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Welcome to the most unique contest on #Steemit. Since I missed the deadline for the Steemit Bloggers create-a-contest contest, I decided to just do it anyway. This week, we'll be concocting verbs.

Concoct - Verb. To make up, contrive, or invent. To create, usually by combining two or more unrelated concepts in order to make a new one. Example: Slobundulate. The act of waving or wobbling in slovenly manner.

My cousin Muncie can slobundulate in a most exquisite manner, which is the reason my other cousin finds him so irresistible.

concoct a verb
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What You Can Do With Your Verb

If you thought the gist of this contest was simply to invent a new word, you don't know how evil, wicked, and dastardly my mind is. Concocting a verb is simply the first step in this contest. The second step is to write a short story using your newly concocted word. Ah! But not so easy!

Actually, your task is to write a very short story (no more than 250 words) where one of your characters acts out your verb, but you can't use the verb to describe your character's actions. In other words, you'll create the verb then write a story where one of your characters performs the action that verb represents. Be a writer: Show, don't tell.

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My Cousin Muncie

I don't actually have a cousin named Muncie, but I do have a short story about my cousin named Muncie. Which, I suppose now means I have a cousin named Muncie.

To illustrate how this contest goes, I've written a story showing how Muncie slobundulates, but the word "slobundulate" won't show up in the story. That's the beauty of this exercise. You've got to show it, not tell it.

And now, without further ado: Meet Muncie!

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How Alice Beaned Muncie

Cousin Muncie was retarded. I mean, literally. Retarded.

That's not politically correct, but it's Muncie.

One day, Muncie's mom asked his sister Alice to get into the cupboard and grab a can of beans. Muncie loves beans. Alice did as she was asked and got a can of beans from the cupboard, and, like most thirteen-year-old girls would do, tossed the can of beans to her mom on the other side of the kitchen.

About that time, little retarded Muncie came running around the corner pretending to be his favorite cartoon character, Speedy Gonzalez. Unfortunately for Muncie, his head entered a certain point in space at just the same time as that can of beans. You could hear that tin can ring-a-ting all across the county.

Well, little Muncie fell back on his heels, and we all thought he would topple over backward. Instead, he lunged toward Alice and tip-toed like Fred Flintstone with his eyes crossed until he chest-bumped the refrigerator door. That sent him whirling into a side-footed tizzy with a little hop, his body tilted slightly right while his head tipped slightly left, and he somehow managed to continue his gallop around Alice and into the living room without crashing to the floor. I was so impressed I gave Muncie a kiss on his lumpy little retarded forehead, and damn if those beans weren't the best dinnertime treat!

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Stupid Rules

Every contest has to have rules. This one's no different. They're stupid, but disregard them at your own peril.

  1. Rule #1: Concoct a verb. Give us the definition.
  2. Rule #2: Write a short story on your Steemit blog where one of your characters acts out your verb. You can't use the verb you concocted in your story.
  3. Rule #3: Your story can't be longer than 250 words.
  4. Rule #4: Your story can't have more than three characters.
  5. Rule #5: Link to your story in the comments of this post.

The winner gets some STEEM. How much depends on how weird I feel after reading your story. If you break the rules, you get no STEEM (hear that @quillfire?)!

Deadline: When this post pays out.

Now, get on with it.

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I am always taken surprised by your ideas @blockurator.
This one is just... speechless...

Thanks! I hope you enter. I'm sure you can concoct some awesome verbs. :-)

I love this idea! :) Will have to have a good think! :)



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Awesome. Can't wait to see what you think up ... conjure ... concoct.

Great story. Can't wait to see what others come up with.


I am properly chastised ... 250 words and no more.

Mind you, I already have a few ideas on how to follow the 'letter of the law' while circumventing its intent ... "followcumventing" ... which, my good friend ... is a verb.


EDIT .... 12/19/2018

Alright Block, here you are ... My Entry as promised:



That verb sounds NSFW I'm afraid...

You're off to a good start! :-)

This is quite possibly the craziest competition that I have read on Steemit since I've been here! I love it -- but I'm not that good at making up words intentionally....


This is quite possibly the craziest competition that I have read on Steemit

Block is definitely ... special. I often wonder if he's not liquored up, slobundulating around the backyard with a bottle dressed in a paper bag as he comes up with this stuff. After a while, you just get used to it.

... but I'm not that good at making up words intentionally.

That's because you still possess a modicum of pride and do wish to make an ass of yourself in public. Listen ... Steemit makes whores of us all. Misery loves company. Join the party of those with regrets. :-)


That's fine. Make one up accidentally then. No one will know the difference. ;-)

Well this could be a fun way to spend part of my day. Now to think up my word to use.

Good luck, and have fun. Looking forward to your entry.

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Interesting project.

@blockurator HAHA I take my hats off to you! what a fun contest to explore new ideas, possibilities and WORDS! i'm going to include an entry here soon i promise 😂

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Awesome. I look forward to it.

LMAO this contest is brilliant Block! I wish I had more time right now... tag me in the next one?

Okay. By "next one," it could be something else. Something off-the-wall, but something else. You never know with me. ;-)

Yes I'm starting to catch on to that! Count me in :)

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howdy sir blockurator! haha, this is very clever! Also, thanks for resteeming my myth buster post!

Thanks. And you're very welcome.

Best contest I've seen in a while! Not sure if I have my wits about me to banter with the best, but if nothing else I will thoroughly enjoy reading the entries!

We need great readers too. Feel free to upvote your favorite ones.

I'll be on the lookout! 📖🤓

A very original concept, @blockurator. I really like the idea. I hope I can free up some time to join, even though I think it won't be easy for a non-native speaker like myself :0)

It would be splendid if you could join us. I'm sure you'd have fun, and probably come up with an awesome verb.

I am too busy gerunding to concoctuate a tale-telling

Ha ha. Gerunding is hard work. Glad you could pull it off. Good play on both words.

You performed splendidly! Or should I say drunkcellently? :-)

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