fiftywords stories: Round-up and Theme for Weekdays 5: ISLAND

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Did everyone enjoy their trips back into the past? I have to say, this last weekend was my favourite batch of stories so far! A big thank you to everyone who found the time to join-in with the Historical Fiction genre. We had some fascinating historical references: famous battles and campaigns, political acts, great constructions and disasters and moments of invention. We also saw the struggles of people living in difficult times, as well as those heading out for better lives.

Very difficult to pick out just one story from such a wonderful and varied set, but I did particularly like this political backstory by @jayna:
A very creative recreation of a rural urban myth - and dead-on fifty words (fifty-one according to my computer, which is wrong; good to know AI isn't ready to take over the world just yet!)

A few problems running my queries today so I'll have to save the welcoming of newcomers until the next round-up. But you know who you are! So Welcome!

The new fiftywords theme for this week is "ISLAND".

Islands have always had a key place in literature; it's a theme that stretches all the way back to Odysseus' travels. In a similar manner to science-fiction they allow authors to step outside of the every-day and write about the strange and the mysterious - so let your imaginations run wild!

I'll round up again on Friday with the weekend theme. I will also be happily resteeming one of the stories I like best and no doubt I will be offering some of my small upvotes as encouragement.

Thanks for reading everyone and good luck with your stories!


If you would like to join in, particularly if you're new to the platform, or recently returned, and looking for somewhere to start, please do! Just post your story with the "fiftywords" tag. You can follow the theme or simply take your inspiration where you find it. The only unbreakable(!) rule is to keep it to fifty words - ideally fifty on the nose - and also try and produce a complete and contained scene, moment, or story. In a future post I'll try and put some thoughts together as to what I think makes a good fiftywords story. But everyone will have their own ideas and all are welcome!

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Thank you, @miniature-tiger! I’m so honored! I really love these little stories. They are fun to write and fun to read. I’m really going to try to start reading all of them. Gosh, it’s not like they take long to read. 🤣


They're definitely worth a read! There were some really clever ideas this weekend...


Right on @jayna, nice story.


Thank you, @summertooth!

Hello! Hope you are all well. Here is my entry...

I am off to read everyone else's stories now! :)

I just found you from freewrite. What a great idea. Here is my entry and I plan to do this challenge again.

Island... so many possibilities...

Yet again, thank you for the new theme!

Hey, @miniature-tiger! A late entry... I've been kinda gone a while.
Entry: First Contact.

Hope you enjoy!

I do not understand, I thought I had allready a link to my short story, and I do see the vote from miniature tiger. So it is clear I am playing too. But just to be sure I do things right here a link to my island story. When do we get a new theme? I like it?


Hey Janine!

Yes, you can link to your story under the round-up post which can help people to see it. I will also find any story with the #fiftywords tag.

There's a new genre out now! We're currently doing genres at weekends and themes in the week, although there's no hard and fast rule, it's just a prompt and a challenge to get people stretching their writing. You may of course write whatever inspires you at the time!


I like it, it as a real challenge to get a story in 50 words. Is there a difference in genres and themes? I mean what to expect of genre? and what whit themes?

Hi there, here's my story for this week. I was introduced to this by niallon11 (53), so thanks for that! :)

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Dear @miniature-tiger, thank you very much for your great initiative!
Here is my rhymed story
My best wishes to you!


Hey Buddy, your link is broken :(


Many thanks dear @metzli!
Now everything is ok!


Visited. Thought your story was perfect :)

Stories I've read so far are great.
Here is my entry for this week:


There are some good ones this week too! I like the picture on yours @zen-art. It's winter here so I could do with some of that blue sea!


Piqued my curiosity. I had to look up where it was!


❤️We call it home. :)

You have me @miniature-tiger! I hadn't known of this till now! I am penning in mine now.

Glad, and excited.


And very nicely penned it is too @ebitularmbert. Welcome to #fiftywords!

On your questions below:

  • As long as you add fiftywords as one of the tags it should appear in the fiftywords section so everyone can see it. I don't think it matters whether it's the first tag or the last.
  • You can write as many stories as you like! There are no prizes to be gained. It's just for your own enjoyment and for the reading of others.

That is ok. Thanks

Should be a good one. Missed the last prompt unfortunately but i'm ready to go again.

I'm happy I got the chance to participate over the weekend and am looking forward to writing an entry for this weeks theme. Trip to the past was fun, I hope the island will be too :) Thanks again for doing this miniature-tiger, I don't know if I would have ever challenged myself to write something using so little words if it weren't for this :)

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Here is my entry. @miniature-tiger thanks a million for the great competition

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thanks again

Hi. I just discovered the fifty word challenge...and I'm going to be part of it. Thanks for this platform.

Such a nice short story. I love it. I'll try to participate next time. Thanks for sharing such great short story titled "Island"

That's a great challenge: I've read some amazing stories from the entries and I plan to join the fun as soon as I get into the proper writing-mood again. Keep it on!

One more thing @miniature-tiger: Does the fiftywords tag have to be the first? And how many entries can one enter. I mean, fifty words is a bomb. I could drop in many in a day, i think!