,295 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 28: 1,748 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 29: 2,001 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 30: 2,396 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 31: 2,064 reps from 8 Steemians
-DAY 32: 2,650 reps from 10 Steemians
-DAY 33: 2,315 reps from 8 Steemians
-DAY 34: 2,030 reps from 8 Steemians
-DAY 35: 2,382 reps from 9 Steemians
-DAY 36: 1,989 reps from 7 Steemians
-DAY 37: 2,403 reps from 9 Steemians
-DAY 38: 2,100 reps from 7 Steemians
-DAY 39: 2,714 reps from 10 Steemians
-DAY 40: 2,280 reps from 7 Steemians
-DAY 41: 2,432 reps from 7 Steemians
-DAY 42: 1,846 reps from 9 Steemians (2 new!)

Daily Rep Count:
340 by @kellerkulturist (welcome)
331 by @rmsbodybuilding (MVP - thanks for the custom video)
293 by @xxlobo21xx (positive encouragement force)
240 by @khufu (welcome)
200 by @lordcarlo297 (upping the reps big time)
137 by @cygon (deadlift stuff)
105 by @steemmatt (everything is sore ughhh 42/42)
100 by @thevillan (MVP runner up)
100 by @mightpossibly (always doing new stuff)

Total again through 42 days = 62,467


  • Weights not required.
  • Do real reps with good form, aiming for 100+.
  • Start your reply with "Challenge Completed".
  • Reply with the type of exercises and # of reps for each in a list.
  • Cumulative tallies appreciated as a separate line.
  • Only submit reps you've done, not ones you're planning to do.
  • Use the tag "fitnesschallenge".
  • Upvoting or resteeming daily posts is greatly appreciated to reach more people.


  • Stretch before and after your exercise.
  • Breathe properly on each rep.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Hydrate throughout and afterwards.
  • Eat a healthy snack with protein after.
  • Do exercises you enjoy at first to build momentum for harder ones.
  • Take before pictures to appreciate your results over time.
  • Feel good about your accomplishments.

-Please follow daily and join when you can.

-Please also check out the blog posts of the entrants below for details and workout advice.


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Challenge Completed - 100 reps
Today I ran about 30 minutes on my rest day. Tomorrow you will get more reps ;)


I want to see your reps tomorrow! @kellerkulturist lol.

Click on the image in the post for a video of my workout ;)

Challenge Completed 100 reps.
I just did 50 situps and 50 pushups last night.
Was a really nice night to take the moto for a spin so decided to take my beloved for a night out on the town :D

It's back to business later though ;)


At least you did 100 reps haha. Good work bro.

I love Fridays at the gym, dress is office causal so I have less changing to do, everyone is hungover from Thursday so it's mostly empty, perfect for my hardest day of the week. If anyone wants to check out my current program it's at the end of this post. Felt really good today after deadlifts yesterday and eating a ton of pasta and chicken last night.

Bench Press - 10x135, 5x135, 5x165, 5x185, 5x210 (New 5RM!)
HS Ab Crunch - 3x12x90#
Sidebends - 3x24x50#
Cable Cross - 3x8x140#
Cable Curl - 3x10x60#
Facepull - 3x10x55#
Decline Bench - 5x135, 5x135, 5x165, 5x185
DB Row - 3x20x65#
Skullcrushers - 3x10x75#
Chin-up - 3x5

Total - 347


Awesome! Thank you.

I know time zones come into play, so this will be counted to the new post I'm finishing up now since you had 109 from earlier in my day over here in the USA. I'll post these there for you or you can repost this there at your convenience in the next day.

Back day complete!
Barbell rows-60
Cable lower rows-30
Cable high rows-30
Cable cross overs-40
Assisted pull-ups-20
Total- 220

Check out my blog here!: Lobo’s Blog

Daily challenge completed 320 reps 160 push-ups and squats.

Challenge Completed (308 reps)
training here


I think your muscles have their own muscles.


Pretty close to clockwork coming out of Aruba.

My total today over two training sessions
5 Planche leans/ static holds
5 V-sit to tuck Planche on parallettes
GMB parallettes one full flow
5 straddle press to shoulder stand
10 L-sit skin the cats
4 front lever static holds
4 Back lever static holds
Towel assisted one arm Ice cream makers 4L & 4R
16 explosive decline pushups on parallettes

24kg kettlebell 5L 5R Turkish getups (TGU's)
Vertical grip pullups
5 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps
Revolving sleeve pullups
5 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps
Wrist Wrench kettlebell curls
20 kg - 3R, 3L, 24kg 2R, 2L 28kg - 1R, 1L

109 reps combined total.

Cheers @steemmatt !


Some good inspiration here, I might just adopt some of these. Great job!


@steemmatt I was just about to say the same thing! 109 reps of pure death haha. Great workout! And welcome to the family @khufu!


Thanks for the welcome @xxlobo21xx !

It's good to be part of this group.


My God, 109 reps do not give that effort justice. I'm burned out, but now I feel like I haven't done enough for my core and stabilizers!!

Daily Challenge Completed - 116 reps:

  • 7x3 push-ups (1 set regular, 1 set wide, 1 set narrow) (21)
  • 5x10 sec table (10)
  • 15x3 squats (no weights) (45)
  • 15x2 knee-pullups (30)
  • 2x45 sec superman (10)

My Daily Challenge Completed - 115 reps:
-35 Bar Thrusters (75 pounds) [Squat & Shoulder Press Combo]
-25 Bar Shrugs (75 pounds)
-45 Overhead Two-Handed Tricep Hammer Plate Press (25 pounds)
-10 Reverse Forearm Bar Curls (75 pounds)

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