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Universal Abstractions

This post touches upon aspects of a couple of recent posts, but from a more fanciful and light hearted perspective. I’ve written extensively about spirituality, esoteric technology and conspiracy, I’ve covered this from a multitude of angles and I certainly haven’t forgotten my warnings. But today I’m going to give myself a break (well a perceptualflaws style break) cast aside all my beliefs and simply play around with a couple of concepts. Just because I share these ideas doesn’t mean I have to believe in all of them, but I enjoy exploring interesting thought perspectives so here we go.

The Big Bang

The big bang is the currently prevailing theory (note the word theory) as to how the universe began, and it very roughly goes something like this. At the beginning of time all of the matter in the universe was concentrated within an infinitesimally small burning mass of density commonly referred to as the singularity.

Approximately 13.7 billion years ago this matter exploded outwards and is still expanding to this day. A fraction of a second after the bang matter cooled enough to form protons and electrons. These photons and electrons are the building blocks of atoms and as such life as we know it. Fast forward another 300,000 years and the expanding universe had cooled enough for hydrogen to form. A thousand million years later (give or take a million years or so) the gravitational pull between particles began to accumulate matter. This matter eventually formed gas clouds, stars, galaxies, solar systems and planets and then us!

And here we are spinning on this magical profoundly wobbling blue ball of life, suspended within a fluctuating sunbeam.

You know I’ve always kind of thought that if you can get your head around and believe this “theory” then surely everything is up for debate? Indeed when you think about it if this wasn’t the official explanation and we were sitting in the pub and I relayed this fantastical story, then you may be forgiven for thinking I’d been hitting the cider a bit too hard!

Wine In Hand

As luck would have it I’m now sitting down with a glass of wine in my hand so lets follow another perception. I do enjoy opening my mind and running with a few abstract ideas every once in a while. I find it greases the skids for my deeper trains of thought so lets see where it leads.


Perpetual Polarities

In the beginning there were two highly compressed polarised energetic forces. Light/Dark, Good/Evil, Love/Hate I’ll leave the interpretation up to you. For infinity they existed, suspended within the darkness until the day passed that a divine gravitational/magnetic pull (the hands of God) brought them crashing together. The resulting cataclysmic collision gave birth to the universe and scattered their energetic resonance throughout the expanding cosmos.

These divine polarities now reside within every photon/electron, atom and compressed form of matter. Dualities that now form the very essence of this living universe, both destroying and breathing life into it’s every expanse. Life eventually rose to become the living embodiment of these divine polarities, hunter, prey etc etc. Over the course of millennia living matter became a conscious manifestation of these natural laws and dualities. But within this consciousness something magical appeared, the freedom of choice. Good/Evil, Love/Hate for the first time in the history of the cosmos the choices lay within each of us, what will yours be?


The Self Made Big Bang

So let’s back this up a bit and take another look at the big bang. I have recently discussed the cyclical nature of the universe Here and so for the purpose of this abstraction I’m going to observe the big bang as the biggest cycle of them all! This is a huge cycle of destruction and creation, a divine cosmologically resonating heartbeat that breathes life into the universe. A heartbeat that sets in motion a chain of events that will both destroy and once again breathe life into this universal resonance.


Between Two Worlds

Each universal reincarnation gives birth to just one form of intelligent physical life. This life will is destined to become the catalyst that one again sets these eternal wheels in motion. The life form within this epoch is humanity and it’s our destiny to both destroy and reincarnate the universe. For the next paragraph I briefly visit aspects of my previous post Here that focuses upon aspects of John M Smarts transcension hypothesis.

So let’s fast forward far into the distant future with my previous explanation of STEM compression.

So the year is 2300 and what was achieved by a quantum super computer in 2017 can now be squeezed into a processor the size of a speck of dust. We have now reached the age of post technological singularity and are beginning an era known as STEM, the compression of space, time, energy and matter. Everything is compressed and miniaturised, more inter-connection, more compression, less energy use, less matter. Exponential increases in intelligence, we have reached a point of such compression and multi dimensional singularity that the space time continuum inverts and creates a man made black hole that literally sucks us in and then catapults us out of the solar system and into an alternate reality.

On the other side of this inverted reality we find a multitude of alien life that have been waiting for us to reach this next stage of self created evolution, the transcension. We then understand that all the pain and bloodshed spilled over the course of human civilisation has in effect been an elongated birthing process.


The Reincarnation Of The Universe

The creation of this man made black hole creates a moment of singularity that within one millionth of a second both destroys and reincarnates the entire universal physical plane of existence. Thus the heart of this cycle of creation begins to beat once more. And so begins the steady climb to intelligence, the divine polarities encapsulated within one moment in time.

As we assume our rightful place besides both the creator and all that have come before us only then do we understand the grand plan. We also understand that the conspiracy was an attempt to keep us locked within this physical plane of existence, but my time waits for no man. Some amongst us seek to dance between realms and aid the ascension of the next intelligent lifeforms, whilst others seek to impede it. But that’s a tale for another day.

Thanks For Reading


Written by perceptualflaws
Original Pictures by perceptualflaws
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Mind blowing post dude.
The whole 'Big Bang' theory has always intrigued me as the date itself picked out by modern science is roughly 3 billion years shy of what the Maya believed it's age to be, however their explanation of the beginning is way more interesting.
It's difficult to imagine absolute nothingness so I don't buy the theory however what other theories are there other than a creator God? If that is true where did he come from? Who created him?
It's a chicken or the egg situation, I don't think we'll ever know that particular truth. If the comment makes no sense I apologise. I'm really stoned 😂😂😂
Seriously though mate, great post.


Hey @tremendospercy thanks for the support and kind words my friend, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! It's a really intriguing subject and like you say one we may never know the answer to. Well not in this lifetime anyway ;) and yes the Maya interpretation is certainly "way more interesting"!

