Abstractions Part 5: LSD, Fractal Reality And The Metaphysics Of God

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Abstractions In A World Distractions

Firstly, I just want to say a big hello to tribesteemup and a thank you for welcoming me into the fold. Ok lets get started, if you’re a staunch materialist or strictly religious this post may not be for you. I’m in no way denigrating any belief system or saying you’re wrong for that is not my way, I’m simply exploring some interesting ideas. Equally, it’s important to note that as with all work in my abstractions series I’m framing this post as a theory, philosophy and hypothesis, not as fact. I would also like to add that this post is written internally as opposed through external research, it's an idea that fermented well over twenty years ago so now is the time to share it.

Before I carried out any research on the ideas contained in this hypothesis, I deliberately worked through this thought form using mind and intuition and that is the perspective I've chosen to write this post from, a thought process and a awaking daydream. Once I had worked through the hypothesis and then started to research it's multiple aspects I noticed similarities in other peoples work and in ancient wisdoms/teachings, this of great interest to me but that’s a subject for another day. Are you sitting comfortably? This is going to be quite a ride!



Now it must have been about fifteen plus years since I’ve taken LSD and I also live a teetotal and health focused lifestyle, I've never smoked and neither have I been much of a drinker. This post is written objectively and with a clear mind, indeed as abstract as some of these ideas may appear you need a pretty clear mind to put it all together. Anyone that has ever read any of my work will know that I also write under the banner of “truth” and so I’m very aware of the Tavistock institute and the LSD experiments at Edgewood arsenal.

I believe they thought LSD would help them to brainwash a generation and to varying degrees they were successful, although the counterbalance becam a key driver behind the peace and anti–war movements of the 1960’s. The rush to recapture their Frankenstein’s monster exhibit’s itself in the hasty rescheduling of the drug. To this day it sits atop the highest class of class A drugs and I feel this has prevented it from being properly understood or indeed utilised as a tool of psychological analysis.

Such was the governments fear of love and peace that they sought to subvert it with hate and violence. I’m very open to the idea that Charles Manson was himself a product of MK–Ultra and possessed a mindset that was fermented to kill the 60’s, but I’ve digressed and again that’s a subject for another day. I’m certainly not advocating that anyone takes LSD, to start with it obviously carries harsh penalties and equally from a psychological perspective it isn’t risk free and there are certain people/mindsets that would do best to avoid it. That said I do think it is a much misunderstood and maligned drug, in fact the word drug seems trite as I’ve always thought of it more as a tool.

Where I Began

I must have been about sixteen when I first tried LSD. Before partaking I had spent the previous year researching the substance so it certainly wasn’t something I fell into or was pushed on me via peer pressure, it was well planned. I had spent my formative years very much interested in the concept of a multidimensional nature of reality; I recall a primary school project/speech that focused on the possibility that when people saw ghosts they were observing moments of inter-dimensional synchronicity, the teacher’s faces were a picture!

As time moved on my mind was one of metaphysical abstractions and I was entranced by the nature and formation of consciousness. I could already use my mind to lift the veil of unreality and transcend the parameters of our tightly controlled perceptual reality, but I sought deeper exploration. I will say that both I and probably anyone reading this can enter these states without the use of drugs but at the time I was looking for something to compliment said exploration.

Big brother.png


The first few times I tried it was with friends and it was more of a superficial experience, much hilarity and stupidity but we certainly didn’t get too deep. I suppose we tried it a few times over a year or so but following a friends bad experience, I neglected to take it for a couple of years. When I resumed it would usually commence in the beautiful countryside on a hot sunny day, I would take it either by myself or with a friend (my contact) that I knew could retain self-control with the higher dose we intended to take.

Over a period of time and aside from the enjoyment and observational factors I began to master it’s psychological effects, to utilise them as a powerful tool of psychoanalysis. If I chose I could indentify negative personality traits/thought patterns and wind them back to the moment they had originated from. I could close my eyes and rewind time to an instant of my choice, playing it over in mind so vividly that was as if I was there. I realised that every conversation I’d ever had, every emotion I’d ever felt and every flower I had ever smelt was still there, locked away in my mind.

