Power-Up Fitness Challenge

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Have Your Fitness Plans Derailed?


You Start Strong, But Lose STEEM?

Are You Ready (Really Ready) To COMMIT To Change?

Power-Up Fitness Challenge

If you said YES to these questions, then I invite you to Power-Up with us in a Fitness Challenge that uses the power of accountability and financial incentive to motivate and move you upward toward your fitness goals!

What Is It?

  • 6 Week Fitness Challenge
  • Commit to and complete 5 workouts per week—ANY workout of your choosing
  • Invest .5 SBD each week as incentive to follow through with your commitment
  • Upon completion of your five workouts, your .5 SBD investment gets Powered-Up into your “Bank”
  • If you fail to meet your commitment, your .5 SBD gets invested into the “Team Pot”
  • At the end of 6 weeks, you receive back any SBD in YOUR “Bank”
  • Any money in the “Team Pot” will be awarded to one Team Member who writes a Results Post and is voted upon by the Team Members as most deserving

This is all done on the honor system; cheating the system only cheats you and your fitness goals

I must give credit where credit is due…@dreemsteem birthed this vision of a Fitness Challenge where the financial investment and Team accountability would help her get back on the fitness bandwagon, along with many of our fellow Steemians who are struggling with the same struggle. Since this is right up my Fitness alley, I was happy to run with her idea. We called it a Win/Win! And with YOU on board, it’ll be a Win/Win/Win!

What You Need To Do

  • Write at least one SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-Oriented) that you want to achieve within these 6 weeks and post in the Comments. If you need help with this, let me know.
  • Commit—you must resolve in your heart and mind that you WILL do this Challenge for you. You’re worth it. The time is NOW. Resolve to do it now. If you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow never arrives.
  • Send .5 SBD to @coachjj as your “investment” into Week 1 of the Challenge.
  • Each week, I’ll post a Power-Up Challenge Update and you’ll send .5 SBD each week to @coachjj as your weekly investment.
  • Look for the LAUNCH post of the Power-Up Fitness Challenge on Sunday, April 15th. I will officially kick off the 6 Week Challenge with this post!
  • Comment on THAT post after you complete your first workout.
  • Each day you complete a workout, REPLY to YOUR comment how many days you have completed, thus keeping your own running tally.
  • At the end of the week, if YOUR comment thread shows you’ve completed FIVE DAILY WORKOUTS, your .5SBD goes into your “bank”.
  • If, at the end of the week, YOUR comment thread does NOT show you’ve achieved your five daily workouts, then your .5 SBD gets put into the Team “pot”.
  • The Team “pot” will go toward the most deserving Team Member who writes a Results Post (as voted on by the team).

The time is NOW

This is your opportunity to COMMIT to yourself and have the support of a Team alongside of you and the accountability of a financial investment in YOU! Don’t put your health and fitness on the back burner any longer. The time is NOW!


  • Comment below with your goal!
  • Send .5 SBD to @coachjj
  • Share this post with your friends to grow our Team and ALL of us POWER-UP together!

This post is an OFFICIAL PORT on @dreemsteem's "X Marks the Post" Treasure Hunt.  If you'd like to become a treasure hunter, an official stop, or a sponsor - Follow the map to begin your journey! By the way, she loves good comments even more than upvotes - so be sure to say Hi! 

Top Image: Unsplash by Clem Onojeghuo

Hi Friends! Thanks For Reading!


Hi! My name is Coach JJ and I've been coaching and inspiring athletes to better health and fitness for over five years! I'm a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer at CrossFit Edwardsville in Edwardsville, IL, USA. But, my vision is to bring together the Fitness Community on Steemit in order to have a greater impact on improving the health and fitness of our fellow Steemians.

I'm also a mother of two teens and a self-defined “spicy, sassy Christ-follower” who posts about my personal journey, but loves all those on any journey. Feel free to check out my intro post, get inspired on your fitness journey, or ponder on my faith-based posts. If any of this connects with you, follow me and say Hello!

Happy Steeming,
Coach JJ

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This initiative is just great @coachjj! I might join asap I have some spare time!
Love it, glad to see you always on point. FULL UPVOTE! ✌️

AWESOME!!!! love to have you on board @bafi!!! :) It should be fun! and i'll be putting your bank in for next week :)

Thanks @bafi!! I’m excited you took @dreemsteem’s deal!

What is your fitness goal that you want to achieve?

Hey @coachjj! Almost missed your comments, had a close to no steem week cause today my dad is turning 60!
I would love to lose like 5 KG and sharpen ABS!
I started back running yesterday!


This is going to be AMAZING!!!! and i only gave you a nudge - this challenge is going to be ALL YOU my friend ;) I know you're going to put your heart and soul into it - and we are all going to benefit and grow because of your commitment to fitness, encouragement and community!

