Power-Up Fitness Challenge Kick-Off

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Power-Up Challengers, TODAY Is The Day!


The Time Is NOW

The following Steemians VERBALLY COMMITTED to the Power-Up Fitness Challenge:


Now is the time to put your $ where your mouth is!

What Is The Power-Up Fitness Challenge?

Last week, the following questions were posed to the Steemit community:

Have Your Fitness Plans Derailed?

You Start Strong, But Lose STEEM?

Are You Ready (Really Ready) To COMMIT To Change?

The Steemians above answered the call to action by committing to the following Power-Up Fitness Challenge:

Power-Up Fitness Challenge

A Fitness Challenge that uses the power of accountability and financial incentive to motivate and move you upward toward your fitness goals!

What Is It?

  • 6 Week Fitness Challenge
  • Commit to and complete ANY 5 workouts per week—ANY workout of your choosing
  • Invest .5 SBD each week as incentive to follow through with your commitment
  • Upon completion of your five workouts, your .5 SBD investment gets Powered-Up into your “Bank”
  • If you fail to meet your commitment, your .5 SBD gets invested into the “Team Pot”
  • At the end of 6 weeks, you receive back any SBD in YOUR “Bank”
  • Any money in the “Team Pot” will be awarded to one Team Member who writes a Results Post and is voted upon by the Team Members as “Most Deserving”

This is all done on the honor system; cheating the system only cheats you and your fitness goals

What You Need To Do

  • If you haven’t already, write at least one SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-Oriented) that you want to achieve within these 6 weeks and post in the Comments. If you need help with this, let me know.
  • Commit—you must resolve in your heart and mind that you WILL do this Challenge for you. You’re worth it. The time is NOW. Resolve to do it now. If you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow never arrives.
  • Send .5 SBD to @coachjj TODAY as your “investment” into Week 1 of the Challenge (unless you’re one of @dreemsteem’s pirates that took her offer!)
  • Each week, I’ll post a Power-Up Challenge Update and you’ll send .5 SBD each week to @coachjj as your weekly investment.
  • Comment on THIS post after you complete your first workout.
  • Each day you complete a workout, REPLY to YOUR comment how many days you have completed, thus keeping your own running tally.
  • At the end of the week, if YOUR comment thread shows you’ve completed FIVE DAILY WORKOUTS, your .5SBD goes into your “bank”.
  • If, at the end of the week, YOUR comment thread does NOT show you’ve achieved your five daily workouts, then your .5 SBD gets put into the Team “pot”.
  • The Team “pot” will go toward the most deserving Team Member who writes a results post (as voted on by the team).

The time is NOW

This is your opportunity to COMMIT to yourself and have the support of a Team alongside of you and the accountability of a financial investment in YOU! Don’t put your health and fitness on the back burner any longer. The time is NOW!


  • Comment below with your goal, if you haven’t already!
  • Send .5 SBD TODAY to @coachjj to reserve your spot
  • Share this post with your friends to grow our Team and ALL of us POWER-UP together!

Top Image: Pexels

Hi Friends! Thanks For Reading!


Hi! My name is Coach JJ and I've been coaching and inspiring athletes to better health and fitness for over five years! I'm a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer at CrossFit Edwardsville in Edwardsville, IL, USA. But, my vision is to bring together the Fitness Community on Steemit in order to have a greater impact on improving the health and fitness of our fellow Steemians.

I'm also a mother of two teens and a self-defined “spicy, sassy Christ-follower” who posts about my personal journey, but loves all those on any journey. Feel free to check out my intro post, get inspired on your fitness journey, or ponder on my faith-based posts. If any of this connects with you, follow me and say Hello!

Happy Steeming,
Coach JJ

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Where’s @bafi? We miss you! Post here each day you complete a workout. You need to workout five days this week, before Sunday.

Hey @coachjj! Sorry am super busy lately. I am trying to schedule my weeks properly and the best I can fit is 3 workout per week. Tomorrow I am doing my third, I did some High Intensity Interval Training yesterday!

That’s awesome @bafi! Great job in getting in the three workouts! Proud of you!

The Challenge, however, is to do 5 per week. But they can be quick and simple if you’re short on time. Walk during a lunch break. Do Burpees or Sit-ups or whatever you’d like during breaks.

Your .5 SBD investment is going into the Team Pot for the Winnet of the Most Inspiring Results post at the end of the Challenge.

Come on! You can do this!!

Hey @coachjj! DMed you through Discord. I already do a lot of walking each day, but I do not really consider it workout. I guess the Italian habits are differents! Hope to perform better next week ✌️

Hey everybody! I don't know whats going on, but @dreemsteem said if I don't participate she's going to get her whale friends to flag my account. So, I'm here and afraid.