It wasn’t just the memories for our minds capture the essence, intricacies and thought processes of our every moment; I could relive the moment, touch it, replay it and interact with it, if needed I could also unwind the knot of negative emotion that had been born from a particular incident. I could let go of unresolved anger and emotion and release myself from the subconscious shackles it had placed upon me. It was a gift and a tool of psychological study, a holiday into the inner recesses of my mind .. it was a trip.


Whilst under the influence I would often notice geometric constructs and shapes, fractal patterns and images. Were these cinematic projections that haunted the underside of my eyelids simply pretty patterns or did they allude to something deeper, something more profound than the transient nature of the experience? I would ponder a fractal nature of reality; an inverting, expanding, compressing and complexifying engine for the expansion of consciousness.

I would observe how certain laws and geometric processes internally and externally mimic and refine one another. I would think of my heart beating in a primordial darkness, I would envisage it’s beat as a resonating waveform and imagine it’s sound mathematically complexifying and assuming mass. Indeed, a waveform that when combined with intent and emotion gives birth to every spectrum of vibrational resonance. In that instant I not only observed creation, I was the creator.


Layers Of Thought

After I stopped taking LSD I continued to expand upon this thought process and I’ve been thinking about it some time. I’ve thought about how the keys to unlocking the secrets of the universe derive from mind not measurement. I’ve continued to close my eyes and listen to the beat of my heart and muse how within a fractal reality it’s indicative of the waveform of creation. I started to project my own biological processes, metabolism and energetic resonances into a wider narrative and use them to explore the universe.

I’ve learned that each majestic tree holds the story and the grandeur of creation, and that if you observe it long enough you can become attuned to its wisdom. I’d just like to add that I’m very aware of Kundalini energy, in fact to celebrate abstinence I will soon be taking myself off into the wilderness for a three day vision quest. Equally, I prefer to write the post less read and there has been some excellent work done on this subject hence why it’s not my focus today.


The clues to the nature of our reality both surround us and are us. As time passes I may share some of my observations; equally there are certain wisdoms that I feel transcend our ability to verbalise them for they should not be constrained by word and perception, they exist in the moment and the knowing as opposed to the believing and reading. A journey is as important as the destination.


The Nature Of Reality

After contemplating the resonance of a beating heart I learned of the fractal nature of it’s sound and waveform. I saw how doctors could zoom into the smallest micro section/resonance of a heart and compare it to the macro original beat. By concentrating on the micro aspect, the doctors are able to observe if it contains certain fractal architecture signatures which are indicative of a healthy heart. Equally, if the fractal pattern of a heart can be used to determine the health of a heart then what does my own heart tell me about the universe? What does my own consciousness tell us about a macro fractal reality?


Once you begin to look, notice and comprehend then fractals are everywhere; in sound, in lightning, in plants, in insects, in the mighty trees that reach for the sky and in the life giving roots that tunnel to the center of the earth. Fractals are in the jagged ridges of age worn mountains and the biological patterns of life, our brains and vein structures are a physical interpretation of a fractal harmonic. The fractal nature of physicality is easily observed but how about fractals of consciousness and awareness? The eternally mimicking fractal nature of metaphysicality, creation and the trans dimensional nature of our illusionary reality.

The Greatest Game

A cursory glance at computer generated special effects alludes to the fractal nature of creation (remember within fracticality we eternally mimic). Within a fractal understanding of reality, our desire and ability to create also points to a creator. Certainly, in terms of creation the cutting edge of computer generated special effects are themselves created by using fractal geometrics. The wizards of the silver screen use repeating patterns of the same shape (i.e a triangle for mountains). The triangle can be broken down into four triangles and from there we can begin to deconstruct the bigger picture. The replication of this method eventually creates the special effect.

Indeed if we zoom in far enough and begin to break down the construct of matter we can begin to glimpse the possibility that through computer technology we’re engineering a micro interpretation of a macro design construct. Again does our drive and ability to design point to a designer? Has a designer designed our universe to be both a driver and an engine of consciousness expansion?

