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Me 101

Hello everyone, this is Bhuz!

Some people already know a bit about me, other probably know nothing (who said John Snow?!) anyway, even for the latter, what should be enough to know is that:

  • I am a long time witness
  • Few days ago I was voted back into the top #19.

This is NOT an #introduceyourself post (hi there wang!), so you will have to suffice with that!

So what, why this post?

I am neither a writer/blogger nor a native english speaker, so I will be quite brief and simple.

I want to publicly state my intentions about how I would like to use part of my witness's pay. At least for the near future.

I also want to highlight how the following should only be taken as intentions... no everlasting promises what so ever, no pinky swear, no cross on hearts and hope to die, no needle in my eye either!
...You never know...

So, as the title may suggest:
I would like to "redirect" part of my future witness's pay to some of those people who are actively contributing to STEEM's development and growth!

Identifying eligible contributors - Draft

In particular, I would like to focus on those that are NOT already profiting and getting richer and richer from the platform. Meaning:

  • No devteam's members
  • No active/top #19 witnesses (runners up may be considered)
  • No already successful steemians
  • The poorer the better

So, what are you waiting for?!

Publicly state my intentions is only a means to achieve the main goal

I would like some feedback and help to identify:

  • Rules to select eligible contributors (changes in the Draft above)
  • Find the actual contributors, the projects they are working on, and how much the community feels those projects are important and worth to be rewarded for


Finally, to conclude, I would simply ask:

  • if you have some idea about how to better identify eligible contributors
  • if you know some of them and you think their work need to be rewarded
  • if you are a contributor yourself and you think your work is worthy

...please help me and let me know in the comments below!

Let's start operation #FindAndReward !


This effort is very much appreciated! As a starting point, you could consider some of the folks whose projects are listed on the site below.


Thank you very much for pointing me this site out!

I am publishing a daily digest of cryptocurrency news plus interviews and more with my Steemit Crypto Mag. I hope you may find my magazine interesting. Basically I cover all #cryptocurrency news in a unbiased and condensed format for my readers, so they can have all of their crypto news in one place.

Steemit Crypto Mag | Issue #1 | 25 July 2016

I am currently also accepting submissions from other interesting authors who may like to appear as a featured article in my magazine, with links to their original author page and content. I am really looking forward to seeing the submissions come in!

#FindAndReward #SteemitCryptoMag

This is great. I am myself working on SteemWatch, so any support is greatly appreciated. The latest release introduces a real-time event stream and I am constantly improving the thing.

Anybody feeling like contributing or supporting the project, feel free, I will be happy. But that is not only it. This project can help you find good content, which is this post also about. You can follow interesting people and see what they are voting for. So following a good curator means that you will discover interesting content as well.

In any case, let's improve the platform together, it is fun!

#steemwatch #FindAndReward

This is exactly what we need to get more content discovered.

Distributing steem power to people who curate good content, but dont have enough steem power to make a ripple in the pond is exactly what steemit needs for growth IMO.
I would like to nominate:

Im sure theres a way we could identify canidates based off how much work they are putting in and their wallet balance, with some sort of script. Weighing people who have a history of powering up steem instead of withdrawing it would have the most positive feedback.

Wow 1 vote can raise 2.08? I cant even raise a comment by 0.01 cent. IMO we need 208 people putting their 1 cent somewhere rather then the few adding whole dollars.

Ive just got this so far:

Im going to do my part to help with guides but Im just getting started so dont have much of a portfolio just yet.

Im thinking of new things to write about every hour and marking them down on the list. My main goal is to give the noobs a bit of confidence.

hi @bhuz. I'm a little late to this post, but I just read about it on @clains's witness report. Great idea! I am really appreciative of any 'whales' that are actively trying to reward more underpaid 'minnows' that are providing great contributions to the community. I think that this is one of the most important issues facing Steemit right now. We are doing a great job recruiting a lot of great people, but keeping them here is even more important.

As far as rules to select eligible contributors, I would recommend allowing people to submit things like people have been doing on this post. You could also recruit a few people to hunt for good content and report back to you what they find.

As far as deciding how much value the contributors are providing to the community, I would be perfectly fine with your subjective opinion.

I don't know what types of content producers / projects you are thinking of, so this may not be the type you are interested, but I would offer one nomination of @artist1989. I think he is posting a lot of great content and hasn't got much of a following yet.

Thanks again for doing this project!

Thank you!


@bhuz, if you could check my blog, I believe you will find the information there interesting!

