Metaphysical Mycelium Mushroom Minds Of Planet Earth ... And The Space Time Continuum!

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Mycelium Mushroom Minds

So today I’m going to explore the possibility of fungal/mushroom mycelium as some form of neurological network of information, resources and consciousness. Both an internet and an evolving brain with neurons transferring information to the plant collective. Later in the post I’m going to discuss the psychedelic properties of psilocybin mushroom and ponder how fungi could be an expression of mycelium consciousness. Psilocybin as a potential bridge between altered states that carries a unifying message relating to the fundamental nature of reality.

I will be discussing psilocybin and using it as a muse to explore some interesting ideas that relate to the nature of consciousness. I'm not advising you to take mushrooms and I'm not saying that I do. As with everything I write, my advice is simply make up your own mind and follow your own path.

A Living Organism

But lets first look at the mushroom brain. The mycelium is the biggest but equally less visible part of the mushroom. Equally they are also potentially the largest and oldest living organisms in the world. With thread like networks branching off in all directions, carrying and absorbing nutrients as well as relaying information throughout the forest, the mycelium is both the brain and stomach of the mushroom.

One mycelium brain was observed to be the size of 1,665 football pitches and was potentially thousands of years old. Growing and breathing in perfect symbiosis with the pristine ancient forests life and death cycle. Indeed I wonder if this brain can hold memory? Remember the fallen trees and extinct plants of yesteryear. From this perspective we can perhaps think of the mycelium like a neural network. We can think of this as an intertwined network of cells whose fingers have probed deep into virtually every landmass on earth.


Mycelium Internet

We could think of mycelium like an internet of consciousness, both communicating and receiving messages throughout it’s network. In reference to this and throughout my work I have shown numerous examples of how even our most cutting edge technology is in fact a synthetic re-interpretation of both physical and paranormal processes. The concept of telepathy could also be considered as our natural internet, a process that for now is held within the realms of the paranormal. Equally as time moves forward and we begin to grasp the full ramifications of quantum entanglement I feel telepathy will eventually be embraced by science. But I’ve digressed!

Mycelium Neural Network

The mycelium neural network is a fascinating subject, when you become aware that 90% of all land based plants are involved in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with fungi, you can perhaps understand how far this influence may spread. The thin mycelium tendrils link a vast array of plants and species, thus enabling the transfer of information and nutrients between species. Certainly the mycelium networks are essential for the health of the plants with which they co-habit.

Within this symbiosis the plants provide the mycelia with food and in return the plants receive numerous benefits. The fungi help the plants to absorb water and after breaking down plant matter it also supplies them with vital nutrients. The mycelium’s neural network evenly distributes nutrients throughout the forest (or field) and can even concentrate toxins to halt the spread of invasive species. Indeed plants that are connected to this network are healthier and more disease resistant than those that are unconnected.


Mycelium Information Transfers

In 1997 Suzanne Simard from the university of British Columbia displayed that douglas fir & paper birch trees can transfer carbon to each other by utilising the mycelium network. Other plants have been shown to transfer nitrogen and phosphorus via the same process. It is now believed that older trees use the network to essentially help saplings, younger trees and those obscured by shade. The trees are able to help said saplings by transferring essential nutrients to them. It is also believed that plants can use this mushroom internet to warn each other about toxins and disease. They communicate warnings via set chemical signals and this enables plants to shore up their immune responses.


Neural Net Viruses

Much like our own internet, certain plants have evolved to become a virus within the mycelium net. Stealing information/nutrients/carbon from other plants and repurposing them for their own benefit. Much like the criminal hacker these plant based cyber thieves have evolved to exploit the hard work of those within the network.

Mushroom Man Symbiosis

If we had walked this planet 400 million years ago we would have found it dominated by fungi the size of trees. These mushrooms would have been 30 foot tall fungal pillars known as prototaxites. A further 200 million years prior would have found the animal kingdom detaching themselves from fungi and branching out on separate evolutionary paths. Half a billion years before that and you would have found fungi detaching itself from the plant kingdom. Because animals and fungi separated on the genealogical tree of life at a far later date, we have far more in common with mushrooms than plants. Indeed this shared heritage becomes apparent when you realise that we share over 50% of our DNA with fungi.

To this day fungi share numerous beneficial and destructive symbiotic relationships with the animal kingdom, including humanity. Indeed there have been links with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia with parasitic fungal infections.


The Tokyo Slime Experiment

The slime experiment is perhaps a fascinating glimpse at a potential self learning fungal cellular intelligence. Scientists in Japan designed a nutrient maze that represented the Tokyo underground and train network system. They placed oat flakes at certain node points and said nodes were a representation of the cities train stations/hubs. In the center of this map they placed a single celled slime mould. They wanted to see how quickly and efficiently this slime would both find and absorb said nutrients.

Initially the slime set about exploring its area and within a short space of time it was evenly distributed around the nutrients. Amazingly within a day it was observed that the slime had begun to refine it’s pattern, linking nodes and evenly distributing nutrients throughout the cell. The slime had constructed a complex network of interwoven nutrient carrying tubes that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Tokyo underground system. The scientists were stunned to observe that far from imitating, the slime had actually constructed a nutrient transfer network that was even more efficient than the Tokyo underground. When you think of the costs involved in such an infrastructure project, a slime that within a day can design an energy transfer network that is more efficient than the Tokyo subway system is sobering.