Here are my goals:

  1. To increase my vitamin D intake by peeking out the window at least once a day.
  2. To do at least 3 pushups everyday.
  3. To strengthen my core so that I can be comfortable enough to enjoy the 2 days of Canadian summer.

Yay!!! I’m so happy @dreemsteem peer-pressured you ;) Those are admirable and achievable goals. You’re in!

Post here each day in your comment thread, keeping a running tally of your weekly workouts.

Will do! Thanks @coachjj!

LOLOLOL those are the best goals ever

especially peeking out the window hahahahaa

Lol. Nice Bitmoji. Hahaha. But, we’re not lettin your ship sink!

I started today with new momentum by: looking out the window 9 times, doing 8 pushups, and the plank for 4 seconds! I'm on FIRE!!

Lol 😂Way to go above and beyond!!

How are the daily workouts going?

yes! I forgot comment yesterday and today, even though i told @dreemsteem multiple times.

Yesterday: I had to the dishes AND the window is right in front, so I was able to look out the window for a good 3 minutes! However, push ups were at only 6. Plank for still 4 seconds!

Today: Window, check! Pushups, check! Plank AND sit-ups, double check!

Thanks for checking up @coachjj!

Today: Completed!
Tomorrow: To be completed!

@scuzzy you’ve been on a roll with your workouts. The challenge runs from Sunday to Saturday (7 days to accomplish the 5 days of working out). From your comment thread, I only see 4 days. You’re so close!

Next week, when you get your five days accomplished, your .5SBD buy-in will get put in your “bank”. But this week it’s headed to the Team Pot for the winner of the Most Inspiring “Results” post after the 6 Week Challenge is over. There’s still a chance to win it back!

Sounds good! This is awesome, thank you. Week 2 here Scuzzy comes!

Got your transfer @scuzzy. You’re in!

So, I’ll start us off. I’m going to be doing this right alongside of you guys!

My SMART goal is to improve my mile time from 12:39.97 (yes, I know. Running is NOT my forte) to 11:39 by the end of six weeks.

I’m hoping to get commitments from:


Who’s with me?!?!
Start your own comment thread where you will post each day to keep a running tally for yourself.

You're going to shave an entire minute off your time? Whoa! That's epic! You got this! I'll be following along.

There is kind of a cool running trainer called Lumo Run - kind of expensive and I think it's iPhone only but maybe something you might like to check out.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's success!

You should join us!

I completed workout 1/5. I did a yoga session as well as an EMOM 10: 8 Wall Balls and an EMOM 5: 8 Burpees. Good day!

I completed workout 2/5. I ran a mile. Unfortunately, it took me a minute longer, not the direction I wanted to go. Lol

I completed workout 3/5. Yoga session.?Ohm

Workout 4/5 done. AMRAP 13: 300m run 50 Double Unders, 10 Walking Planks.

I almost forgot to post! Yesterday, I completed workout 5/5 with a mile run at 13:08. Plus a yoga session. Today, I got in some gymnastics work for workout #6.

Ok here is the @dreemsteem thread!!!! I'm going to go for 10 pounds too (goal twins @monchhichi23) hehehe and I updated my emoji so I could have a pirate bandana hahahaha (it was the closest thing! Lol)

SUNDAY(last night) ... DONE!!!!
And @countrygirl.. please take notice of my eye color hahahahhaa

Beautiful shark eyes. Love them :) Good job finishing your challenge today.

hahahahah well. i guess they look that way cuz its small - but noooooooooo since i can't make my eyes grey in real life.... i made my BITMOJI with grey eyes!!!! LOLOL

when its a better close up of the face then you'll see ;)


and i did my challenge for yesterday - but not today yet.... but i willllllllll :)

Well we can pretend. I remember a lady I worked with....her son had amber eyes....so amazing. I've only seen them on darker skinned people (like that?) and they were mesmerizing! I can still see them in my mind.

You think you are so great working out. Well, I don't bc I can't. And I'm proud of it :)

hahahahaha well it was just a 30 minute walk with my daughter! i just needed the fresh air ;)

Hi @dreemsteem how are the workouts coming?

aghhhhhhhhhhh i didn't see this -
and i only did 3 this week.

I didn't do my 5!!!!
but. THAT IS NOT A FAILURE!! (I mean - yes - my 0.5 sbd for this week goes into the jackpot hahahaha)


that is 3 more than I did last week - and this week - i'm gonna kill it!!!!!

don't give up on me!!!! i am so serious about this! :)

Hellooo... My goal is 4 - 5 kilos in 6 weeks! so in pounds terms that is 9 to 11 pounds. :)

Completed WO 1 - 23.15 mins on xtrainer - 21 mins normal - 1 min 3 resistance - 1 min cool down - traveled 1.2 kilometers - burned 86.3 cal. I hope to increase each day :)

Completed WO2 23.15 mins 21 mins normal - 1 min 3 res - 1 min cool down - traveled 1.24 kilometers - burned 86.6 cals.