Within this hypothesis consciousness is the precursor to physical mass, in fact it has created it. Out of consciousness comes sound, the word of God. Vibratory sound enters a kind of fractalised complexification process, this has ensured that sound resonance is the primordial vibration that alongside consciousness both creates and connects the beautiful illusion we call reality. Reality is a multilayered vibratory sound frequency, a harmonic of creation. Within the fractal nature of reality, we’re both created and creator.

Thought Fractals

Through its manifestation of mind, fractal consciousness is constantly seeking original thought forms. It seeks thoughts that nourish and feed the machine of creation and consciousness expansion. It attaches itself to certain valid ideas and then absorbs them into an inverting, expanding, reducing, twisting and turning reality machine. If the time isn’t right for the idea then it continues to spin through fracticality until such a time that it either becomes pertinent or simply ready to be absorbed into the public consciousness.

Through synchronicity and an alignment of frequency, the idea/concept is fed into the collective subconscious. Equally by elevating our thought processes and vibratory frequency, we are able to climb the stairway of enlightenment; each step creating a new foundation on which to expand our cosnsciousness , thus increasingly attuning us to universal wisdom.

Into The Darkness

The nature of darkness and evil is something I’ve spent a considerable amount of time thinking about. Indeed if god were all powerful why would he create or indeed allow evil to be present and if it is present then surely it has a purpose? Although we may as yet not understand it’s every function, a rudimentary glance at our own biosphere reveals that everything has a place and a purpose, if our micro system exhibits purpose and place then why would the macro be any different?

I believe god to be the progenitor of all creation, the highest level in a hierarchy of interdimensional intelligence. Perhaps a crude analogy but perhaps we can think of god as a reality programmer. The complexification of vibratory code creating physical mass, thus although the polarised nature of our reality keeps the universe alive, god also sits outside of it. Transcending a dualistic reality that somehow we've allowed ourselves to be drawn into, a fall from a previously divine state of being and a purity of thought.


We exist within a physical expression of a far broader ethereal fractal reality, a biologically mimicked interface between god and the majesty of his creation, a dreamer who has who has breathed life into his dream. Within this understanding whilst at one with every atom of creation, god has transcended the dynamic of duality and in essence we attain divinity/ascension by reaching a purity of cosnciousness. Within a inter-dimensional cacophony of cosmology, like a spark of light or indeed a voice in a sea of darkness the resonance of the word gave birth to an ever evolving symmetrical dualistic reality fractal.

If you look at the fractal image above you’ll notice that within it exists a bubble, perhaps the immeasurable voluminosity of our entire universe resides within that bubble. Now imagine that cavity is akin to a turning clock (or interconnecting clocks) but outside of its vacuosity time ceases to exist.

As the cycle/clock turns and with a nod to the Mayan long count and the Vedic yuga/kalpa, every so many thousands of years creation grants us the possibility of transcending our matrix. We transcend the matrix by consciously raising our vibratory frequency to become attuned to a higher universal resonance, wisdom. If the opportunity is missed we tumble back into the darkness from where we once again begin our slow climb towards a potential emancipation.

From a more scientific perspective and as I have written about previously, we can also ponder cyclical changes in the electromagnetic and field of light spectrums. We can observe the possibility that said changes profoundly alter human perceptual awareness and cognitive ability. When this cycle reaches it's zenith if we can allow ourselves to become attuned to the synchronicity of it's resonance it can become an engine of awakening, again if the opportunity is missed then said cognition is pulled back into the lower vibratory realms and becomes stunted. It's my belief that ancient wisdoms were aware of this concept and tracked how it influenced the rise and fall of civilisation.

The Music Of Life

So let’s think about it this way; let’s think about music because within a fractal reality music is once again mimicry, music is a physical manifestation of the multi-dimensional nature of universal harmonics. Every note that will ever be played was there before it was ever played, indeed we are the music. As an individual whether we create good or bad music is determined by who is playing the instrument and not the notes.