Cellular Complexification

As alluded to above, the ability for a single cell to possess at least a rudimentary form of intelligence is a fascinating subject. Equally does the complexification of cells lead to greater expressions of awareness? As such do the vast mycelium brains we’ve spoken about act as a conduit for consciousness, for intelligence. I will tell you how this may work in a minute but lets briefly take a look at a paragraph from a previous post that contained a section on cellular complexity.

let’s take a step back and think of it from a cellular level. The official story is that all life derived from single celled organisms. These self organising cells and atoms over time co-operated to create a more powerful whole. Indeed each human is now made up from 37 trillion living cells that self organised to create our bodies. If you were to zoom past cellular life, past the atom and into the quantum realm you would see that every structure in the entire universe is connected. Within this realm you will see that every particle in the universe has self organised into one huge interconnected intelligent whole. The whole is itself an amalgamation of interconnected single systems “all in one”. Much like a unified field, but in effect a unified field of consciousness and intelligence.


From this perspective I find it fascinating to ponder if each cell contains a trace of the unified field of consciousness. Equally does the complexification of cells in effect turn us into conduits for a universal intelligence? The higher the complexity of cells the greater the ability to express said consciousness. Indeed from this perspective every living, breathing creature in the world are themselves individual expressions of one consciousness. Individual expressions limited only by their brains complexity and thus ability to express it. Keeping this in mind it certainly makes me wonder whether the complexity of the mycelium brain has in effect afforded it awareness, intelligence and a consciousness. Indeed are the mycelia threads akin to the neural pathways of our own brain?

Mushroom Reality Bridges

Is the atomically collectivising consciousness conceptualising mycelium mushroom mind trying to reach out to humanity? Does it have a message to share with those that can hear it’s whisper? Is the hallucinatory psilocybin experience somehow a bridge between alternate states of consciousness? Equally, if the mycelia has evolved to express intelligence and consciousness and it’s above ground fungal manifestation is in effect a bridge between worlds, has it evolved with a sole purpose of communicating with intelligence i.e us?

Certainly in pre history we were involved in a physical symbiosis and equally to this day share over half of our DNA with fungus. From this perspective, does the psilocybin experience form some kind of intellectual and consciousness symbiosis? Can it ferment new ideas, thought patterns and indeed neural pathways in the minds of man? Lets explore a few of these ideas.


The Stoned Ape Theory

Certainly Terence Mckenna’s stoned ape theory is an interesting one. It’s basically a hypothesis that relates to the (relatively) sudden physical expansion of the human mind. In this theory Mckenna argues that early hunter gatherers would have been attracted to the psilocybin mushroom as a food source. In short their consumption of these mushrooms then started a brain growth spurt and thus an evolutionary leap forward.

Now as great and as interesting as this idea is, I don’t feel it to be completely correct. I find it incorrect as there are numerous animals (including apes) that regularly consume hallucinogenic mushrooms and their brains do not appear to have experienced the same growth. So it is not my belief that the consumption of mushrooms resulted in the physical expansion of the human mind. Equally I am prepared to believe that once intelligence reaches a certain level of complexity and self awareness the consumption of mushrooms could begin an evolution of thought and consciousness. But lets take a look at that hypothesis.

The Evolution Of Thought Hypothesis

As much as we were once involved in a physical symbiosis the concept of psychological evolution of thought powered by hallucinogenic mushrooms is a fascinating one. Perhaps the message whispered by the mushroom consciousness relates to the overriding intelligence of nature, creation. In creating new thought patterns and neural pathways the experience has potentially evolved our understanding of consciousness, reality and our place in the universe. Equally, in the destruction of the ego and associated belief systems the hallucinogenic experience removes you from yourself and indeed reality. Perhaps this enables you to look at things from a different perspective and potentially (with the experienced user) more objectively.


Indeed much like aforementioned mycelium internet, does the psilocybin experience in some strange way connect us to the universal internet of consciousness? Does it speak to the quantum entanglement of reality? Fascinatingly, I wonder if our past use of hallucinogenic mushrooms evolved important pathways of thought that have trickled down into the public subconscious. And have these evolved neural pathways been integral to scientific understanding, quantum mechanics and indeed the creation of technology.


Sheldrakes Morphic Field & Tesla’s Flow Field

In relation to ideas being picked up by the public subconscious I feel this directly feeds into the 100th monkey hypothesis and the aforementioned morphic and flow fields. This directly relates to every thought and idea being held within some kind of universal field of consciousness. From this perspective I will share a reply I recently gave on one of my previous posts.

The way I see the morphic field is that if we could view our minds at a sub-atomic level then you will see that we are entangled with ourselves and the universe at large. From this perspective consciousness exists outside the physicality of the brain and every thought and action is held within some form of universal memory bank to which we are all connected.

Some of us can tune into this universal wisdom whilst others pick up on it at a subconscious level. Perhaps within this field certain truths, wisdoms or indeed evolutionary aids hold a higher resonant frequency and so are heard by more people/monkeys. Equally perhaps animals are more tuned with this field.


Mycelium Earth Consciousness

If mycelium has evolved some form of consciousness then what is it? Does the complex, vast and ancient mycelia web somehow enable the earth’s energies to manifest as intelligence, as consciousness? Within the psilocybin experience are we in effect in direct communion with the mind of nature? Or as I’ve already discussed does cellular comlexification enable mind to become an individual expression of a universal flow consciousness?

