Farm Update: 6 Silkie Chickens Acquired in Epic Mexico City Journey

in farming •  6 months ago

This is one of 6 new silkies. It seems like they came from a commercial exotic animal breeder. We noticed shaved beaks and lack of feathers indicating a poorly handled pecking problem, something common with commercial farmers. It also appears that a few of the birds have a cold, something that is likely treatable so long as everything goes well with their natural home treatment.

We've got 4 of the white and two of the darker, blackish variety. They've all got different personalities and it already seems like we've identified two possible roosters in the bunch.

In these shots they had a parachute cord leash around their ankles just enough to keep them close by. Some had no issues with the leash, some spent the entire time trying to get off of it.

This guy was a bit shy and stuck right by me at first before being a little more adventurous.

We had one escape artist who John caught but other than that the birds were remarkably easy to deal with which helped with the situation. They also were a cute form of comic relief.

There's still a lot more to share on the details of this journey, stay tuned!

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Those guys are so silly lookin! You guys inspired me and I have a couple Cornish Cross chiggins now! I've been following Justin Rhoades on YouTube and he gave me the tip to put apple cider vinegar in their water. so I'll put that in about once a week. Also he recommended giving them a diatomaceous earth bath just a box with diatomaceous earth where they can bathe in it like chickens do to keep any mites or bugaboos off them. It's been working great so far the chiggins have been happy and healthy.


I've been doing the vinegar trick but cannot find DE here so far, sadly.

Silkies are my favorite breed, all day. They're the cutest.


Bummer on the DE :( If you continue to have a hard time finding it let me know and could arrange a shipment. They definitely are the silliest chickens I've ever seen. Every time I see them I can't help but smile.


I agree, they're a mood brightener even on the worst days!


I've been doing the vinegar trick but cannot find DE here so far, sadly.

Silkies are my favorite breed, all day. They're the cutest.

Amazing post indeed! All of them are cute!