The still small STEEM transfers to August's participants and the relentless first wiki collaborators in September

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Hi steemians! Few days ago we announced the list of wiki collaborators with a right to receive their (very small) share of STEEM collected here in August and just now we made the STEEM transfers to participants @adam.tran (0.144), @aiyumi (0.144), @antigourmet (0.171), @casagrande (0.201), @flaviusbusck (0.144), @freyman (0.243), @joaoprobst (0.156), @leodelara (0.213), @leticiachiantia (0.150), @pedrocanella (0.952), @takosdiary (0.147), @timcliff (0.144), @tmarisco (0.293), @ubikalo (0.150) and @wiseagent (0.180). Thank you all!

And one more time the participant @wagnertamanaha preferred to donate his reward, thank you very much again! He is also in the group of this month returning collaborators with @aiyumi, @lemouth, @leodelara and @pedrocanella. They all started forming the group of persistent participants, even with micro rewards, entitled to receive a share of STEEM collected here in September. We invite you to check all the updated wiki pages here in: Recent Changes.

As we told before, unfortunately even with the well received donation from the wiki creator and owner @someguy123, celebrated here in this post, we are facing a time with tiny performance in the posts rewards again, you can check that old post mentioning the dry reward pool and calling for donations, a thing we are required to reinforce and repeat once more.

Thanks to all project's participants, followers and supporters, let's continue collaborating to transform in the wiki about all steem related things!

Project's Balance and Alternatives

After the distributions and donations now our wallet has only 2.827 STEEM, following our rules, the amount of 60% of all STEEM collected in September - 1.696 STEEM - would be shared among this month's participants. Check our project's rules and join us if you're interested. Or just upvote and resteem this post to increase the rewards and support new participants if you think we're doing an useful job. We hope that as we did today, part of all STEEM collected this month would be shared among the September's participants again.

Searching for alternatives to increase our reward pool, last month the participant @adam.tran suggested to try using @fundition to ask for donations, @wagnertamanaha proposed offering custom wiki articles as rewards to collaborators there. We decided to also try the @steem-ua upvote program wich want to support steemians by measuring reputation, influence and authority in a different way. So we just delegated 50 Steem Power (SP) to enroll their project.

Join the project?

As you can see, we're again dealing with times with tiny rewards and a dry reward pool. If even with this shortage you want to join our monthly distributions and earn a share of the STEEM collected by this account, check our rules and join us if you wish. This year we celebrate our first anniversary of the project, our willing is to continue making in the wiki of all things Steem. Follow us, register in with your Steemit username, then just start contributing in the wiki!

You can find suggestions of new pages in Articles for Creation and use the sandbox page to play wiki editions for free. We also suggested some loosely guidelines and you can ask for help in #wiki channel.

To support the project with donations, just transfer any STEEM/SBD value or STEEM Power delegation (check in the rules our upvotes routine) to @steemcenterwiki. Or follow us, upvote, reply or resteem this post.

Image credits: gif and illustrations by @wagnertamanaha. : About | STEEM Rewards | Rules

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

And one more time the participant @wagnertamanaha prefered to donate his reward, thank you very much again!
It should be preferred instead of prefered.

Thank you very much for the correction! We hope you would be included in our List of Bots wiki page soon!!

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