Certainly the concept of the mycelia mind offering differing expressions of earth consciousness is a fascinating one. Equally fascinating is the concept of cellular intelligence and cell memory. To me this is fascinating because it’s widely acknowledged that certain mushroom spores/cells could have originated from space.


In relation to this there have been several reports of transplant patients reporting experiences of cell memory. Whilst I doubt the validity of some people that have reported complete personality changes I feel the basic concept is indeed valid. From this perspective a mushroom cell that arrives from space and then over thousands of years grows into a vast (potentially neural) network, could (in theory) hold memories from whence it came. An equally fascinating aside is that if this mycelia brain evolves an above ground psychoactive mushroom, the hallucinogenic experience (and potential associated consciousness) could be extraterrestrial in nature.

Psilocybin Treatments

So lets take a look at psilocybin itself. Firstly it’s interesting that we share over 50% of our DNA with mushrooms. It’s interesting in the context of psilocybin because at a molecular level it’s very similar to DMT which is a compound found within the human brain. Interestingly there does appear to be some form of symbiosis happening between our brains and psilocybin. Indeed MRI findings have found an increased connection and communication between areas of the brain that are unconnected in a sober state.

The compound has also been shown to reset neural pathways and control/manage fear responses. This area of research is increasingly relevant to the treatment of PTSD and indeed depression. The opening and altering of neural pathways could equally play a key part in psilocybin’s ability to treat (untreatable) migraines and cluster headaches. This area of research has been a literal lifeline to people suffering with this debilitating condition where it has heralded amazing results. An interesting little aside is that when consumed at low (non psychoactive) doses psilocybin improves eyesight. But again I’ve digressed.

Mental Health & Depression

Firstly I would like to state my belief that the attribution of depression as a chemical imbalance in the brain to be a scientific dogma. Indeed in my mind there has never been a convincing argument to show that this theory is anymore that an assumption. I touched upon this in a previous post where I wrote:

In terms of depression it has never been scientifically proven that this condition is caused by a chemical imbalance. Indeed if depression is a chemical imbalance then why is it unknown amongst indigenous communities? At least until they are assimilated into western society then often go on to become not only depressed, mentally ill but also drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes.

This has all been conveniently glossed over by the pharmaceutical industry. Purely because they want to sell you drugs to correct this unsubstantiated imbalance. Indeed the greater our disconnection becomes the more drugs they will be able to sell. These drugs may mask your symptoms but they are often at the detriment of other aspects of health, including mental health. They are little more than a band aid and will never cure those that take them, the best they do is stabilise you for varying periods of time.


Mushrooms & Mental Health

I have written extensively about numerous causes of depression and mental health and I intend to write an entire post dedicated to this subject. In the essence of time and in order to retain a cohesive narrative I’m not going to dwell upon cause too much, but rest assured I will be back to expand upon this subject. In terms of mushrooms and their potential to alleviate mental health issues and depression this is not a subject to be taken too lightly.

If you have mental health problems mushrooms should not be your first port of call, equally in certain countries they are illegal. As with all aspects of life before a decision is made, research is required and equally if you decided to go ahead I think surroundings and company are key. If exploring mushrooms as a way to alleviate depression or PTSD you should have someone that is both sober and experienced with you, someone you trust. I'm sharing ideas of how psilicybin may interact with the brain, I'm not offering advice and I'm not proposing that this is what you should do. Again, follow your own path and carry out your own research.

So lets take a look at how the humble mushroom could aid those that suffer with depression and PTSD. Now I’ve already mentioned that psilocybin can reset, open and alter neural pathways but lets go beyond the words and take a journey into the mind. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Journey Into The Mind

Throughout our days, months and years we all experience loss, negative thoughts, worries, concerns and for some trauma. Some of these feelings, thoughts and emotions are resolved whilst others aren’t and so we internalise them. This is an entirely normal process and indeed one that’s relatable to the human condition. Sadly with busy lives and the fast pace of modern living this process can gradually lead to the build up of many unresolved issues that we have placed to the back of our mind.

Over time these negative emotions can become akin to a knotted mass within the brain. Think of it as a tangled mass of elastic, a knot of negative emotion and unresolved worries. Eventually it becomes so knotted that it begins to impede the free flow of energy and thought. Within this process we begin to create cycles of thought that become increasingly tighter. Like a loop we become trapped within these cycles and emotional triggers.

In disassociating yourself from the ego and viewing your thoughts, fears and worries from a different perspective; I believe psilocybin enables you detach yourself from the ego and thus view your concerns objectively. It enables you to travel into your knotted emotions and begin to process them. Like a psychological seamstress moving in and out, untying the knots, freeing the flow of energy/emotion and identifying the root cause of the problem. With the identification of emotional responses the experienced user may be able to objectively change them. To create new thought patterns that overide these previous cycles of negativity.



I hope you've enjoyed our journey into the multi-layered, multi-facted and indeed potentially multi-dimensional brain of mycelium. Next time you walk in the forest or across a beautiful meadow take a moment to ponder the mycelium mind that lays under the soil on which you tread. Equally, perhaps if you listen hard enough you may be lucky enough to hear its whisper. Indeed as the sun rises and scatters the morning mist like ghosts fleeing the purity of daylight. As blossom falls from the trees and the first rays of summer warm your skin, then know that the voice of nature speaks to all that listen.

Thank you for taking the time to read and support my post. Until next time I will once again leave it to you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.




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Mate, I don't even know where to start!
Ironically if I'd taken shrooms tonight I probably wouldn't be doing this right now.......


