Steemit Daily 100+ Rep Fitness Challenge Day # 32 - 1/7/18 (Total Team Reps: 37,140)

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8 Steemians today (new record!) for 2,064 reps combined!

Here are pics comparing Day 32 vs Day 1, after 32 consecutive days of 100+ reps.

It's nothing major, but I see some progress and definitely feel it. After not going to the gym or lifting for almost a year, my goal for the first month was just to wake my body up at home. I lifted light weights consistently, without burning myself out, which was true to plan. For the next 30 day cycle, I'll look to lift heavier with more exercise variety beyond using a bar, push-ups and sit-ups. I'll also start cutting down on carbs to tone up, as I loaded up on them to make sure I had enough energy for the start of this process.

32 DAYS OF WORKOUTS (3,650 REPS) - 1/7/18:

START - 12/7/17:

More people are joining simply because they've SEEN this blog series, and wish they saw it sooner. In the spirit of helping others be healthy and join a supportive team, please help us by resteeming for visibility.

Forget resolutions. You know that exercise is important, so start with just one day of sharing 100 reps and go from there. We support each other every day and we'll support you, so why not give it a try?

These people are creating their own original posts to prove their hard work. Please support their dedication with encouragement!

TOTALS: 37,140 reps done across 10 Steemians in 31 workout days. We're growing!

Cumulative Results:
@rmsbodybuilding = 17,954 reps (48.3%) - 31/31 days (the champ)
@thevillan = 6,670 reps (18.0%) - 11/31 (perfect attendance since starting)
@myleskshupe = 3,779 reps (10.2%) - 10/31 (watch his time-lapse vids)
@steemmatt = 3,540 reps (9.5%) - 31/31 (training wheels off soon)
@povilas = 2,747 reps (7.4%) - 16/31 (12 days in a row)
@lordcarlo297 = 1,100 reps (3.0%) - 6/31 (delivering as promised)
@mightpossibly = 669 reps (1.8%) - 7/31 (nursing an injury but back!)
@ninjamike = 422 reps (1.1%) - 2/31 (lots of pull-ups!)
@xced2806 = 158 reps (0.4%) - 1/31 (come back)
@dj123 = 101 reps (0.3%) - 1/31 (come back)

The Challenge: At least 100 honest reps of exercise every day. No excuses. No bullsh*t. Just actions, positivity, and results. Only post AFTER your reps are done.

  • If you can't contribute yet, try to eat natural foods and stay well hydrated without the sugar for now.

  • It's ok to start with a number you're comfortable with if you can't reach 100.

  • 30 minutes of dedicated walking or running can count as 100 reps if you're unable to lift or need to rest.

  • Please also support these participants for their commitment to their physical and mental health. Thank you.

Fitness Challenge Logo.png

Daily Challenge Completed - 110 reps:

-40 Forearm Bar Curls (75 pounds)
-30 Bicep Bar Curls (75 pounds)
-20 Bar Back Rows (75 pounds)
-15 Shoulder Bar Presses (75 pounds)
-5 Bar Shrugs (75 pounds)

Daily Assessment: Feeling good. I really need to start doing different types of exercises outside of the bar, sit-ups, and push-ups. I need to start doing more isolated tricep work and lateral/front shoulder work. I'll be using the cables on my Bowflex Revolution for this soon.

Feedback from @mightpossibly:

"I'd also like to add that I find it deeply satisfying to do these reps, which is a big deal. I've always hated the gym and prefer to exercise at home. But I've lacked the discipline to do it. It sort of feels like I have gym buddies now, without the hassle of going to the gym."

Please see my first post linked below for my motivation, the challenge background, rules, and details for the Steemit Silver Coin prize! It's also got some personal stuff about why I'm doing this, so it could be a good motivator.

Intro Post:

-DAY 1: 370 total reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 2: 375 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 3: 1,368 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 4: 415 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 5: 1,900 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 6: 530 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 7: 300 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 8: 311 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 9: 550 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 10: 927 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 11: 1,273 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 12: 642 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 13: 514 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 14: 883 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 15: 474 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 16: 616 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 17: 697 Reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 18: 490 reps from 2 Steemians
-DAY 19: 769 reps from 3 Steemians
-DAY 20: 1,089 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 21: 1,594 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 22: 1,523 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 23: 1,619 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 24: 2,964 reps from 4 Steemians
-DAY 25: 1,849 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 26: 2,574 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 27: 2,295 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 28: 1,748 reps from 5 Steemians
-DAY 29: 2,001 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 30: 2,396 reps from 6 Steemians
-DAY 31: 2,064 reps from 8 Steemians (new max by 2!)

580 reps by @thevillan
478 reps by @myleskshupe (go big or go home go big AT home)
240 reps by @rmsbodybuilding
230 reps by @povilas
226 reps by @ninjamike
110 reps by @mightpossibly
100 reps by @lordcarlo297
100 reps by @steemmatt

Total again through 31 days = 37,140 reps


  • Weights not required.
  • Do real reps with good form, aiming for 100+.
  • Start your reply with "Challenge Completed".
  • Reply with the type of exercises and # of reps for each in a list.
  • Cumulative tallies appreciated as a separate line.
  • Only submit reps you've done, not ones you're planning to do.
  • Use the tag "fitnesschallenge".
  • Upvoting or resteeming daily posts is greatly appreciated to reach more people.