Can the same be said for the polarities of energy (let’s call it dark & light energy), the dark isn’t inherently evil it’s simply how consciousness expresses it that determines the outcome. The energetic resonances of light and dark are incredibly powerful, remember that within this hypothesis consciousness precedes matter and as such a physical expression of consciousness could be a relatively new construct.

As I wrote in a previous post: human consciousness has devolved from the spiritual realm as opposed to evolving from physicality. Life has certainly taken hold but it is much more prevalent amongst the ethereal and trans-dimensional realms, as such extra terrestrials are more akin to inter-dimensional beings. Humanity is entirely unique in that we represent a divine experiment; the transfer of consciousness from the spiritual to the physical realm, metaphysicality to physical reality. We are a living breathing portal between plains of existence.


Expressions Of Consciousness

As singular expressions of consciousness began to evolve it was energetically drawn towards the polarities of light and dark and it was how it expressed and manifested these energies that birthed the concept of good and evil. Perhaps these primordial expressions of consciousness have no choice as to which energies they gravitate towards? Over time these opposing spectrums of consciousness began to manifest their opposing energies as the polarities of good and evil.

They exist on opposing sides of an eternal energy pivot, it’s the fluctuation of these opposing energies that I have termed “gods heartbeat” and it’s this constant pivot for balance that keeps the heart beating and the universe alive. Within opposing spectrums of energy there exist layers of vibration, a divine hierarchy. Atop the opposing spectrums of this hierarchy we have what we would perceive as a god and a devil but the true god is transcended from this dynamic and sits above it.

At some point a divine experiment was conceived (the aforementioned transfer of consciousness from the astral to the physical realm) but our expression of consciousness is born with free will and a choice of which energetic resonance we gravitate towards. We are caught in eternal struggle for balance, but this struggle offers us the opportunity to transcend this dynamic and be at one with god. The darkness seeks to pull us down whilst the light seeks to elevate our vibratory frequency and lift us up. If through our choices, thoughts and actions we are able to climb the vibratory staircase then in moments of universal synchronicity we can escape the perceptual constraints of the fractal bubble and enter a wider sphere of awareness/consciousness.



I hope you've enjoyed this journey from mind to the metaphysics of a fractal reality. As time moves on I shall expand upon some of the ideas contained in this post as well as sharing new observations and concepts. I also intend to share my research based work that was born from this thought process, plus I will continue to delve ever deeper into the nature of reality.

Within a fractal reality we exist as infinte possibilty that has chosen to constrain itself through mundainity and conformity when we should strive for originality. Dream deep and dream big for one day we might just dream ourselves awake. ;)

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, any support or resteems will be greatly appreciated. Until next time I will leave you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.

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Fantastic post!

Thank you for taking the time to read & support my friend .. I'm really glad you liked it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this post, as with any other you’ve written and I’ve had the pleasure to read. I will read it again to further digest the content.
The fractal section was intriguing; by fractal do you refer to the break down of mega to atomical? For example you look at a tree, then divide it to sections, then limbs, then branches, then leaves and further?

Thank you @complxty I'm really glad you enjoyed the post .. your very name is a nod towards some of the content so I'm glad it resonated!

Yes if you begin to break down matter you will find it consists of certain geometric shapes/constructs .. from the atomic perspective we can perhaps think of the harmonic that is driving the atoms to dance/vibrate .. indeed does sound create shape ?.. is reality a construct of sound vibration? I'm going to be delving far deeper into some of these ideas in later posts, so for now I'll leave it there .. but watch this space ;) Thanks again my friend!

Brilliant, mindblowing stuff as usual. I'm going to have to read it again at least once before I can properly digest it !!!

Can't add anything useful to what has been said already in the comments but I am really interested on your thoughts on Kundalini. I think I've asked you about it before but it's something I only heard about relatively recently and am eager to learn more.

Congrats on being invited to tribesteemup. You deserve it. Your work is consistently excellent.

Hey @jimbobbill Thank you for stopping by my friend and I'm really glad you enjoyed the post, it was a struggle to write as I'd been ill so I'm very happy that it resonated. As time goes on you may be interested in how I work a couple of these ideas into my research based Bloodlines part 2.