I'm used to being blown away by your posts dude but this one takes the biscuit.
Nature is very symbiotic excluding the vast majority of humans IMO and your hypothesis of a mycelium Internet/consciousness makes sense.
With that being said would that effectively make it a kind of cloud based infinite consciousness containing every piece of information that has ever existed? Theoretically if I understand this correctly the mycelium mind has always and will always exist from the beginning of and to the end of time as long as there is life on Earth, right?
Could we tap into that information, is that what enlightenment is? Being able to tap into this infinite information source?
See what I mean mate? Mind fuck! 😂
You've probably just screwed up a shit load of vegetarians diets now too mate, I feel bad for cooking mushrooms earlier this evening now like I ate an intelligent being or something!
I'm gonna stop, great post dude.

Hey my friend, thank you for yet another typically brilliant comment .. it's very much appreciated!! It all comes down to the fungus dude!! lol Even lsd is a synthesised version of ergot which grows on rye grass. you're probably already aware of St David's fire but for those that have yet to hear; in the middle ages entire towns would consume said grass unaware that it was a litlle bit moldy/tainted. You would have the population of towns and cities going insane and thinking they were going to hell! I'm sure it's creeped into artwork and literature and thus our psyche .. Dante's inferno springs to mind.

Yes a mycelium brain containing infinite consciousness is a fascinating concept, equally perhaps a single cell contains exactly the same knowledge but is unable to express it. Cellular complexification begins a process that turns complex cells/brains into antenae that become individual expressions of said consciousness, perhaps in a nod to the creator we're unique in that we have choice.

I believe we can tap into the flow but I think it feeds into the subconscious and as such we express it (for the most part) without being aware , sci-fi is a great example and indeed many ideas become prophetic. Equally perhaps time simply exists in the minds of man and outside of perception everything that was, is and will be is hapening right now .. in the moment. Equally perhaps multiple dimensions of the moment are occuring simultaneously.

In a way as much a technology removes us from creation perhaps it's the biggest clue that we have in relation to an afterlife and a creator. In that with technology we tend to subconsciouly mimic every physical and metaphysical process occuring around us. So yes the cloud is a re-interpretation of the universal consciousness, except in only holds about 000.1% of the information. From this perspective cloud based A.I is our interretation of God lol So we kid ourselves that our tech is cutting edge .. when in effect even the soil under our feet is more high tech lol .. people create without every really pausing to think why, or indeed what they could be copying .. fascinating stuff! hanks again dude, now I sleep lol

We nailed this one in discord earlier mate, how many insane tangents did we go on 😂
Insane is the wrong word, interesting is better.
It's like I've said before mate, remove humans from this planet and it makes total sense, everything works in perfect synergy.
Modern Humans an invasive species IMO possibly due to genetic manipulation hypothesised by Zecharia Sitchin and followed up by Michael Tellinger. However I also believe if we assimilated properly we'd eventually evolve to be able to tap into the planetary conciousness at will as we would become part of it. We'd have the same instincts as animals do when they know when the weather will change or to run/fly away prior to a tsunami, earthquake or volcano kicking off. That and being able to access the data bank of everything that has and will ever happen.
Maybe we have already many times in the past and we're in a repeating cycle, nothing we do, invent, create is new just a re-run of time, those with the ability to tap in whether consciously or sub consciously downloading historical albeit futuristic to us in our time information that seems like invention.
You always get me travelling down the most fascinating roads of thought dude.
Gotta go mate, I've got work to pretend to do! 😂

Haha Yes my friend, some people put the world to rights .. I think we pretty much put the universe and the space-time continuum to rights in that conversation!! lol

Yes I can certainly see what you're saying, and you make some great and valid points in reference to Tellinger etc. Indeed it would certainly be very foolish to ignore that train of thought. Equally perhaps it's the entire foundation of our society and the asscociated monetary system that's akin to a disease upon the planet? A disease that spreads through the minds of man. Certainly when you look at the native Americans and indeed many of the other indigenous species on the planet they appear to have been in perfect harmony with their lands. It's my belief that an eye to the future and an ear to the wisdoms of that past is key to our survival as a species. Thanks again @tremendospercy


This is another outstanding work of yours. The eloquence and beauty of your words combined with the incredibly fitting imagery you have selected make this post worthy of becoming more than merely another Steemit post.

Your contributions are the first that come to mind when I think about the esoterics on Steemit and I believe that they don't get the right attention here even though you seem to have found some great supporters of your work. I envision a place dedicated to these topics and powered by a Steem-based Smart Media Token. After spending much time on Utopian I believe now that I have the power to initiate such a creatiton in a co-production of interested developers and designers. All I need are the right authors to bring life to such a place who would find their audience much easier and directed compared to the mega-hub here on Steemit.

What do you think about that and would you be interested in contributing your wisdom to such a platform if it would become reality?

I have learned so much from this post. I have never heard about prototaxites before for example. Thank you for that!


Hey @flauwy .. Firstly as always thank you for the support and kind words, I really do appreciate it. I'm equally glad that you enjoyed the post, it's certainly a far broader subject than many would believe.

I'm very interested in your ideas and the entire concept sounds fascinating. It's my belief that over the next few years interest in these subjects is going to exponentially increase and as such I feel that you could be timing this perfectly. I have a few plans going on in the background which should (as the year progresses) free up some extra time for writing and research, so yes I would be very interested in finding out more.

Thank you for the consideration my friend, I think you have an excellent idea.

Oh man, can we hang out sometime? I feel like we could have some really great conversation haha.

