The Last Exquisite Corpse of 2018

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It's been six days since my last post, and I'm proud to say that I had one person take me up on my offer to buy the PDF copy of "Limerents in the Bog." The offer is still open to anyone interested.

exquisite corpse

Six days. It's not that I didn't have anything to post about. I've just been so godawful busy. But the bright side is, it's time for the final exquisite corpse writing exercise of 2018.

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Who's Kissing this Exquisite Corpse?

exquisite corpse

If you didn't get a chance to read the last exquisite corpse, a story composed of multiple talented Steemit writers, then I encourage you to check it out here. It's a wild, wild ride.

Meanwhile, the volunteers for this exquisite corpse include:

That's a total of 10 writers counting myself. This is the largest exquisite corpse we've seen yet. And some of these writers can get a bit long-winded. Still, lock your hat down. You won't be waving your hands in the air on this ride.

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And Now For Something Completely Different

Exquisite corpse exercises are not genre-specific. I generally tend toward the weird and speculative because that's how I'm bent. But we're all bent differently.

Typically, I kick off the story myself and then pick the random order of writers to follow me. This time--and this is our third exercise (not a very typical one, I might add)--we're going to do something different. I'm going to pick the starting talent by random draw, but it will be someone who has participated in at least one of the previous exquisite corpses. Then I'll pick the rest of the order, again, by random draw, including myself in the mix. This will give me an equal chance at pulling up the rear--not a coveted position by any stretch (unless you're into that)--and give someone else a chance to set the pace.

Isn't that a cute little twist? And it doesn't even involve lemon.

lemon face exquisite corpse

So I've placed all the names in a random wheel and spun it 10 times. The person kicking off in this story is @bennettitalia, a good pick in my opinion because he had the unthankful task of completing the last story (which took three blog posts). It's always easier to be the first.

After that, here's the random order of story tellers in succession - @blueeyes8960, @blueteddy, @fromage, @angelurquiola, @blockurator, @sarez, @quillfire, @stever82, and @yestermorrow will yank at the end of the chain (don't become a missing link!).

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Rules (A Royal Pain, But Essential)

Every game needs rules, so here be the obligatories for this round robin.

  • @bennettitalia will pick the genre, initial characters, and set the pace by writing an opening scene of 300 to 750 words. It doesn't need to be complex. The idea is just to get the story going and introduce the main characters. Then he'll hand it off to the next writer on the list. Please do this within the next three to five days.
  • Each writer should write a post of 300 to 1,000 words, advancing the story as much as possible.
  • Writers can take the story anywhere they want. So it starts off as a murder mystery. Who cares? If you want to turn it into a romantic comedy, you're telling it. Just make it plausible, and keep the same characters and general plot line in play.
  • Tag the next writer so they know they're up.
  • Tag everyone involved so we can each follow the story.
  • Use the #exquisite-corpse tag as one of your five #Steemit tags. It doesn't need to be the first tag.
  • Try to make your post within a 3-5 day window. After five days, we'll move on to the next writer. That keeps the story flowing.
  • This isn't required, but feel free to resteem each of the writer stories, and if you have the RCs, upvote them. You might even comment on them if you feel so inclined.

Any questions? Post them in the comments below.

I'm totally looking forward to how this goes. And now I leave it in the hands of the very capable @bennettitalia.

Get your weird lit on:

The Biblical Legends Anthology Series

Garden of EdenSulfuringsDeluge
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Limerents in the Bog

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While you're here, check out the backside 5:

review me
Review Me, Please

speculative fiction writers of steemit
Created by @EdibleCthulhu

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This should be a lot of fun hoping I can add to this.

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You'll have a blast. And I have total faith in you. You'll do well.

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

@bennettitalia Congrats! Free Hand at creating the narrative- it will get hijacked of course! But till then- you get to give birth!!

THANK YOU @blockurator for this contest. ;-)

You're welcome! Enjoy the ride. Fasten your seat belt and keep hands and feet inside at all times.

Yay! I get to start the thread spinning :)

Still got to tie up the loose ends of the other...

Guess you will tag me when you're done, since I'm #2?


I truly wish I had more time to devote to reading more. I read through an entire Exquisite Corpse series you had running a short while back. So glad to see you’re still staying active on the blockchain. You are so right in the fact that @quillfire is NEVER boring.

Wishing you much success!

Thanks for stopping in and for the great comment. Wish you the best.


Bring it!


Can't wait to see how this will turn out! As you mentioned, this is my first time, I'm so excited. But at least I get to go 2nd, so I don't have long to wait for my part!

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I'm sure you'll do fine. And it's a lot of fun. Can't wait to see how it goes.

You were awfully busy but even stronger back on track 😉

Thanks. Yes, even stronger!

And that in these bear times 😉

Ha! Best time to curate. Work today for future rewards. :-)

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Wait... @blockurator is this supposed to be a murder mystery? For some reason I thought that. Or does it start off with whatever genre I choose?

It's whatever you choose. Your story.

Ahh! Very good. Coming right up...

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A great contest best of luck with it.

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Stopping by to show my support... I was busy lately too, so I know how it is after 6 days absence. Your energy is amazing my friend... the contests are very cool 😎

Thank you. For stopping by and for showing your support. :-)

I always look forward to reading these stories.



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Cool. Me too. Maybe next time you can join in. :-)

Yes, I wanted to put my name forward but the last one ran at the sane time as NaNoWriMo (and I still haven't finished the novel, so didn't want to commit to this one). I'll be looking out for the first 2019 Exquisite Corpse! :)

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Awesome. See you then! :-)

hi @blockurator

I just accidentally bumped into your profile and I've scrolled through your old post just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

I will follow you closely :)
Take care, Piotr

Awesome. Welcome aboard.

Hi @blockurator

Welcome aboard! :)

It's great to see how supportive and responsive you are

Steemit absolutely need more users like you.


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