I'm just waiting until I have this tooth fully sorted out and then I'll be heading out into the wilds and will write about it upon my return.

Thank you my friend, I really appreciate the kind words!

That was awesome. I love the way you write. Mind fucked. As above so below. Profound post, definitely following. One love.

Thank you for stopping by @thedonfreeman I really appreciate the support and follow .. I'm also really glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks again my friend.

I came upon you through @tribesteemup. Glad I did. You have some intriguing and well thought out observations. I trust you've considered Nassim Harrimein. He seems to be in alignment with you. Many blessings and look forward to more of your work. Blessings.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post @mistermercury I'm really glad it resonated with you. I have loosely heard of Nassim Harrimein but I have not followed his work, upon your recommendation I will certainly look into his perspective. As I alluded to in the first part of this post, when I was younger and started exploring some of these ideas I deliberately set out to explore the many profound questions that I had from an internal perspective.

I made the decision to internally explore these ideas as way of seeing if they would correlate to later research. Over the years (and after deep research) the similarities I uncovered have had a profound impact upon my life and have led me to believe that the entire construct of this world seeks to distract us from these internal teachings. We live in an age of (I believe deliberate) information saturation and so I feel instinct and intuition are profoundly important. That doesn't mean I or anyone else will always be right and I would never be as arrogant to profess that I have all the answers, I don't .. but I feel there is an increasing validity in at least trying to feel your way through some of these concepts.

“Heed these words, you who wish to probe the depths of Nature: If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. If you ignore the wonders of your own house, how do you expect to find other wonders? In you is hidden the Treasures of Treasures. Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.”

The Oracle At Delphi

I believe they thought LSD would help them to brainwash a generation when in reality it had a completely different effect and was a key driver behind the peace and anti–war movements of the 1960’s

Everything organised (chaotic) forces do, no matter who they are, it backfires, even on here, on steemit it is the same.
Trying to silence people makes the people silenced more visible.

Maybe time to take a different approach? I think we both already know the answer to that, yes, more freedom of expression, less wars on anything including people, and more individual choice to do with your own body as you wish.
The magic mushrooms are on me.
Have a superb week, and fantastic post my friend.

Thank you @deliberator and yes I couldn't agree more .. they keep trying to draw us into ever greater conformity but in doing so they awaken ever more people to their games, Newtonian physics "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" and still they don't get it. lol

I'm all for freedom of expression my friend, I feel we need to be open to new ideas and concepts .. some may gel whilst others won't .. but who knows when the next paradigm shift will come?

And you have a great week .. catch you on discord?

Indeed I shall be on later, stay awesome my friend.

Man. Once again I am blown away. That one took me an hour to get through as I took a smoke break and found myself lost in the GIFs. ;)

A PHD botanist friend of mine told me when I was younger that if I could see that LSD did to my brain the first time, I would never try it. So I never did. I love me some shrooms though!

Fantastic piece of work. You are a credit to this block chain.

Thank you my friend, I'm really glad you appreciated it! In all honesty, before I tried it I spent a year researching it, good and bad points .. I have also researched in the last few years, I have heard similar stories but found zero evidence for them. They have released recent MRI scans which show no damage to long-term brain function, it showed that it connected normally unconnected areas of the brain .. it is also a micoscopic amount (an amount the size of a grain of salt would get 100 - 200 people tripping) Due to it's microscopic amounts it doesn't cause physical damage and your body gets used to it so quickly that it's impossible to become addicted to, you simply won't feel it. That said as I mentioned in the post it's not to be taken lightly and there are some people that should give it a very wide birth so I would never recommend it.

It's probably a bit difficult to argue that I'm completey normal after writing that post lol but in all honesty I was born with a strong but abstract mind ;D When I did LSD it came very easy to me, I could take control of it and guide it. Plus I was a lot younger and with none of the responsibilities that age brings. Today I am tee-total but have learned to take myself in and out of deep layers of thought, indeed I was always the kid getting told off for daydreaming lol Thanks for stopping by dude

As always food for thought and mind expansion. thanks & yes lets keep dreaming .. beaming at a wondering life.