You’re doing great!! Did you get a workout in today?

WO 3 done - 24.15mins - 22mins normal - 1 min fast - 1 min 3 res.
Traveled 1.28 kms - 90.9 cals

WO 4 done - 25.04mins - 22 mins normal - 1 min fast - 1 min 3 res - 1 min cool down - traveled 1.35kms - 93.6 cals :)

@andysantics You have been so consistent this week with your workouts. VERY proud of you!

I only see 4 workouts in your comment thread. The Challenge runs Sunday through Saturday to accomplish your 5 workouts. I believe you’re going to get to your goal THIS week!

Your investment of .5SBD for last week will go into the Team Pot for the winner of the Most Inspiring Results post after the 6 Week Challenge is over. Win it back!

I have completed the challenge :) I did a different workout though. I did an arm and shoulder session and boy am I paying for that!

Awesome! Have you gotten any workouts in this week? If so, keep a log here in your comment thread. I’m so excited to see us take a step toward our goals!

Ok @coachjj my SMART goal... to lose 10 lbs. by the end of the six weeks. I will not be sharing my weight at this time, sorry, but will keep track of my progress, and will share if I have been able to reach that goal.

Walked 2 miles today!!! What what!!! Lol

Nice Bitmoji @monchhichi23! And great job on walking two miles! @scuzzy and @dreemsteem also had fun Bitmojis, but yours takes the cake and the .5SBD!

@monchhichi23... That looks just like you!!!!!!! Lololol

I worked hard on that thing lol... my godchild made me get bitmoji and I never set it up, it took me forever!!!! All this freaking technology is frying my brain!!

hahahahaha its so awesome! now we have to get @andysantics48 to make one... after she's done writing her paper on Toxoplasma gondii!!!! LOLOLOLOL

Can't argue with the bitmoji game. @monchhichi23 definitely takes the cake!

Yes, my bitmoji game is strong grasshopper, and I will not share my secrets!!! bitmoji-20180417071934.png

Awww thank you so much @coachjj!! Hopefully I can keep it up lol, I have to be completely honest, finding time for this was the difficult part!! After having an unexpectedly busy weekend, the hubby being off Monday, ugh.. but that's kinda the point right? Lol

You’re right! It’s too hold you accountable when challenges arise that would normally derail you. Instead, you’ll make a way ;)

How are the workouts coming along?

I'm going to have to double up one day, possibly even triple it one day, lol... I'm trying @coachjj not making excuses, I just have company coming tomorrow, we've been getting thing ready... I'm planning on putting in two miles tonight and saturday I'm going to have to double up
Thanks for checking in... I haven't given up yet

Girl, never give up; we’re not giving up on you either. You’re not the only one who struggled this first week. The important thing is to learn and grow and not let challenges de-rail us. You just re-commit to a new week. Even if you don’t have time to get in a designated workout, try doing mini-workouts throughout the day. Accumulate 10 squats every time you think a negative thought and see how many you do in a day or 20 Jumping Jacks every time you go to the bathroom. Anything that’s moving.

Your .5 SBD investment is going to the Team Pot for the Winner of the Most Inspiring Results post after the 6 weeks. Win it back!

Thanks for encouraging words @coachjj, it was a difficult start. I did manage to get another walk in yesterday. And i promise you that giving up is certainly not in my nature. I love this challenge coach, and will continue to impove. I love the idea about the squats or jumping jacks, little things like that will help, so, thank you for that!! I will be investing in this again!!

That’s a great goal! I encourage you to also take “before” pics and measurements—these can be even better gauges of success than just the scale. Plus, we’ll be looking for a Winner of the Results Post and these ways of tracking progress can be helpful when writing your post!

this is great....am trying to work up to doing more, just took a night walk/hike yesterday evening.... love it
b.a. / alliance fam

That’s great @battleaxe! You should consider joining us! It’ll give you the incentive to keep going :)

I did too!!! It was a great start to the challenge!!! 😊 You should join us! Hehhee it's just a way to cheer each other on and be accountable to someone!

Sorry, going to decline for now. Just letting you know.

No worries @countrygirl, keep it in mind for the future!

We will miss you!!! Look at.my cute pirate bitmoji below hehehehehe

what a good way to incentivate people to work out :) at the end of the day it benefits everyone since it's for your health :)

Yeah it's gonna be so fun!!!! Hehehhee

you are doing such good on here, featuring you in a shout out post of Steemians doing awesome things and you @coachjj are one of them <3

OMG! Thank you @battleaxe. I’m honored. @dreemsteem deserves the credit for the inspiration of this challenge! Thank you, thank you :)

stop telling people that. lolol this is all you, my friend!!!!! :) Bask in the appreciation!!!! :)