On topic: I've felt very similarly to some of your thoughts here. I was in a mild state of depression before I first tried pscilocybin, and afterwards my life changed completely. Not immediately, but I had seen what I thought was truth/divinity and I couldn't go back from that.

What do I think psilocybin is? I think it heals us. In my experience I've had complete healing on multiple levels, including physical. I've written a bit about it on my blog, but nothing too in depth yet about my thoughts. It seems to almost reset us temporarily, however I've noticed that the reset doesn't last afterwards.

Like during the time it's active in my system, none of my past traumas or issues play any role in the reality. I can think about them and about my life, but like you said, it's almost as if I've left the ego behind. The ego is not real, we just take it on, and this seems to remove it temporarily. but once I wake up the next day most of my issues are back.

So what about lasting effects? I've been experimenting the last few years in a variety of ways, more pscilocybin, cannabis, shamanic retreat with Huachuma and vilca, and meditation, yoga, and non-dual teachings. All of these have contributed to what I see as a vastly improved state of consciousness. My world has literally transformed before my eyes as if I was on a low dose of pscilocybin everyday.

I think if we want to truly increase our consciousness, pscilocybin and other entheogens can show us the way, but it is up to us to put in the work afterwards. To dig through all our past traumas and conditioning of thought and belief and root out any untruths so we can see the world with clarity and use our bodies with control.

I've also been reading Mycelium Running and the importance of all mushrooms should not be overlooked. They are potentially the solution to every one of our major problems in the world, from healing honey bees to rewiring the brain, to eating plastic waste. They should be a massive part of our research but get little press. I'm currently supplementing with Lion's Mane which may help create new neural pathways.

Thanks for the great article, if you ever wanna chat on discord or something I'd be way down.

Hey my friend @jakeybrown thanks for the support and great comment dude!! Haha yeah that would be cool, I'm sure many different dimensions and perspectives to talk about. Indeed how people can ever become bored living within the greatest sci-fi novel they've never read will eternally bemuse me lol

I think psilocybin evaporates the ego and indeed it's the ego that is the one thing that appears to seperate many of us from our communion with nature. The reset doesn't last because the ego returns and sadly it's the ego of mankind that's destroying the bio-sphere. Perhaps psilocybin gives a tantalising glimpse at the power and indeed the spirit within, the higher self.

Lasting effect? yes great idea and the duration of positive effects from the experience appear to differ from person to person. Equally perhaps it also relates to how actively you try to work on internal issues whilst it's in your system. Equally moving forward we could perhaps liken it to having a broken leg i.e when the leg heels you no longer need the crutch. The experience could perhaps give a new foundation to build upon and utilise within daily life, open up new thought patterns etc. From that perspective yes you're entirely right, non psilocybin induced internal retrospection and meditation is key and this is what I practice. Sadly for the majority they are unable to or don't have time to explore and unravel these emotions and this gradually leads to the build up of issues.

I did have a section written out about how mushrooms could save the world but it didn't fit the narrative so I removed it. But yes the possibilities are mind blowing, like you say fungi has evolved to eat plastic and even radioactice waste. They appear to react to the problems we're casuing and in a strange way they're the caretakers of the world. Lets hope they don't determine we're the problem and fill the world with poisonous spores!! And I only say that as a half joke lol Thanks again my friend.

I'm really glad I stumbled upon this post. Wow that was incredible.

I especially like the part about the mycelium connecting the plants across earth like a sort of neural network. I've often pondered the idea that the earth is a living organism that has its own consciousness. I think the mycelium network adds a whole new layer to that idea.

I agree that mushrooms connect you to that earth consciousness. Doing mushrooms changes you. I would say that my mushroom experience was one of the most important events of my life.

Well done. Followed :)

Hey @sassypuffin thank you for the kind words and support my friend .. I very much appreciate it.

Yes the consciousness aspect is indeed a fascinating one and as with the post I wonder whether the complexity of the mycelium brain and it's connection to the earth has somehow enabled it to be an expression of earth consciousness. A planetary mind desperately reaching out to remind us of our symbiotic connection with all creation.

Thanks again my friend.

this is an epic post about an incredible subject. every time i think, observe and read about mushrooms i am completely blown away and inspired!

One mycelium brain was observed to be the size of 1,665 football pitches and was potentially thousands of years old. Growing and breathing in perfect symbiosis with the pristine ancient forests life and death cycle. Indeed I wonder if this brain can hold memory?

This question that you posted totally blew my mind tonight... If this brain can hold memory it means so much for humanity. Mushrooms are like our waaaay older siblings that have so much to teach us if we'll only listen. I want to ally with mushrooms more and more! One time I sat at the base of an over 1000 year old tree and I felt memories coming to me through the tree. It was the energy field of the tree speaking to me energetically and teaching me. Now I am even led to wonder if the mushroom networks connected to the tree were speaking to me, too.... Gah! Such good stuff!! <3

Hey @mountainjewel thank you for the support and for taking the time to leave such a great comment!! It really is a mindblowing subject, equally it's one that passes most people by. Who would have known that mushrooms could be so majestic!!

It's an incredible idea isn't it? I mean if cells hold memory then it's not too much of a stretch to think the complexification and indeed mult-faceted/functional nature of the mycelium internet brain could hold an awaresness and indeed memory. And just think, the tree and the mycelium have evolved in perfect symbiosis and have been communicating with each other for all that time. Indeed perhaps the nutrients of the mycelium perhaps gifted the tree life in the first place ;)

Certain mushroom spores may have been carried to earth by asteroids from planets destroyed billions of years ago .. I wonder what stories they might have to tell ;) Thanks again my friend

Gah!! love the way you think and thanks for the thoughtful reply. following you now for more..