I am taking a break from writing today, but expect more content to come soon. I am going to cover an ever broader range of topics, so keep an eye out! :-)

It's great to see you trying to promote up and coming content writers.
I have started a blog "steecky thoughts", you can check my first blog post it's not great yet but it's getting there.

Let me first tell you how unique this is! I dont think anyone on Steemit has even started thinking of doing this. So right from the offset, a BIG thank you!

Secondly, I would like to say that @cryptohustlin has a very good idea about nominating people that we personally think are producing content that SHOULD be rewarded. If content that should be rewarded is actually rewarded, Steemit will retain more people in the long run.

Also, another good point from @cryptohustlin is that those who convert all their earnings into Steem Power should also be rewarded because they are investing in the long term success of Steemit itself!! Cheers :)

Wow - Thank you for giving people this chance.

I've started to write a tutorial about how to build software in a professional way and will do my best to share my 3 years of working experience in this topic.

You asked for rules - I have three ideas:

  • It has to be the own content of the user
  • The user has to be active (about 3 posts a week?)
  • The quality of the content shouldnt be too low

I would like to contribute. You can check my blog @gaitan and also nominate all members of #MinnowUnite

Check out steemd.com, it shows account age and comments too, I feel like comments don't get nearly enough love than posts.

Was just looking at this. Awesome work! Upvoted and followed. Thanks

any one will say my work is worthy and my posts are great, but in my opinion contributor should be :

  • daily visits
  • active and good content
  • you should feel that he is serious
    thank you for giving such opportunity

I talk about this concept while incorporating Oprah and Area 51 at the same time.


Hi bhuz, I started SteemColab today for community collaboration - people (non whales) are lost in the system so to speak, so this is a way to get that voice back https://steemit.com/steemit/@gord0b/steemcolab-a-collaboration-steemit-community-comment-to-join

Hey bhuz!

the best way would be to send you 2-3 posts, so you can judge the value of the user contributions. It is somehow hard to set general rules. Feelings are everything, it is all about subjectivity (subjective proof of work isn't it ? ;-) )

here are posts that took me some time to write:

A steemit presentation in french:

My feeling about Steemit - 1

My feeling about Steemit - 2

Another french content about entrepreneurship and Bitcoin


Ha....I wish someone would recommend me in the comments, so I won't sound so desperate, but I'm still pretty much an unknown existence in the Steem ocean, hence this post.
Here's a recent post of mine on eating insects. I try to use my original drawings and pictures in many of my posts.

Here's another post where I show teachers out there a little activity I made for my students. I can't find the education tag on the tag list, but I hope some teachers saw it.

............so, if you don't click on any links, please at least look at this post:
https://steemit.com/astronomy/@unicorn.jenoodle/can-we-just-take-a-moment-to-appreciate-this-star-i-made-from-scissors It's my Unicorn Slicer Star. You don't even have to upvote it. Seriously. Like, I just want everyone to see my scissor star.

Me again, I have also setup a synergy with LikeAfrica and steem, kill 2 birds with one stone, gain African followers for steem and uplift Africans at the same time https://steemit.com/africa/@gord0b/likeafrica-african-or-africant

I just found about this. Thank you :)

Hello @buhz. thank you for the chance. I just published my first post

Hey @bhuz I stumble upon your name after seeing how much care and commitment you put into all the curated people and posts you reward.

Just wanted to say to keep up the great job and help inspire new and rising users on the steemit platform.

Also if one day you have some time, I would like to invite you to check some of my work and posts so far. Would really appreciate that and your feedback as well. https://steemit.com/@kreesher

good post..thnks

Just wanted to call out the Jon Snow reference, always appreciate other GoT fans. The fantasy genre in general is what brought me here :)

First of all, thank you for your upvote on my post.

I would like to give you a user who creates great content but has no rewards, like happens to me too

Look at @kimal73 feed, he is a great artist and gets no rewards and a few attention.

Thank you!

hello Bhuz i would appreciate if you had a look in my new post.

Thanks for the information @bhuz
very help me
follow me @hattaarshavin

Hello bhuz, this is an old post but thought I'd stop by and say hello. As an educator, I've just embarked on a series of music tutorials, aiming to give people knowledge and understanding to make music with confidence. Hopefully the Steemit community will find them interesting, and valuable. Many thanks, Matt

I found this very interesting although it posted last 2 years, now I know more about you as a witness @bhuz that is why I followed you. Resteem

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I found this very interesting although it posted last 2 years, now I know more about you as a witness @bhuz that is why I followed you. Resteem

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Awesome and Exciting times, I would like to nominate the following............

Thank you

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