4th meeting of the first São Paulo Faircoop Local Node and a blockchain introduction presentation in a downtown coworking space

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Greetings from São Paulo to all Earth activists! I'm glad again to announce that in August 28th, 2018 (tuesday night), from 7:00 to 8:50 PM, happened the fourth meeting of the first Faircoop Local Node group in the city.

The meeting had the presence of Emanuel Takahashi (@emanueltakahashi), Klauss Roedel, Maíra das Neves (@mairadasneves), Marcos Dias (@vikdias) and I (@wagnertamanaha), the same people who met in the last meeting held in August 21st.

From left to right: Emanuel, Klauss, Maíra, Marcos and Wagner. Picture available on Flickr.

Different from the previous meetings when the atmosphere were still about preparations and discoveries and we considered ourselves still as a applicant group this time we start to try and adopt a talk methodology which would help us to select issues and reach decisions we need. Maíra suggested this method by her experience in Agência Transitiva - another artists, hacker and activists organization in Rio de Janeiro - so we divided the meeting in 3 parts: initial round, discussion and final round.

In the initial round all participants (each one with the same and measured time) told what they expected about our meeting and Faircoop local node. Doing that we noticed that almost all of our doubts and issues were related to the Faircoin.

During the discussion time we talked about the cryptocurrency mining/minting system (Proof of Cooperation) and the steps to became a Point of Exchange, the required resources, funding and sustainability of our local node. We also talked avout the advantage and threat that producers and service providers would face when start receiving and spending Faircoins.

We took a time to every member install a Faircoin wallet and began testing transactions. We noticed that there aren't an iOS version yet but there is a possibility to manage the cryptocurrency using a Bank of the Commons account. This bank with Freedom Coop belongs to the Faircoop ever growing ecosystem.

Marcos, who also are member of the Aldeia Lab project, asked about using the Faircoin blockchain platform to support other social cryptocurrencies. By coincidence recently the Fairchains initiative was officialy launched and could be a solution for his plans.

In the final round we decided that the Faircoop presentation we already decided to prepare could be complemented with workshops and hands on events about Faircoin, its wallets installation and features. We also saw that it's necessary to our local node to open a group account in the OCP (Open Collaborative Platform) online tool, this process was already started. We also scheduled the next local node meeting: September 18, 7:00 PM at Casa Elefante.

An introduction to blockchain, a presentation by Luciana Telles in PRHado Coworking space.

A few days after the meeting, in August 30th, invited by Klauss, Marcos and I attended a class about blockchain presented by Luciana Telles, a brazilian that works with the technology in a startup located in Boston, USA. The event had the presence of developers, programmers, data scientists and mathematicians and happened in PRHado Coworking space, in Mirante do Vale, a well known building in dowtown.

Pictures available on Flickr: Mirante do Vale building (Gabriel de Andrade Fernandes), speaker and attendees picture with Faircoop local node members detached (picture received from the event organizers), Luciana Telles (1) and plate on the door (2)

Sesc 24 de Maio

Our 4th meeting of São Paulo Faircoop local node was planned to happen in Casa Elefante, but with unespected events we decided to change the location to Sesc 24 de Maio. The place is a new address of the well know Sesc (Social Service of the Commerce), a brazilian institution formed by commerce companies owners to offer sports, culture, leisure, health and food. The institution was born in the beggining of the cold war, when the business owners found a way to avoid paying taxes to the government and direct invest in social services to their employees.

Pictures available on Flickr: Galeria Africana (African Shopping Gallery), Municipal Theater, Sesc 24 de Maio, View from the Sesc's Coffee Shop and Galeria do Rock(Rock Shopping Gallery)

This Sesc is located in an refurbished department store called Mesbla, near a few steps walking distance from the Teatro Municipal, a city landmark that reminds the coffee barons times. Also has as neighbours the famous Galeria do Rock (Rock Shopping Gallery) that has many Rock and Rap music related stores, and the Galeria Presidente, now know as Galeria Africana (African Shopping Gallery), thanks to the new entrepeneurs, mostly african immigrants and refugees, and their ethnic shops and restaurants. I think this environment can be an inspiration for São Paulo Faircoop Local Node and maybe places where future partners and members come from.

If you liked, we invite you to know more about Faircoop and Faircoin. Join us in this autonomous movement to build an Earth's cooperative, building a fair and sustainable economy in a post-capitalist model.



If you live in São Paulo come to join our group, send an email to saopaulo@fair.coop or just reply with a comment in this post, in the Telegram group Nodo Local Faircoop SP or ask to be added to our channel Nodo Local São Paulo in Fairchat.

Thank you very much! Long live to the autonomous cooperativism by consensus! Thanks, obrigado and good luck again!



Join the Faircoop movement: https://fair.coop
Use and accept Faircoins: https://fair-coin.org
Buy and sell on FairMarket: https://market.fair.coop
Know our Local Node: http://saopaulo.fair.coop
Follow and share on social media: #NodoLocalFaircoopSP
Find a Faircoop Local Node in your city: http://map.fairplayground.info/map-localnodes/
Start a Faircoop Local Node in your city: https://git.fairkom.net/faircoop/MediaCommunication/wikis/How-to-create-a-Local-Node-%5Ben%5D

All liquid rewards form this post will be converted to Faircoins and donated to São Paulo Faircoop Local Node.

Original post in portuguese: 4ª reunião do primeiro nodo local da Faircoop em São Paulo/SP no Sesc 24 de Maio e palestra sobre blockchain no edifício Mirante do Vale

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