I love it - I'm going to be talking about it today on @thesteemengine 's Talk of the Line!!! (so get ready for some EXCITEMENT from me @ethandsmith) hahhahaha

and i have a little surprise for you too!! You'll see the surprise when I make the announcement for your port (in about 20 minutes! hehehe)

SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I cannot WAIT to see how you start to blossom more and more on Steemit - watch out Steemians - here comes our girl, @coachjj!!!! :)

What a great idea! I hope you get some takers, we just started PT at our gym once a week, we already train 4-5 times a week, we just want some more focused pushed sessions lol.

Yes, I hope so too!! Got several already. If you find your accountability for those 4-5 workout sessions waning in the future, come join us!

You can check those workouts off in our group!!! You're already doing it... But maybe we can all help each other with accountability!! :)

Lol accountability is not our issue. We cringe when we miss a day. Lol.

You misunderstood.... Lololol

Maybe you can help US with YOUR accountability!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

You sound like you would be great cheerleaders hahahaha

hahaha... Nah you got this!!! You can do anything you put your mind too. You rock! Keep on going!

Cheery enough for you lol...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I have my own personal cheerleader!!!! hahahahahaha i started yesterday!!! :) and guess what - today.... it's snowing LOLOL aghhhhhh why is the world against me??? hehehe

I'm in @coachjj and I'm taking @dreemsteem's deal!
I'd like to lose 4 - 5 kilos over the next 6 weeks :)

numero uno! :) you got it ;)

Hehe - I may not run fast but my fingers work ok still :P

i have no intention of running any time soon hahahahahahaha just getting away from the computer and outside in the fresh air is a good goal to start with for me ;) (and walking/talking with my sweet daughter!!)

i'm glad we will do this together!!!

Awesome @andysantics! Great goal! I’m excited to have you with us :)

I will follow my own fitness plan but nice incentive for people.

yeah!!! i hope it will be :) I'm so glad that you already have a plan that you're sticking to! (can you bottle up some of that perseverance and send it to me please??? hehehe)

heheh,. Packs a crate of bottles and ships them. There ya go. Some might be RUM. lol. Pirate.

aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you know how to make a girl (pirate) smile ;)

Yes! Love hearing about people already on track with their fitness! But, if you are interested in joining us, this is intended to work with your current program...just a little incentive to stay consistent ;)

Would love to, but my program is weird. So , so weird. :)

Ok, well now I’m just intrigued! Do spill! What’s this so, so weird workout?!?!

Sorry took so long, well I do my morning exercise almost everyday, pull ups push ups, plank and all, sometimes when writing some, recently in the evening i do weights, but i am not ripped. I have no specific diet plan. @dreemsteem

But that's not weird at all!!!! You tricked us! Lolol

whaaaaaaaaat. we need to know the weird program!!! LOLOLOL spill the beans!

This is pretty neat, great incentive, but I think I am not up to that commitment

should be a lot of fun!!! and yes - commitment is definitely a tricky one, isn't it???

I just happened to be ready to leap hehehe (normally i would probably be like ughhhhh exercise. noooooo hahahahahaha) i have gotten out of the habit of exercising since the holidays - so i think my goal is just going to be going on a nice walk with my daughter 5 times a week :) We've been meaning to take walks together anyway (such a nice, easy time to have your kids' attention without feeling like it's forced hehehehe) - so this will be perfect!

thanks for the encouragement though @abrigella! If you know of anyone who would be up for the accountability and fun - send them our way, would you??? :)

Thanks, @abrigella. You’re right, it is a commitment; but before you rule it out completely, the committment is to do any workout five times in a week. It could be a walk, yoga, chair exercises...whatever fits your lifestyle. Think about it ;) We’d love to have you!

I'm in....altho unsure bc I'm a little slow on these things.....@dreemsteem knows these secrets about me....lol But sure, I'll play and see how it goes.

Yay!!! @countrygirl no worries, we got you!

What fitness goal would you like to achieve over these 6 weeks?

Walking. I need to walk 30 mins a day. Sit less, stand more. Actually I have a Fit Bit, I could probably challenge myself to do so many steps by the 6 weeks. I'm so out of shape right now so 10,000 is a lot I think, I'm not sure. Any improvement is an improvement. Want to help me with SMART....I'm terrible with it.

Did you want the @dreemsteem deal?? Hehehe

There are two slots open!
(I just offered to put the 0.5 SBD bank in for the first week for the first 5 people to join !)

No no....keep that for someone else....you are so sweet. And you are trying to make me double accountable....I know it!! hehehe

I have a tumor on the bottom of my foot so this will be fun and slow but at least it moving right? Right. I just need a steps goal. I have to read about it again.

That's all that it's about... Movement!!