Thank you for stopping by @wallpaperflower .. I enjoy exploring interesting ideas and infinite possibility and I'll certainly always keep dreaming :) Thanks again my friend.

You are welcome @perceptualflaws. Still pondering on last night's post as infinite possibilities emerge in the mind. Looking forward to your next post :) Have a great day

I would think of my heart beating in a primordial darkness, I would envisage it’s beat as a resonating waveform and imagine it’s sound mathematically complexifying and assuming mass

I love this idea. It makes me also think of how that resonating mass creates its own gravity of sorts, attracting that which harmonizes with it.

Through its manifestation of mind, fractal consciousness is constantly seeking original thought forms. It seeks thoughts that nourish and feed the machine of creation and consciousness expansion.

As fractals continue to unfold, new patterns are created - all of which retain a piece of the whole.

We can observe the possibility that said changes profoundly alter human perceptual awareness and cognitive ability. When this cycle reaches it's zenith if we can allow ourselves to become attuned to the synchronicity of it's resonance it can become an engine of awakening, again if the opportunity is missed then said cognition is pulled back into the lower vibratory realms and becomes stunted.

If it were an external influence such as a frequency change, wouldn't that alter our actions unconsciously, and accessing them consciously would only quicken the adaptation while the unconscious struggle?

the dark isn’t inherently evil it’s simply how consciousness expresses it that determines the outcome.

I have always been one to argue that there is no objective good or evil. Expressions of the One are all equal and conscious understanding is what creates the categorizing of what is good and bad.

Fantastic post, @perceptualflaws. I agree with a vast majority of what you have said. My most common reference to the universe is one of a pop-up book. The Universe is the book and all of its pages with each of their images and words. As a page is turned in the book, new images pop out to be experienced and fresh words to be understood. Each image and word is unique, but still ultimately bond by the pages of the book, the Universe.

I was wondering if you've ever heard of the Discord server the #Philosoforum? I am one of the admins and we are trying to gather more like-minded folk to gather for friendly chat and help promoting each other's posts. I think it would be wonderful if you joined us and shared your work as you post. :)


Thank you for taking the time to read my post @alchemage I really appreciate the kind words and I'm glad my work has resonated with you .. perhaps in a literal sense of the word ;)

As fractals continue to unfold, new patterns are created - all of which retain a piece of the whole.

Yes exactly my friend .. I will be revisiting and expanding upon many of the concepts I've spoken about in this post, equally I have many more.

If it were an external influence such as a frequency change, wouldn't that alter our actions unconsciously, and accessing them consciously would only quicken the adaptation while the unconscious struggle?

Yes, that is true and if we didn't live in a world of smoke and mirrors I feel that we would organically grow into this era of consciousness and perceptual expansion. Equally, I believe that the world is encircled by a dark elite that are very much aware of the profound nature of this era in human history, for it is an ancient but stolen knowledge. In many ways the entire construct of our society is akin to an illusion, a distraction that seeks to subvert our awakening, for in an era of enlightenment the hierarchical control structure that we have been born into would be revealed as the illusion that it is. Because of this we have to detach ourselves from the illusion and make a conscious effort to change and expand our awareness. It's a bit difficult to explain in one comment but it's a concept I have put a great deal of time into exploring.

My most common reference to the universe is one of a pop-up book. The Universe is the book and all of its pages with each of their images and words. As a page is turned in the book, new images pop out to be experienced and fresh words to be understood. Each image and word is unique, but still ultimately bond by the pages of the book, the Universe.

That is an excellent analogy and one I very much agree with. In relation to discord I would be very happy to accept the offer, I'm not around that much for the next few days .. but after that I will certainly make my presence felt. Thanks again.

It’s all interesting. I want a bit more of an explanation of each subtopic. Which may come at a later date.

Each idea is interesting and would be a good topic of conversation. The way you experienced and explain your lsd trips is intriguing and enticing.

