Purple Cabbage - My Thursday Favourites #16 Contest Entry

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My favorite vegetable is purple cabbage and I eat it daily when I can. I love the color and taste and price and health benefits and have no downside whatsoever!

cabbage friut and veggie monday fitinfunfood5.jpg

Here is a bit of purple cabbage in some salad rolls I made (pre-rolling shot) and they were fantastic!

Fruit and veggies monday cabbage fitinfunfood.jpg

I'm always going to cut my cabbage finely and eat it raw or cooked.

Fruit and veggies monday cabbage fitinfunfood (2).jpg

But I first add some lemon or vinegar which is supposed to increase the health benefits. I do not know if it does, but now I like the taste of it that way, so I do it. The color releases nicely and I am sure to get all the juice!

Fruit and veggies monday cabbage fitinfunfood (1).jpg

This is the cost in Malaysia for a half a head. This is about 60 cents usd and will last me close to a week. This head was already more than halfway gone when I took the photo.

Fruit and veggies monday cabbage fitinfunfood (4).jpg

Sort of an action shot of the lime juice trick.

random fruits and veggies fitinfunfood 40264.jpg

I like any cabbage, but purple is my favorite for a bit of a stronger taste and the benefits of being a purple food according to anti-aging-for-all.com.

purple food benefits.PNG

I do not eat eggplant but all the rest of those fruits and veggies are on my list. I have never seen purple cauliflower, but I would get it if I saw it at a good price.

Here are the health benefits of purple cabbage according to my favorite healthy food site.

purple cabbage benefits.PNG

And more info from the same place. I'm glad they tracked the purple cabbage, but they mis-guidedly call it red!!!
purple cabbage benefits 2.PNG

Part of my healthy lifestyle is to try my best to eat the 31 essential nutrients each day, while avoiding toxins in my food. Purple cabbage is a big help in this effort.

essential nutrients purple fitinfun.jpg

This is my entry for My Thursday Favorites #16 Contest by @marblely, where this week's theme is "Your Favorite Vegetable." This was not a hard choice for me at all!

@marblely asks us to nominate others that might like to participate in this contest. So I'm shouting out to some of my foodie friends to show us what your got!


The contest goes another few days, so you have a bit of time :)

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Thank you @fitinfunfood for the mention.

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Glad to! Contests are the best thing on steem for me :)

Oh wow, new contrst! Thanks for the mentions @fitinfunfood!

You're welcome, @joelai. I see you are like me to enter a lot of them. I think this one is not too hard and interesting :)

Yup, it looks fun!

Thanks for the tag will try it

I'm 100% sure you have a favorite veggie, @purpledaisy57!

haha yes I do on fact a few problem is I don't have pics maybe pixabay?

Heya @fitinfunfood! Thank you for joining the contest! May I ask your help to put in comment, the link to your post at the contest post, just so that I can keep track of the entries that come in and give you an Entry number? Thank you!

Does purple cabbage taste like the white cabbage? I prefer to eat cabbage cooked because I was once forced to eat a full raw cabbage in a team building camp challenge and has since gotten a phobia with raw cabbage's taste :D I have not seen a purple cauliflower either. But I do like purple sweet potatoes. It is so important to eat healthy isn't it, for our well being and to feel good about ourselves, to be able to do the things that we want to do. Thank you for sharing @fitinfunfood, and the health food site link :)

Oops! Yes, I will get my link over to you now. So sorry!

Purple cabbage tastes different to me. It has a stronger flavor I enjoy. But no one ever forced me to eat it lol. When I cook it, I usually do so very briefly to keep the crunch that I like.

I had no idea how important eating well was for most of my life. Now I think of food as medicine and try to get the best I can at all times. What a great difference this has made for me.

I'm so glad you like the post, @marblely, and thank you for running such an interesting contest. I will try to enter each week now.

Purple cabbage tastes different

same for red (purple) onion - they taste different, very different. I like red/purple cabbage, shredded, in my salad.

Thank you so much for the mention! I'll try my best to join but no promises hehe. Thanks again and have a great day!

You're welcome, @sgbonus. If not this week, it is ongoing with different themes :)

Welcome to #ccc!

6fc087cf freedomshift transfer 2 STEEM to fitinfunfood Welcome to #ccc!

My red/purple vegetable is missing - onion. But, I love the others.

Those photos made me hungry ... I love your favorite vegetable cooked with my favorite vegetable, the onion... good eating all around...

I am also on a natural journey to slim down and achieve better health and this was an inspiration -- thank you!