Grape jelly Feathered Friday

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#FeatheredFriday by @melinda01010. You can use this tag for any of your bird related photos, and it doesn't necessarily have to be on Friday!

Fruit is a preferred food for many different birds. It is an excellent source of sugar and is an essential energy source.

The jelly feeder that hangs by my window is a favorite spot for many of the local birds to stop by for a sweet snack!

4fgri78p7a.jpg Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

ehpnhg8svf.jpg male Baltimore Oriole

There are many different birds that have at least a partially frugivorous diet and will eat fruit regularly.

h0gdfafncd.jpg Catbird

3mrqw6h9dh.jpg male Cardinal

Baltimore Oriole

female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

male House Finch

Fruit-loving birds are primarily our spring and summer residents. These are the birds who return to us each year after wintering in warmer climates where, often, fruit is available year round. Orioles, robins, mockingbirds, catbirds, tanagers, cedar waxwings and bluebirds all love fruit. Most fruit-eaters are insect-eaters, not seed eaters. Remember to place partially peeled over ripe bananas, and other bruised or over ripe fruit out on a platform feeder and see who is attracted to stop by!

male Baltimore Oriole

female Baltimore Oriole

Often there is a line... zg2w5bjxxi.jpg


Grape Jelly is the favorite!

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I've always wanted to try the jelly feeders, but just never did. These pictures of yours have me seriously reconsidering! I especially love that second shot of the Oriole - beautiful captures, @melinda010100! And thanks again for hosting the #featheredfriday tag - !tip steem

The downside with the jelly feeders is that they do attract ants and bees. But I love having the birds come so close to the windows.

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Beautiful shots, I love those orioles! Here's my link:


Thanks! The orioles add a lot of color during the summer. Hard to believe they will be leaving in a few weeks.

So many beautiful birds coming to your feeders, Melinda. I never knew about the jelly they like until you mentioned it.
My link:

There are a lot of different birds who enjoy fruit! Love your Blue Jay's. That mama Jay seems quite proud of her youngsters!

Awwwwwwwwwwww, they are all so beautiful! I was talking to my daughter about bird feeders for her new house and she agreed to get some. Yeaaaah!!! I will need your advice probably. I also tried to capture Red Cardinal, but he was too far. I saw his mate too. It seems they like mulberries at one of the properties around the corner.
IMG_3119 (2).jpg

You would think with the number of people walking past that there would be a few more that are aware, wouldn't you? Hope you get some more good photos tomorrow!

There is not that many people walking there. This is very quiet neighbourhood. The mulberries belong to one property. They have white and black.

I have a young mulberry tree in my back yard and it is fun to see how many critters are attracted to it. I didn't know that there were white ones!

I learned that only since I live here, lol. But your place is a paradise for critters Melinda 😍

It would be a great way to bring nature up close for the boys to watch! My advice would be to look for a Wild Birds Unlimited store and let them make feeder suggestions. They will be able to answer questions and help you accomplish what you are hoping for. It's disappointing if your feeders get over run with sparrows and squirrels, and they will be able to give you valuable tips.

Oh! Thank you so much Melinda! That is a very valuable advice 💖😊💖

Even if you don't purchase a feeder from them, take advantage of their birding wisdom!

Beautiful Birdies!

I added some black borders to your street name... if you want to use it.


Nice! Thanks so much for creating this!

What a lovely collection of birds to share today Melinda, my bird feeder the birds escape into the trees before I am able to even get a photograph. Fruit and seed feeders unfortunately raided by monkeys, so rely on being out on walks for photography more than at home. My entry for today:

Keeping monkeys out of the feeders would be even more challenging than keeping squirrels out! Thanks for sharing your birds with us!

Squirrel'ing problems sound like fun too.

Fantastic photos for #featheredfriday! Really up close and personal Pelican photos!

Thank you Melinda. They are very entertaining to watch. 😊

Ugh! not the robins! Did they build a nest in the stupidest spot possible? The other birds are all pretty, though. Always fun to see the dinosaurs!

Robins tend to give meaning to the term 'bird brain' but they are pretty amazing when it comes to searching for nightcrawlers!

Looks like you are in a very nice area. Beautiful flowers and beautiful feathered birds visiting.

Out of all the places I have traveled in the world, I am always happy that this is the place I get to call home.


So cool! Those cardinals are incredible, too bad we don't have them here!

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Not the best cardinal pictures, I couldn't find anything better of one at the jelly feeder. They are beautiful birds!

They sure are! The pictures are good enough! ;)

Thank you!

Those are such wonderful looking birds.. Hats off to you for putting out the feeder!!!

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They provide me with a lot of entertainment!

Desert time at Melinda's, lots of birds out there with a sweet tooth/beak.

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They only get a morning snack and then the rest of the day they have to forage for themselves!

Spectacular close up bird photography @melinda010100 A real treat for us and those beautiful birds. (U & R )

Thanks so much...that feeder swings when they land on it, and that is part of the reason that some of those shots are not as crisp as they could have been.

Oh.......that is a challenge but you've done a great job of capturing them and I love the variety of birds that come to visit you.

I love all of these photos @melinda010100!! You sure have some lucky birds in your garden! I can imagine what a joy it must be to see them visit the feeders and you have a nice colorful assortment of birds too! 🐦 💖

I can see the jelly feeder when I am sitting in my comfy chair and it adds so much life to the room to have all the different birds stopping in.

Very good post @melinda010100
I really like it.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. You can use the #featheredfriday tag if you have any bird photos!

Often there is a line waiting to get into the fruit dishes? lol. That is too cool. You get a guaranteed visit from so many birds that way!

It is fun to see the mama birds bring the young ones to the feeder for the first time. They have the hardest time figuring out how to land on the rims of those little dishes. But it only takes one successful landing and then they are pros!

lol..and it's a great reward for them when they do!

OMG the cat bird with that stunning framing is to die for hun!! black and red, clear background , yum yum :D
thanks for letting us post anyy day with the biiirdies :D

Thanks so much! I love seeing your bird photos any day!

These are all great.
You are fortunate to have visits from such beautiful birds!

Thanks! I do enjoy my backyard visitors!

These photos are wonderful. They all enjoy this delicious food

They sure do make a fuss if I let the jelly dishes get empty!

They sure do make a
Fuss if I let the jelly
Dishes get empty!

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

They claim their food🤭🤭🤭

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A line waiting for the jelly! OMG! Lucky and beautiful birds Melinda. I always love your photos of them. : )
Here is mine:

Thanks so much. It's a fun way to attract them up near the window.