Thank you for taking the time to read @hrissm yes it's a fair amount to digest .. I will be expanding upon these ideas as time moves on, but I first wanted to give an overview.

It takes time to be able to master and direct the psychological aspect .. equally, it's dependent on dose etc. I would never give advice for someone to take it because it's effects can differ from person from person. I would just say carry out your own research and if you ever decided to do it then location and company is key. Thanks again my friend

Another great article... and also very long... I wished I could borrow your "romantic writing style" every now and then. congrats... yes the metaphysical will forever rule every cell in the physical reality.

Thank you @earthcustodians and yes I'm not known for my short posts :) but you know, once you start to contemplate and meditate the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper :) in fact I could have doubled the size of this post, although I have plenty of material for another one. Thank you for the kind words and support my friend, I really appreciate it.

Yup, we've walked or tripped some of the same paths for sure.
I know I'm on an anti-freewill trip lately but that's just because I'm turning into oscar the grouch:)
Think of it this way: you can't just walk out of prison if you're in one. there is no will one can implement (unless one tries to break out); the only way out is when the boss says you can go free. it's not a perfect analogy but it's close enough.
more specifically: if the anu are the elohim and they created our reptilian spine then they control the kundalini, too...more food for them. they have us every which way but sunday...
only someone above and beyond them can free us thereby negating our freewill which i concede exists as much as it can in a prison.
the cult of 33 is putting on a hell of a show for me lately...i must say i'm impressed by their reach even though i think them assholes!
sorry for the lower case as i've reinjured myself.

I think you might be right there my friend :) That's no problem, it's always healthy to have a counterbalance .. I developed this abstraction series as a separate entity from my more research-based work, thus enabling me to explore certain ideas and possibilities within a hypothesis.

Yes I agree on the prison analogy, equally within this idea we have there exists the possibility that through a manipulation of our syntax and symantics we have created our own perceptual prison and so if it's a construct of mind then perhaps we have a key to unlock it .. I don't believe they have complete control I believe they control through a manipulation of free will, of course I could be wrong. In terms of the Anu & Elohim I think it's a potential deliberate misinterpretation of ancient text and I have some evidence for this, my post next week is going to go into why that may be and it will also hark back to one of our first conversations .. although it will be opposing the point I made in said conversation.

Hope you feel better soon .. how did the injury happen? I'm still pretty bad myself and it was a real struggle to write this .. as much as I hate it I've had to relent and get some antibiotics. Speak soon dude.

Within this understanding, god is entirely separate from his engine of creation and in essence, our reality is a divine experiment.

That could explain this sense of abandonment that so many of us feel... Mark Passio has a different theory on that, but the truth is many people feel like they don't belong, that this isn't our home, that we are lost...

Your post is a prologue to much much more...!! I want to hear more about your trip out to the woods, your thoughts on kundalini energy, and abstinence.

Hey @lyndsaybowes thank you for stopping by. Personally, I feel the sense of abandonment that some feel is down to a decision we've taken as a collective, it has disconnected us from spirit and then the disconnection has been passed down through the generations and build up as subconscious resentment, we are out of balance. If we have free will then by its nature it can't be interfered with. Thank you so much for highlighting that sentence .. I missed a word "duality" .. god is not separate from us but transcended from duality. I'll tell you why I don't agree with Mark Passio on a couple of points next week ;)

Thanks .. I'm just scratching the surface :D I'll be going as soon my face has stopped swelling .. it will be a present to myself :D Thanks again my friend.

Heal swiftly and I look forward to reading more expanding on your amazing ideas... <3

I'm sure no one who read this didn't understand 100% what you mean by this words. When you talk about inner journey, there is no way to describe it with words. Language as we know it is so limited for describing inner journey. Well, everything is inner journey, even every day life most people usually have on this planet in this dimension.

You wrote about a lot of subjects I want to talk about. You gonna probably 'push' me into writing about this myself. Not that I don't want to write about it, it's that feel of my articles not being noticed and I'm kind of guy that don't like to be pushy with his ideas on others, I like others to be what ever they want to be, so with some life problems I had recently...didn't write much about this subjects.

