Steemit Crypto Mag | Issue #1 | 25 July 2016

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Welcome to issue #1 of my Steemit Crypto Mag - the place where Steemians and crypto enthusiasts can enjoy all of their unbiased cryptocurrency news in a condensed format, in one place, delivered fresh, every morning.

Hello Steemians! I am really genuinely excited to announce the birth of Steemit Crypto Mag. My daily Steemit Crypto Mag will condense all of the news from the land of crypto into one place on Steemit, so you don't have to go searching for it.

A little about me, I am a blockchain developer, and anything else developer, I have been in the blockchain space since about 2009 starting with Bitcoin and I now mainly develop on the Ethereum blockchain. I find this world really exciting and am very much involved in the blockchain/crypto space.

Often the news in this space moves faster than one can type, and I feel like Steemians could do with a nice datum of crypto news, as I often found myself scrambling to scan over the multiple news channels and social media feeds just to make sure I was up-to-date with all the latest crypto news. If you know anything at all about news in cryptoland, you know that it moves very fast and is very hard to keep up with.

I will continue to add new categories as I build the magazine up, and I look to do interviews with key players in the blockchain space. Please feel free to suggest improvements, and post any questions, good or bad that you may have and I will answer them all.

Don't forget, you can always follow @darknet or search #steemitcryptomag to stay up-to-date with the latest news from crypto. This magazine will be released almost every day, so you will have something to look forward to on a regular basis. I will always have some fresh news for you to browse to help you keep ahead of all the news in cryptoland.

Featured Articles

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Latest News

In Rejecting Bitcoin as Money, Florida Court Sets Likely PrecedentA Miami judge has dismissed charges against a Florida-based bitcoin seller after he was indicted in 2014 on illegal money transmission and money... read more
Coinbase CEO: Possibility That Ether Blows Past Bitcoin is Very carried a blog by Fred Ehrsam, the co-founder of Coinbase which was full of praise for Ethereum. Fred expressed his opinion that while... read more
MinerGate Adds Support for Mining Ethereum ClassicAlthough the original Ethereum blockchain was officially abandoned following a hard fork that was triggered as a result of the DAO hack, a group of... read more
Bitcoin not money, Miami judge rules in dismissing laundering chargesBitcoin does not actually qualify as money, a Miami-Dade judge ruled Monday in throwing out criminal charges against a Miami Beach man charged... read more
Europe's first regulated bitcoin product launches in GibraltarAn exchange traded instrument based solely on bitcoin investments, will be listed on both the GSX and Deutsche Boerse under the banner... read more
New Portal Offers Decryption Tools For Some Ransomware VictimsVictims of crypto ransomware now have an online portal they can turn to for help in trying to recover encrypted data. Kaspersky Lab in collaboration... read more
Ethereum 'Classic' Plummets; Bitcoin's Ennui GrowsIn fact, the addition of Ether prompted Coinbase to redo their homepage text, from a welcome message that had long read “BUY AND SELL BITCOIN” ... read more
Bitcoin Gains Popularity As Banks Stick To Quantitative EasingIt is not the first time some experts are pointing towards Bitcoin as an asset to keep an eye on whenever financial trouble seems to be looming on the ... read more
CCEDK and Steemit bring crowdfunding to 'Projects Corner'CCEDK is a Danish startup services provider and it is using Steemit to launch 'Projects Corner' ... read more
BitCluster Bitcoin De-Anonymizer Presented at HOPE ConferenceBitCluster, a tool for analyzing and mapping Bitcoin transactions data will make it easier for people to track incoming and outgoing transactions on ... read more
Trendon Shavers Sent to Jail Over Bitcoin Savings and Trust Ponzi SchemeBetween September 2011 and September 2012, Shavers' Bitcoin Savings & Trust (BTCST) allegedly raised 764,000 bitcoins, worth roughly $4.5 ... read more
Is Ethereum getting its own social network? claims to be a countdown to a new social network for Ethereum. Time will tell.
Bitcoin: BTC/USD Declines Sharply This Week as US Dollar Hits 4 ½ Month HighThe value of BTC in USD terms fell sharply this week as the USD continued ... read more
Ethereum classic now 3rd most traded coinAccording to - but is this trend sustainable? Perhaps too early to judge... read more
Miners to Attack Ethereum Classic after Polonix's ListingPoloniex shocks the community by listing a conceptually insecure and flawed coin, ETC ... read more
Ethereum Classic Is Now Trading On PoloniexA few days ago, there were some questions as to whether or not Ethereum Classic was a real thing. By the look of things, Ethereum Classic is very real ... read more
Ethereum Shoots Up As Bitcoin Drops Below 80% Market DominanceThe partial price and market cap recovery can be traced to Ethereum's successful hard fork. The fork was agreed upon in response to the DAO hack ... read more
Realm of Ethereum Splits into Two Coins; Volume & Hashrate of ETC SurgesSupport from Poloniex prompted a substantial number of Ether miners to remain on the non-forked chain, allowing Ethereum Classic to double its ... read more
Ethereum Price Weekly Analysis – Can ETH Bulls Break This?Ethereum price had a good week against the US Dollar. Going forward, we need to see whether it can continue to gain pace or correct lower ... read more

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Thanks for your support! It is really appreciated.

OMG thanks for all the support guys seriously! It really means so much to me! Thanks to all of those that have upvoted and continue to vote, you know who you are!! ;)

Honestly, every single one of them means a lot to me. Thanks for helping me and Steemit Crypto Mag. It won't ever be forgotten! Exciting times and I am looking forward to publishing issue #2! Yeaow!
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Hi future24! Thank you so much for your comment and support! Really appreciate that, thanks!

I don't think a whale will support bot posts.


Hi izzy! I just want to clear up that this nor any of my posts are bot posts, it is all manual work and if whales are not interested in my content, that is fine too. :)

I just want to create a nice condensed place for crypto news and crypto enthusiasts on Steemit, a whale vote would just really be an added bonus for me, but that is not my focus at all. I hope time can tell this story better for me, I genuinely do do it for the love and I research this stuff all day anyway, so I figure why not share it with others? :D

Thanks for your thoughts and feedback, happy steeming :D