Pretend We Are Not Home - Flash Fiction

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Sure they could open the bay doors for the human. They could say welcome. They had studied dozens and dozens of the human's languages. But the people of Plox were not feeling very social at the moment. It was a long trip. They were tired. They saw one of the humans floating outside of their ship. He had one of those spacesuits on and a tube that lead back to their ship. It was pumping oxygen into his suit.

"What should we do?" one of the Ploxians asked the other. The second Ploxian looked out the ship. The human looked like he was waving.

"Let's pretend we are not home."

"I think he saw us."

"No... these windows are not see through. Just be really quiet."

The human floated up to the glass. He slowly knocked on it. The Ploxians said nothing. The human knocked again.

"Don't worry, his oxygen will run out."

The human flaoted to the other side of the ship. He looked up an opening. All the doors were sealed. He returned to the window. He tried to peer through but didn't see a thing. A minute passed. The human had to return to his ship. One of the Ploxians let out a sigh of relief and leaned back. It's butt touched a button. Music came from the ship. Dance music.


The human returned to the glass.

"Well we have to let him in now."

"Alright..." said the second Ploxian, "I'll get the welcoming cake."


It is too curious and original story, I am following you and I am waiting for new posts like this one👌

Interesting title :) Actually I wont pretend to be not home, because I never felt home. Dont know where is our home :(
Already exited about the next one. Keep it up :)

a very good story usually waved a hand of thanks, if there is a chance please help me a friend.

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Very interesting post.
But I like it.

Happy Steeming.

I love the way the story ended, it was like the story we tagged "happily ever after".. So sad dreams don't easily come true, cos I have dreamt of visiting outter space just to experience the extreme strength of life in the world. For a minute while I read through the post, I actually felt like I was the one knocking on the glass window and receiving the welcoming cake.

si fi funny video is always enjoyable

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a very good philosophy about my life interested in your post @whatageek

Upvote100% :)