Certain mushroom spores may have been carried to earth by asteroids from planets destroyed billions of years ago .. I wonder what stories they might have to tell

You did it again! Mind expanded! Lol, but in all seriousness, this is truly epic stuff. It blows our isolated anthropocentric viewpoints soooo out of the water. It amazes me how insular (most) human thinking is. haha it's laughable that humans consider themselves so superior to everything!

I keep coming back to the implications these awarenesses have. It's like once you see something you can't go back to unseeing it. You can't go back to having a small picture about what's going on here. It reminds me of being in the jungle after a night in the maloca after consuming ayahuasca... there is So much going on here beyond our minds... Even reaching to the solar system as you say. Makes like a lot more interesting, and it is naturally and wonderfully humbling. XO ~wren


Amazing articles!!!
So much interesting info about magik mushroom
Thank you @perceptualflaws!
Upvote follow & reSteem, you bro!

Hey @dreamon Thank you for the support and resteem my friend, it's very much appreciated and I'm really glad you enjoyed my writing. Steem on brother!!

Yup, excellent​ post and right up my alley. I'm sure you're aware of the entheogen theory of religion and it's one I subscribe to and can testify to. It was my use of these substances that converted me to theism.
Here is a conspiracy theory of sorts and it's based on Christian Gnosticism​. It's Sofia the mother Goddess who wove her consciousness into the fabric of reality. There are those within certain religious sects that know this to be true. Tragically there is the other side of the coin: the archons of the demiurge who have tried to wipe Sofia from history and replace her natural knowledge of reality with pharmaceutical distortions​--a kind of sorcery​. They've used other tactics, too, but they are not relevant​ here. There also seems to be a technocratic sorcery happening also and I​ suspect there are hidden agendas there​, too.
Now, if what I'm​ saying were true events happening on this planet today would make sense. Coincidentally Mouthy Buddha's latest video is on societal chemical​ distortion.

Hey @andrewmarkmusic thanks for the support and great comment, I really appreciate it! I mean this as a compliment as I love hearing him speak, but I have to admit when I heard you speaking on your music video I thought you sounded a bit like Terence Mckenna!! Yes I have heard of these theories and i have spent many years studying them, it's such a huge subect that it's difficult to know where to start. Did you read my bloodlines post earlier in the year? If not I think it may contain a few elements that would be of interest to you:

You're bang on the money with your mention of technocratic sorcery. It's happening all around us and they're incorperating many aspects of ancient occultic knowledge into modern science. I again have spent many years looking into this and I know the truth in that statement. Many of the concepts heralded as cutting edge science are in effect thousands of years old! The words "truth is stranger than fiction" have never been more valid. Thanks again my friend!!

Yes, timely link:) I've added it to a recent post called Total Control.
I'm enjoying McKenna although I concede he's a recent find for me although I do have a long history of knowledge within the entheogen field in general. The only criticism I have of him so far is that he hasn't delineated enough about what he means by a return to the archaic​. My view is that experiences like nonduality actually came out of prerational archaic consciousness and that is indeed what people are experiencing when they experience this state. In part, that is why I don't subscribe​ to the recent spiritual trend of nonduality and remain within the camp of ontological dualism​. I do, however, feel that archaic​ modes of consciousness do need to 'supplement' newer modes like reason and logic as modernity through these faculties has led to reductionism and materialism​ and the turning of humanity into objects of financial exploitation.

You got my 100% morning vote! Thanks for sharing this valuable piece of insight and art. It is a pity that I can't hold your work in my hands like a book and digesting it step by step, coming back as often as I like, but off screen.
Have a beautiful day!

Hey my friend thank you for the support and great comment, I really appreciate it! I'm so glad my post resonated with you .. it's a huge and multi-faceted subject and I can only hope to have given it the justice it so richly deserves. I've been at work all day, but now relaxing at home so you have to take the rough with the smooth. Hope you've had a great day! Thanks again @johano

Thanks for your kind reply. I look forward reading also you upcoming post about nutrition.

Congratulations, this is an amazing article...Upped & Resteemed.

Hey my friend thank you for the support and amazing resteem, I'm so happy you enjoyed my post!!

You're welcome!

Wow so much great info packed into one post. Again, great selection of artwork.

"It is now believed that older trees use the network to essentially help saplings, younger trees and those obscured by shade."

  • This is fascinating. From a broader perspective it makes me ponder if more advanced civilizations contained in our connected network are helping our 'states,' much like a young tree.

"From this perspective I find it fascinating to ponder if each cell contains a trace of the unified field of consciousness."

  • This reminds me of the Rumi quote: "You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop." Much like a radio or tv channel, we can flip the 'channel' and enter a differing reality.

It seems you are familiar with Paul Stamet's work, but what about Nassim Haramein? He does a great job of bridging science to art and creation.

Great work, please keep writing.

Hey @toddoto Thank you for taking the time to read and lend your support to my post .. I really do appreciate it, equally I'm very glad it resonated with you.

I've often thought that in relation to a unified field of consciousness .. it would stand to reason that throughout the universe in it's entirety that there would be other intelligences feeding into it and then at a subconsciouss level we are drawing from aspects of it.