  • Stretch before and after your exercise.
  • Breathe properly on each rep.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Hydrate throughout and afterwards.
  • Eat a healthy snack with protein after.
  • Do exercises you enjoy at first to build momentum for harder ones.
  • Take before pictures to appreciate your results over time.
  • Feel good about your accomplishments.

-Please follow daily and join when you can.

-Please also check out the blog posts of the entrants below for details and workout advice.


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Congrats @steemmatt! I can see some progress.

Seeing this post motivates me to restart my fitness regime.

Good advice, and I'd definitely like to cut out the sugar!

Thanks! @soul-thru-da-ink

Thanks a lot for your support. 100 reps will be done before you know it and we'll help keep you on track. My post was half deleted by error when you upvoted, so feel free to revisit it to see all of the elements where they should be. Even if you want to start with walking or running, that counts.

Join us, you know you want too ;)

Tempting guys! :)

I'm in!
Daily challenge completed:

  • 30 minute run
  • 60 back rows (25kg)
  • 60 shoulder presses (30kg)
  • 90 bicep curls (8 kg)

First workout of the year so started light... still hurts!
Feels great though!

Do mine eyes doth deceive me!?! Welcome to the club.

...In this case, I'll happily learn how to start converting KG to LB in my head. Just don't start referencing the weight in Stones or anything crazy.

A 30 minute run counts for 100 reps, so I'll put down 310. Solid start.

On the weekends I will do conversions in my post, but during the week I barely get time to scratch my arse lol

Hah, that's ok. I was just kidding around. It's on me to be more global.

lol. would be good to know how many pounds I lift also :)

Easing into the first few weeks is always a wise choice :)
Welcome to the challenge

Squats- 30
Leg press- 30
Calf leg press- 30
Weighted lunges-30
Seated leg curl- 30
Laying down leg curls-30
Calf raises- 30

Wow you attacked your legs from every angle except shaving them! Nice job.

If you could just add them up for me going forward it'll save me some time when I put the tallies together for the team. 180 registered.

Got it!! And yes! Absolutely destroyed them haha.

Daily challenge completed - 120 reps

  • 2x45 sec plank (10)
  • 2x45 sec superman (10)
  • 30 knee-pullups
  • 20 squats
  • 20 (!!!!) push-ups
  • 30 crunches

Welcome back to the show back to back days. Congrats on the pull-ups - 1 set? Also, a new max reps for you by 10.

Thank you, it feels great to be able to exercise again. The knee-pullups was divided into 3 sets. Ideally should probably be 2, but yeah. And it was knee-pullups, not "real" pull-ups :)

Challenge Completed - 125 Reps

much respect to all taking part of this amazing challenge, I truly hope everyone can reach their desire goals.

You've got the spirit and the right attitude. Glad you found us.

Challenge Completed!

I guess I'll get in on this:

Total - 297

BB Squat - 30 reps
Russian Twist 35# plate - 72 reps
Bird-dog - 90 reps
V-up 35# plate - 45 reps
Calf Raise (220lb) - 36 reps
Hack Squat (230lb) - 24 reps

Congrats and welcome to the team. Hopefully we'll take the guesswork out of it! Nice variety.

Thanks! It's day one of my new program.

Welcome to the club, the kool keeds club ;)

Challenge Completed (605 reps)
My post !

Your name is synonymous with clockwork.

Daily challenge completed! (Pushups and squats 240reps 10-10-20-20-30-30)

Keep this up and your fighting career might be rejuvenated. Make sure any potential significant other is aware early...

I started the challenge yesterday and made my own post but idk how to get added to the main board of reps!

Just type up your rep summary here like the others and also paste in the link to your post here. Looking forward to seeing it.

Daily Challenge Completed - 110 reps:
-40 Forearm Bar Curls (75 pounds)
-30 Bicep Bar Curls (75 pounds)
-20 Bar Back Rows (75 pounds)
-15 Shoulder Bar Presses (75 pounds)
-5 Bar Shrugs (75 pounds)

Great work m8, I can see the difference. I like the idea of taking snapshots in the same position, think I will do the same every month to see progress :)

8 steemians too, woop woop :D

@thevillan - You getting you post in for today? I'm going to launch the next one shortly...

just replied then, damn computer decided to do updated this morning and failed so I couldn't post :(

Teamwork... I held back to make sure you didn't break the streak.

Thanks m8 :)
I knew I would be cutting it close

Nice man, definitely seeing some improved muscle definition and once you drop the carbs a bit they'll be popping even more. Good job Matt.

Yea, it's tough to see how bad I let myself get, but cool to reverse the trend. Clothes are fitting much tighter in the right spots, so once I fine tune the diet (aka not eating 4-6 servings of whole wheat pasta at a time cringe), it'll all level off. I typically don't mind the extra weight for baseball because it gives me more power behind my swing, but the muscle I rebuild will not want to be hiding behind any extra layers...