Accepting Submissions | Steemit Crypto Mag | Issue #2 | 26 July 2016

in crypto •  2 years ago

Hi Steemians! I am on the hunt for one very special feature article for my #2 issue of Steemit Crypto Mag, which will be up and published in <24hrs.

If you have a special Steemit article on cryptocurrency that you would like me to feature in issue #2 of #SteemitCryptoMag, let me know in the comments.

I will feature your article in my daily crypto magazine, with a link directly to your Steemit article and content.

If the story is a good match, it will feature in my Steemit Crypto Mag | Issue #2.

Deadline ends:
12hrs from this posting

Steemit Crypto Mag | Issue #1

I have a lot of good content coming up including exclusive interviews (including one gentleman who made millions in Bitcoin) and more so I hope to be getting a lot more eyes on my mag soon. Please help me achieve this with an upvote, comment and/or share of this post please so together we can gather the best content on Steem for cryptocurrency enthusiasts! Yeow!

****Follow me @darknet - just click the link and hit follow in the top right****

Thanks a lot guys, really, every upvote means so much to me, really it does, thank you.

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Perfect idea my friend.


Thank you tocode! Hopefully I get some submissions to feature?! Don't be shy guys :) I am really looking forward to seeing some submissions for the issue #2 of our daily #crypto digest! Thanks!

I like what you do! You are one of the real bloggers here without posting any bullshit with the hope it gets viral. I'm following you :)


Wow dez1337! I really appreciate you saying that. That is the best comment ever. That really means a lot to me that you say that. Thanks so much. I like your content too, BTW. :D