Anyway, what I wanted to say with words is...

I remember why I incarnated on Earth in this dimension. Also know a lot of other humans who remember also. What I feel is that we are all infinite consciousness which has no shape and has no limits. What happen was (or still is) that consciousness created all kind of world so it can have experiences. Yes, consciousness in it's basis just is. But that is not all that have to exist because it would be boring. Experiencing infinite nothing is so amazing, but consciousness is also infinite possibility, so infinite nothing is just of.

Long story short...After worlds/realities were made consciousness started to have experience in them. After while some of consciousness was so amazed by those experiences, that they forgot little bit that they are infinite possibility and not that limited experience they had. After many many experiences connection was almost completely lost and here are we today. This is in short of course, a lot of to talk about...who created human mind the way it is, in my opinion fear has it's own self awareness which manipulate lost consciousness which blindly reincarnate all the time and lot more subject as you know when you write your articles.

What I feel is that this is multidimensional effort to bring matrix fear control system down. Not in the way of fighting it, in form of showing lost consciousness that it doesn't have to be influenced by matrix fears and easily get out from blind reincarnation circles.

As I with your article, pretty sure you will not understand my comment 100% LOL But that gonna be like that when our only form of communication is language.

Hey my friend, thank you for stopping by and leaving a great comment .. I really appreciate it! Yes in many ways it's attempting to write the unwriteable and speak the unspeakable and there are many things that I won't or indeed can't write about .. for they can't be contained by words.

I remember why I incarnated on Earth in this dimension. Also know a lot of other humans who remember also. What I feel is that we are all infinite consciousness which has no shape and has no limits.

Yes I had a very similar experience, I can remember being a baby and having complex thoughts, trying to work out where I was .. as time went on my consciousness devolved (not evolved) into the mind of a child. I'm very open to the idea that we have been manipulated to disconnect ourselves from spirit and forget who we are .. equally I think the memory is rising again an that we live in a time of profound possibility, an era of awakening. I think the system deliberately attempts to keep us in a state of fear as it lowers of vibrational resonance and stops us from attaining these higher states of awareness and wisdom .. to keep us in fear and looking outwards when we should be looking in. The greatest gift we have been bestowed lays within and we live in a hall of mirrors that seeks to make us blind to that fact. Thanks again @cmoljoe and yes do write about it! Let me know when you have.

Yes, words words...poor way of communicating something hardly describable like inner journey to whatever. Only way of truly understanding posts like this is if you had similar experiences (you remember at this point), so you can compare it or if you telepathically "send" your experience.

For many years I was and still am wondering are people really interested in truth? Not only about things like 9/11 or similar examples, I mean are they to go deep where ever it takes them?! I don't think so. I wish to write about deep question, going to the core of the core, but my feeling is 90% of people are not ready or don't want to hear about it. That is why I question my writing those kind of articles. But if I don't try, wouldn't know if I would came across someone who might be interested, so I will try to write few posts and see how it will go.

For example, one of topics I could write about is my contact with my dad who pass away 2 years ago. I think that is super interesting, but knowing most of people's fears, not sure do they want to read about it.

It's obvious most of people I meet are not so open minded and also like I said I'm not kind of guy who will try to convince people there is afterlife in this case, so in case of Steemit I usually decide to not write about it. Maybe I should give it a go and will see where it will take me...

I will contact you when I make posts about any of topics...

I wrote sort of intro about what I'm gonna write: Link. I'm sure I forgot to mention a lot, but anyway mention few of subjects I will write about.

This first first time reading something like this. metaphysics of a fractal reality is new to me. Looks interesting.... I will look into it more.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment my friend .. I really appreciate it.

You are most welcome :)

If the time isn’t right for the idea then it continues to spin through fracticality until such a time that it either becomes pertinent or simply ready to be absorbed into the public consciousness

Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. Wayne Dyer

Out of consciousness comes sound, the word of God

Take care of your life and the Lord will take care of your death. George Whitefield


Maybe I'll include this part in my post, which I periodically compile on the basis of studying blogs.

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