Not fast. No competition... Just let's all do it together!! 😍

but but but.....I'm competitive.....I can be the best at being slow - hurray!!


This is a great idea!! What a way to motivate those that may struggle a little!!

you got it!!! the bank will be put in for you the first week!!! :) way to go - this is gonna be so fun!!!! hehehe

Lol yes it will! Thanks doll!!

Yayyy!! Glad to see you took @dreemsteem’s deal! Excited to have you on board!

What is your fitness goal for this 6 weeks?

Honestly, for me, it's not about the pounds, it's more about making myself find the time to get out there and do something, and to just be healthier...We have an awesome little park here and the squirrels are plentiful, surrounded by beautiful oak trees, with a walking track...I used to walk that a good bit..then got too busy. I would like to try yoga as well. So, maybe I'll mix it up. I'm getting older and NEED to start taking better care of myself, this will be a good step. Eventually, my son will give me grandchildren and I want to be able to keep up with them.

There you go!!! That's the spirit!!!!
I'm supposed to be sleeping right now and I got pulled into answering comments.... Lolol

I just hope the comments make sense tomorrow hahaha

Hahaha and why does this not surprise me??

gettin a little soft myself...I may have to set up some sort of honor system...though I might cheat and devour chocolate

totally ok to eat chocolate!!! hahahahaha

whatever your plan is....(just so you know - mine is NOT running a marathon or anything. hahaha I'm just getting outside and taking a walk with my daughter! THIS is about accountability and cheering each other on for ANY kind of activity!)

if you want in - i think there is still another spot left for me to kick in the first week's "bank" for you ;) just say those magic words hehehe

and remember - the bank is YOURS. its just a holding system for your successful completion of the challenge! No one is coming to your house to check that you're actually doing it. LOLOL

Join us @enginewitty! It will help hold you accountable to your fitness workout of choice and before long you won’t be so soft ;)

I will be resuming my Bicycle commute from work after a prolonged very wet winter and spring so far. And that WAS my usual morning. Light weights or swimming usually for my upper body ROM on weekends. I'm pretty much busy as heck for the next few weeks so it is hard to fit anything more in unless I give up sleep and it's been sub 6 hrs sleep for too long already.

That’s awesome @kerrislravenhill that you already have such an active lifestyle! But, if you’d still like to join us, you don’t have to add anything more to your routine, this just holds you accountable. If you do any workout 5 days in a week, even what you do currently, it counts. The Challenge just holds you accountable :)

I've been slacking on the Upper ROMs. only with a little bit of Iaido practice. I can't really get on my bike but only to the store and back yet since my Health care Professional and I came to the conclusion that I am in risk danger zone if I don't get my sleep above 7 hours a day for at least a week. My Problem? I've taken on too many responsibilities, projects and jobs. I've already broke my shoulder twice in the last 3.5 years in bike accidents because I wasn't alert enough due from chronic lack of sleep. Unless my kids stop eating or I get a working spouse I can't commit to anything no matter how simple it may be. Steemit is my hope to shed some of those Moonlighting jobs so until then those extra work hours have to stay. My life is already a challenge as it is.

next time pirate @kerrislravenhill!!! :) in the meantime - get some rest and help your body to repair and restore!!!

then when you're ready - we would love to have you join us!! :)

Yes, @kerrislravenhill you and your health care practitioner are RIGHT, sleep is top priority! When things calm down in the future, you’re welcome to join us :)

I think I have to join this, I have been lazying about and my tummy seems to be getiing bigger...
count me half-way in

Haha @klynic, half-way!!!! Ya gotta go all in ;) You know you want to!

come on @klynic hehehehe we can kick our lazying about together ;) its only 6 weeks!
30 workouts... we will count down together! :)

When I ran a Biggest Loser competition in our company we had approval to get a bi monthly fee for them to stay in the race.

This was done to increase the prize pool and motivated people to stick with their fitness goals since they invested hard cash haha
Some people dropped out but majority stayed.

I like the idea that you and dreamsteem cooked up here to give a balance between a sedentary lifestyle in front of the PC steeming and exercise!

yes!!! love those competitions!! I did a wager against myself on Healthy Wage (highly recommend!!) I lost 35 pounds over 11 months - won my wager - and won $2150!!!! :)

very very cool hehehehe

everyone will have their own workout program - whatever they think is best for them at this time! We are all about the accountability! :) just a check in saying - hey! we did it this week!

I've been "meaning" to get started for a while and this is just the ticket to give me an official start date! hehehe

Yes, us Steemians love our challenges! And it’s amazing how hard we’ll work with a financial incentive.

Why don’t you join us?!?!

Such a cool idea for a challenge, but I will have to pass at this time, for various reasons the timing is just not right for me

maybe next time @tattoodjay!! :)

Yes, when the timing is right @tattoodjay please do :)