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@ReviewMe! I'm @blockurator ≧◠‿◠≦✌



About Me:

Having passed the golden age of 50, you can say I've reached middle-age, but I refuse to consider myself over the hill. Maybe cresting it, perhaps at my peak, but certainly not on the downhill slide. So who am I?

I wish I knew. But here's my best stab.

Poet. In college, I took a poetry writing workshop and discovered I was pretty good at versifying. That led to more workshops. The workshop leader said to me one day, "I don't know what you're doing, but it's working." Yes, I've been published. Multiple times.

Fiction writer. Over the years, the manner in which I write fiction has changed, and the nature and the flavor of the stories I write have changed. I started with fantasy, dabbled in science fiction, tried literary fiction, and discovered Bizarro. Now, I just call it weird fiction. A little surreal, a lot absurdist, sometimes satirical, most times wacky, and all the time just plain fun. Yep, been published here too.

Non-fiction scribbler. I also write essays and a myriad other non-fiction stories of one stripe or another. Some have been published.

Freelancer. I also write white papers, blog posts, articles, and other stuff for hire, primarily in the fintech and blockchain/cryptocurrency space. In that capacity, I edit the news for Lending Times and Blockchain Times.

Laughter is good medicine. I've been accused of being witty, droll, and sarcastic. Some people say I'm weird. I admit to all of it.

I'm also a believer in Jesus Christ. That doesn't mean I'm perfect, and it doesn't mean I like telling everybody I meet how godawful sinful they are. I'm the biggest sinner of all. My first priority is to yank the beams out of my own eye. When I succeed at that, I'll consider pulling specks out of everyone else's eye--but I don't expect that to happen any time soon.

If there's anything I've forgotten, blame it on middle-age.


Living in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Originally from Dallas, Texas. Go Cowboys!

Contact Info:

If you want to talk about content, my website is Taylored Content LLC. Otherwise, these are my accounts:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook (Don't be disappointed if you show up looking for me and I'm not there for long periods of time.)

On Discord, I'm blockurator#7537.


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5 cred stars
I have read a number of your posts and you are a 5 star celebrity :)

Thank you. (blush)

5 cred stars

Past payout, but you get the stars anyway. I think you're great, a combination of industry and creativity. I don't know how you do it. No way to match this level of energy. Grandpa? You give lie to the stereotype of age. And I've probably got a few years on you, so I really like that.

4 cred stars
I don't personally know @blockurator but lurking around and coming across his blog a few times, I can't help but notice how well presented his material is. The amount of effort he puts to "design" his articles is commendable. I would recommend his blog to anyone interested in quality writing - fiction, crypto currencies, fusion...If anything, we can all learn from his style!

Thank you for the very kind review. God bless! :-)

Whoa, you do quite a lot of stuff. Whitepaper looks so technical at times. You must know a lot about Blockchain tech and all. Something i'm slowly coming to terms with. We'll get there eventually, hopefully.

Lol, forget what they say, 50+ means alive and kicking. it's still uphill for you.

4 cred stars

So, it's 4 stars because i just got to know you and we haven't talked much. I'm keeping that one star for myself. lol

Thanks for the kind words, and the review.

You're welcome sir. :-D

Difficult to review you when this is the first and only post of yours I've looked at, but no reason not to give all stars on first meeting as there's nothing in the negative :)
I'm nearing the big fifty too--seventeen months and also call myself a poet. Love that you're calling it weird fiction as I can relate.
I liked when the personal narrative/flash fiction arguments surfaced for the same reason--who knows the genre? I'm like a mixed media artist in each piece, some truth, some made-up, some dream, some poetic language and that's really a better example of how I think and approach the world.
Now, off to read a scribbling or two!

Wow, you are such a brilliant author of many books. I celebrate with you today.

Thank you, but you didn't leave any stars. :-)

five star 5 cred stars

I give you five stars. I like the work, but even more impressive is the tenacity you have toward it all. Lot's of people talk a good game, but you're no poser; you're getting it done.

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