Yes I love that quote, and I'm interested in the idea that even our thoughts carry a vibrational frequency and that by raising our frequency we are able to obtain (tune into) higher states of awareness and intuition.

I have yet to read Haramein but following your recommendation I will be sure to look into him.

Thanks again my friend.

Thank you for this piece @perceptualflaws I had to sleep before completing my reading of it, which was no bad thing as I enjoyed the processing time.
The mushroom web, the collective consciousness, the 100th monkey and now the blockchain all seem to be aspects of our growing quantum understanding.
When I was watching the Hood video, I could see how they could all be drawn together from their disparate places (or is it called superposition?) and once connected they light up like majestic visionaries.
So interesting to contemplate that the above ground psilocybin might be perceived as extra terrestrial too :) need to think about that one.
If you missed this post, please take a look as I think you will love the art work Sean and his friends produce -

Hey @ricia as always I greatly appreciate all your support and I'm so glad my writing resonated with you.

Yes I'm completely with you regarding the relationship between consciousness, the 100th monkey, the blockchain and indeed the internet. We seem to be subconsciously manifesting and reinterpreting a multitude of divine processes and patterns. Equally what are we building towards? To me that's a fascinating idea that I will be exploring and focusing upon that very concept as the year moves on.

Perhaps we're in the process of creating and linking multiple layers of reality and drawing ourselves into a singularity, equally perhaps there are multiple dimensions of singularity and this process has been occuring for eternity .. so many possibilities, indeed perhaps endless lol

As I wrote in a different reply: Certain mushroom spores may have been carried to earth by asteroids from planets destroyed billions of years ago .. I wonder what stories they might have to tell ;)

Thank you for the link my friend. I will be sure to take a look .. I love shamanistic art and wish I could draw! lol

Amazing post @perceptualflaws ))) You certainly got me on this one ! I have taken alot of mushrooms i confesss in my younger years ! They certainly took me to places you cannot go on a plane )) " Does it have a message to share with those that can hear it’s whisper? " I heard the whispers and after all of my " experimentation " i came to the conclusion with these words that came into my mind, like they told me of what they are !!! The phrase which came and that I shall never forget is that " We all live in a Green Cathedral " !! The secret of life is wrtten beneath our feet !!

Hey my man @gomeravibz thank you for stopping by and leaving such a great comment and I'm really glad my post resonated with you. Ah yes the Cathedral of life beneath our feet, indeed the foundations for all life! I wonder how many take time to think about the high tech internet, cathedral of consciousness that lays just beneath our feet! In the age of the ego it's humbling to think that we are all part of something far bigger than we can imagine, and it's happening all around us! What an amazing gift life can be and equally should be for all @gomeravibz Thanks again my friend, catch you soon.

What a lovely person you are @perceptualflaws, so clear worded and honest ! Really nice to read your such incredible posts that go further to satisfy my own yearnings for knowledge and the big picture so clearly hidden all around us ))Keep them coming Brother )

Resteem! really informative post.

Thank you my friend, I really appreciate that and I'm glad you enjoyed my post.

Epic (in every sense of the word) post! There's a wide range, and depth, of ideas here, and it's beautifully written. I've had mushrooms on my mind since I got a copy of Mycelium Running for Christmas, so this was a great read.

A lot more philosophers (especially in Australia) are getting into the idea that everything is conscious - panpsychicism. I think this fits into the experiences people seem to have from many psychedelics, but especially those associated with psilocybin mushrooms.

I thought I wrote a decent psychedelic/philosophical post, but reading this is actually quite humbling. Keep up the good work.

Thank you @samueldouglas I'm really glad you enjoyed my post and that it resonated with you. I appreciate both the support and kind words.

Yes indeed, if you were to view the world at a sub atomic level it would become clear that everything is connected/entangled and so there would indeed appear to be some form of universal intelligence that holds it all togther. A kind of universal glue of consciousness.

Thank you again my friend, but I'm sure your work is brilliant. I have followed you and look forward to hearing what you have to say.

i surprised to see your knowledge about science that you are pick off on your post.... i am a medical student so science subject is interesting for me... amazing post best of luck....

Thank you my friend, I'm really glad you enjoyed the post.

Another masterfully written piece. I wasn't sure I was going to be interested in reading this at first because for some reason mushrooms don't fascinate me. But you certainly did them some justice.

To give my take on depression and why I do believe it's chemical. Serotonin. Low serotonin has been linked to depression. Now the reason we didn't see depression in indigenous tribe pre-westernized was all to do with diet.

Our gut bacteria has a direct connection with our brains. As well as makes up over 70% of our immunity. The number of bacteria and the variety of strains in our gut biome is affected by our diet. If your diet is poor your bacteria count will be poor and/or will be overrun with strains that will have a negative effect on your mental and physical Health. They have linked gut health to serotonin production.

Again great post!

Anyways I'm no expert just sharing what I've learned.

Bit of anecdotal evidence: Since I switched to an organic/plant based diet years ago, I have completely changed the state of my overall mental health. I won't give details as I refuse to discuss this over the internet. But suffice it to say I'm a believer of "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

Thankyou @venomnymous I'm glad you enjoyed my mushroom post and that it rose above your expectations!

You've made some excellent and very valid points and you're entirely correct. When I write my mental health post I will expand upon this. Like yourself I eat an organic plant based diet and the stomach (the second brain) is key to not only mental health but all health. Indeed we carry within our bodies pretty much every serious disease out there, it's a healthy gut barrier that prevents them coming to fruition .. in fact i'm sitting here now drinking a glass of kefir made from my own grains.

