MAP Rewarder Random Free MAPR Tokens & News of the Day (MAXUV, HF21/EIP) - 30 August 2019

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MAP Rewarder distributes daily MAPR tokens and SBIs at weekends to our delegators and token-holders - these are bonuses on top of the weekly distribution of MAPR tokens. I think this has worked well and will continue until further notice.

I am working on a completely new layout to these posts; nearly done.

To qualify, you must be a delegator to MAP Rewarder or a MAPR token-holder.

Delegating to MAP Rewarder: Benefits for Small SP Accounts.

There you can read about the whole philosophy behind the bonuses offered to delegators; larger delegators obviously receive higher weekly payouts in STEEM terms, but smaller delegators can receive far more in percentage terms.

Today is a special Free Upvote MAPR tokens day equal to today's date, so 0.29 MAPR in value. See below for the Winner.

Read below about all the projects in the MAP Steem FinTech group.

News of the Day

Launch of New MAXUV Token

An evolution from MAPX to MAPXV and now MAXUV, the ultimate vote bond.

Make more author rewards with MAXUV - yes, even more than pre-HF21!

Current upvotes worth 190% of the daily upvotes possible with the same SP invested as MAXUV instead.

Here is the MAXUV launch post and the Steem Engine MAXUV market.

Also some general advice re EIP and HF21 in some recent posts.

Enjoy EIP with MAXUV!

TULIP Mania Game

Cruising ahead, the TULIP Mania Game is getting interesting.

Can join at any time, just buy some of the cheapest tokens, often below asset value.

Important Post: TULIP Game Report - Don't HODL The TULIPS - Day 3

Announcement: The TULIP Mania Game - Rules and Guidelines - 8 August 2019

A new strategic auction and trading game is an evolution of our first two games.

Some tokens often available with built-in profit as the price rises to meet sell orders.

Duration: Day 22 of 28 Days
Current ABV Price: 0.911 STEEM cents

New MAPR Token

Earn a high passive income without SP and without delegating - just buy asset-backed MAPR tokens.

Recent Weekly Payout: MAP Rewarder: Paid Out Rewards to Delegators for 26 Aug 2019 (19.9% APR) in MAPR Tokens

Launch document of our MAPR token.

Please also read these announcement posts: Important Changes to MAP Rewarder - New Payouts in MAPR Token Explained - 21 July 2019 and MAP Rewarder: More Details on the MAPR Token for Delegators and Investors - 25 July 2019.

The best description of our whole aim and philosophy can be found here: Delegating to MAP Rewarder: Benefits for Small SP Accounts. Some of the details will now have changed but the underlying philosophy hasn't.

I shall write some longer posts on some of the basics, and the subtleties, of the MAPR token.

Read daily posts at @accelerator.

You may delegate to MAP Rewarder using these links:

10 SP, 20 SP, 50 SP, 100 SP, 200 SP, 100 SP, 500 SP, 1000 SP, 5000 SP, Other.

Please note that the minimum delegation has now dropped back to just 10 SP. Any delegations below 10 SP will not be accepted.

Also note that weekly profits are now paid out in MAPR tokens that can be converted to STEEM on the Steem Engine DEX or held for longer-term compounded interest.

MAPXV "Vote Bond"

Launch post: MAPXV.

MAPXV yields 2 votes at 0.2% weight per day per token, plus share in capital growth.

Delegation-mining is currently available: earn MAPXV tokens by delegating SP to @MAPXV. See the launch document for details.

News: Token sales increasing. First target price 1.6 STEEM, then 4 STEEM.

Currently paying out 44 times daily upvotes!

Read daily posts at @MAPXV. Some recent posts on HF21.

Buy MAPXV tokens.

MAPX "Vote Bond" Token

Launch article: New MAPX Token for Upvotes and Value Growth.

No new delegation-miners accepted.

I call these "investment vote-bonds" as they work in a very similar way to traditional bonds. The "interest" on the token is "paid" through Steem upvotes while the token itself increases in value as income from the fund is reinvested into the underlying Steem Power.

Buy MAPX tokens.

Read daily posts at @MAP10K. Some recent posts on HF21.

ONECENT Strategic Token Investment Game (STIG)

Our first experimental STIG! The game still has a lot of mileage left as th early users figure out when and how to take profits, while new users can always make some quick profits with the wide spread.

Check out: ONECENT: New Strategic Token Investment Game Now Open

Duration: Day 50 of 200 Days
Current ABV Price: 10.47 STEEM cents

Read daily posts at @ONECENT.

New ADDAX Token Game

Launch of the new ADDAX game. This game only lasts 28 days and has a different distribution to ONECENT. It also includes buy-ins at 5 cents. Please read the full post and daily updates at @ADDAX.

Duration: 28 Days
Final ABV Price: 5.264 STEEM cents

Game over!

Profits almost 1% per day!

Round 2 will start soon, just follow @ADDAX for details.

Today's Winner

Today's winner is: @simplymike

The new prize is today's date in MAPR-cents.

The winner received 0.30 MAPR tokens!


Building Steem's Fintech




Plus Some Serious Funtech

ONECENT: The First Strategic Token Investment Game (STIG)




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I have a question please concerning my SP delegation. I've delegated 1051, and I thought as a delegator I'd be getting a weekly payout as described on your profile, however, I am not getting that. Most of the accounts I delegated to I have a transaction of the payouts being made to me in my wallet, but I have not seen anything from you at all. Can you please explain to me, so I can understand better. Thanks, appreciate it.

Hi, it has now been many weeks that we shifted from transfers to paying out in tokens. Please look in your Steem Engine wallet and you will see your accumulated MAPR tokens. Plenty of links in the above article about the posts explaining the change-over.

I see you have a bit over 6.7 MAPR tokens. These can be sold on the market - worth waiting for Monday when the price rises, then if you wish you can cash those in.

Hi there, thanks for your response. I didn't know about the shift...or I don't know, maybe I misunderstood some things here, so many things going on. However, for over a month and that is all I get 6.7 MAPR tokens for $1.13 and I don't even know what its worth then? Well, I take a look Monday, and see what it is and I'll think what to do then with my delegation. Thanks again for the response.

You haven't had 1050 delegated "for over a month". Look at the dates and the amounts; see that you were sent tokens every Monday and remember that every delegation takes 2 days before it starts earning. You can see what it's worth by looking at the SE market: 6.7 MAPR is approx 6.8 STEEM. I cannot change the dollar price of STEEM.

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