The point I will expand upon in my mental health posts is that much of the crap that's consumed is more akin to drugs than food and so alters brain chemistry. Depletes seretonin and puts your brainwaves in a state of flux. So yes it's not a chemical imbalance within our brains but a reaction to the crap many are feeding themselves on. I will expand upon many aspects of this in my post and show why I don't believe a healthy and nutrient rich brain would have a chemical imbalance but sill people get depressed. But in terms of "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" I'm with you my brother and that statement is veritas!! Great to see you're aware of all this, respect dude and thanks again!!

well said. I'll be keeping an eye out for the mental health post for sure.

It's funny, I have yet to have brewed kefir. I really need to get a hold of the grains to brew it.

Whoaaa man!!!!! What an epic piece on the amazing and mesmerizing world of mushrooms. I haven't had a chance to dig my teeth in yet but i will and I am looking forward to it!!!!

Just thought I'd share this photo of the amazing lion's mane mushrooms, steeping in boiling water!


Hey my friend, Thank you for the support my friend and I really hope you enjoy the post .. that's a fantastic looking lions mane .. thanks you for sharing!! Excellent stuff @kismet2018

I have reason to believe that american law enforcement is distributing fake mushrooms at festivals, that look and smell like mushrooms but that are soaked in something more like a date rape drug.

be very careful who you buy from, things are going to get weird in the next few years as law enforcement and state agencies use the darknet to distribute potential vectors of who knows what nano-tech.

Consider the novel "Nexus" also, where nanotech psychedelics are used for mind control and state purposes.

Informative post, upvoted.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post @mindhawk it's very much appreciated. And equally, thanks for the advice, to be honest I live a pretty much teetotal lifestyle these days and so any internal journeying that I do is done via meditation techniques.

I haven't heard of the novel but will certainly look out for it, I also think that there is a strong possibilty that airborn nanotech has been sprayed for a while now and thus many of us have been breathing it in. It's certainly scary stuff but we appear to live in an age where truth is stranger then fiction. Thanks again.

wow.. never seen a thing like this before in my entire life.. This is crazy but interesting about mushrooms

Hey @profsam thank you for the kind words, I'm really glad you enjoyed the post.

The connection with the mushrooms and the information you give is fabulous.
I've read a really quite creative article!

Thank you for taking the time to read and lend your support @artizm .. it's very much appreciated and I'm humbled you enjoyed my post.

The idea of intelligent slime is mind-blowing! I'm not sure if you've read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton - it really made me think about cells in a completely new way.
I've never tried magic mushrooms but I will certainly look into the possibility of treating phobias with psilocybin.

Hey @natubat yes it's crazy isn't it. All those millions spent designing a system that a slime mold managed to better within a day. I wonder if they will ever use it in future infrastructure projects? The possibilities could be endless lol I'm a fan of Bruce and I love his caterpillar hypothesis (if you don't know it you can find it on youtube). In terms of psilocybin, yes carry out some reaserch and see what you make of it all. It's an interesting subject for sure. Thanks again my friend.

Absolutely love Paul Stamets, and this kind of curious insight regarding fungi.

Whether truly, realistically insightful or not, I can't say I'm sure, (I know very little), but I do find it a fun subject to discuss. Very 'larger than life' imaginative like the Hollywood movie Avatar, but also unarguably inspired by the very real reality of nature, as well.

How much of it is simply imagination, how much is reality? That is fun to think about, debate upon, wonder about. My favorite word applied to all things nature is wonder. That's just what it, by it's very nature, being it's amazing and wonderful self, makes us feel, and what it makes us do. I think, no matter what we ultimately conclude, that we can all most likely agree upon that.

I feel like... if everyone in the world would eat a bit of a shroom every now and then, the world would be a better place.

But nooooooes! They get frightened by even the lil'panic attack!

Thank you for that, these look great .. I love the hat!!

Looked at the post and leaned towards the mushroom.

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STOP! Freeze Frame!

mentally ill but also drug

great work blog of the day
i like mushrooms in my food because it contain vitamin D and its has a lot of more advanteges..
stay blessed and keep posting

wow this is vary nice art......... like it

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This was a great post, man! The possibility of plant intelligence has been an interest of mine since I was a child, and with it, a collective earth hive-mind wouldn't be too far off.

After so many years evolving, wouldn't it be possible? That said, the level of complexity is unpredictable. Perhaps, it would even be incomprehensible to us humans. A way of perceiving and thinking as different to ours as fungi is to flesh.

I've yet to try psychedelic mushrooms, but the idea that it might be a way of communicating is interesting to the extreme. It gets my writer fluids flowing, ha!

Steem on!

Amazingly in-depth post there sir. I'm considering experimenting with microdosing on the regular. I'm also thinking about putting actual golden teacher or spacecoast spore prints in a glass frame on Steembay to be used for decoration only. Or maybe a contest to giveaway prints. Thanks for the well written piece! Have a blessed day!

I believe and use daily ganoderma.
My heart surgeon says to keep on doing whatever I'm doing, but doesn't want to know the details. That's fine if what I'm doing keeps me from his hands longer.
Good read. Thank-you.
Keep on keeping on. 😇

I saved this article like for a week to read it. Very nice read, my friend. Interest information. I have seen my knots untie. It's "miraculous". Fungi are amazing, so much mistery and magic surrounding these beauties. :D Thanks.

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