I just feel the sheer randomness of the scientific explanation requires such a huge leap of faith. I've heard it explained as akin to a tornado destroying a town and then perfectly rebuilding it a few miles away.

Equally I just don't buy infinte possibilty and consciousness arising from nothing. I'm fully prepared to believe in God and I'll write about this some more, but equally the chicken and the egg is a good analogy, it's so difficult to comprehend inifinity but then again outside our narrow understandings of physics does time even exist? Or does all time exist at erm ... the same time? :D

You make perfect sense and I'm glad you are stoned reading it, great to have some food for thought in that mindframe lol Thanks again my friend!


I think it was James Perloff that wrote a book called 'Tornado in a Junkyard'.
It wasn't about the Universe per se, it was more about the Darwinism theory where he hypothesised the chances of that theory being true akin to a tornado blowing through a junkyard and leaving a fully built 747 in its wake! Great anology.


Yes you're entirely correct and I'm a huge fan of Perloff so I should have remembered :) Although he was talking about Darwinism you can kind of take a step back and view the analogy from the perspective of life arising from this moment of singularity. In doing this perhaps it then becomes akin to building two 747's :D .. Great comment dude, I knew if anyone remembered the quote it would be you. Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you.

Interesting perspective, thank you.


No problem @rafine I enjoyed playing around with a few ideas so I'm glad you enjoyed it and equally thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

really great posts man, theres a book im reading you may like, its called the holographic universe very interesting stuff in it so far.
i personally dont believe in the big bang theory were tot in skool, it just seems so made up, random and fake. its all just a bunch of random numbers that NASA has thrown at us and said this is how the universe was created.
shut up NASA you frauds with your fake moon landing, how can i believe anything you say


Hey my friend,

Sorry but I must have missed this message. Equally thanks for the heads up on the book, I will be sure to check that out. Yes it's the complete randomness of it all, especially when you look around at the symbiotic profoundly interconnected nature of the world around us. It surprises how me how readily people are willing to accept a theory as fact, whilst at the same time discounting other theories. That's the problem I have with NASA etc for they have become the arbiters of truth and I feel the ability to end a discussion in one sentence is a dangerous precedent to set. Thanks again @nabes1


no sweat man.

go read that book its really informative, sure its also theories but they are really surreal, they have good evidence behind them and they seem more logical to me than whatever NASA says. Your right the symbiotic interconnectedness of nature is everywhere, how can people say it just a random mess of explosions that created it all????

I also dont get why people accept one theory as fact and call all others nut job theories, I feel as if people enjoy being sheep. I mean they dont have to think for themselves, they are told what to do and how everything operates without asking questions cuz they are content with that.
To me, its so backwards. but hey what do I know I never went to post secondary education and I barely passed high skool (being disslexic and all)

Nice post


Hey @hamadamohamed Thanks for taking the time to read and comment my friend, it's very much appreciated.


I will follow you if you can follow it and work Rustem

Awsome post! Resteeming


Hey @thethreehugs thanks for the support and resteem my friend, I'm really glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks again :)


You are welcome

Wow, those abstractions really do look beautiful. Sometimes I really enjoy starring in such an abstraction for quite some time. It's an amazing experience, we can see things, that we didn't see before or experience things, that we would love to experience, but we never had a chance. It's very mood dependent thing to do though


Hey @mrpauga Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, it's very much appreciated. Yes I entirely agree that these moments of transaction are transient and certainly mood dependent but they can equally open our minds to explore infinite possibility, thanks again :)

Thank you for the obvious time and thought you put into your posts. You cover a lot of the material that swims through my mind on the regular, and this particular post inspired me to google something and I ended up learning something new...

In your discussion of Big Bang Theory I was reminded of the Eastern philosophy of yin & yang (love the pic you shared). The five aspects of yin-yang relationship are 1. opposition, 2. interdependence, 3. inter-consuming, 4. inter-transforming and 5. infinite divisibility. In this case I am interested in focusing on #4, which roughly amounts to "extreme yin will produce yang and extreme yang will produce yin."

If the Big Bang was an explosion (i.e. expansion, heat, light, energy = yang), before that it must have been intensely contracting, cold, dark, matter ( = yin). I googled "was the Big Bang cold" and discovered there is a theory of just that, suggested by Lemaître! Who knew!

You wrote:

"Everything is compressed and miniaturised, more inter-connection, more compression, less energy use, less matter. Exponential increases in intelligence, we have reached a point of such compression and multi dimensional singularity that the space time continuum inverts and creates a man made black hole that literally sucks us in and then catapults us out of the solar system and into an alternate reality."

More compression makes sense with this theory, and I am baffled with the rest of it. I always imagined that the world (and universe) as we know it would continue turning its material resources into energy and the whole place would just continue to heat up and spread out until it froze over and lost all momentum (#4 above), then starting contracting again until eventually there would be another big bang.

I can see how "space time continuum inverts" could be a manifestation of #4. but you lost me at the black hole. Is this the means by which we could escape the "spinning cycles of time" as you say in your other article? Thereby avoiding another big bang (and this maddening material existence) altogether?

Hope this made sense, thanks again for your insight and time!


Hey @indrasnet No thank you for taking the time to lend your support and leave such a thoughtful reply. Yes the concept of yin-yang & light-dark is a fasinating subject and it's one that got me thinking about how this concept resonates within every molecule and atom in the entire universe. It's plays out within the micro now the macro and equally vast cosmological scales. Your research into the hot and cold aspect and the discovery of a similar theory gives a fascinating insight into the nature of consciousness. For many years I deliberately avoided all ancient wisdoms, philosophies and understandings. Deciding to simply allow my mind free reign to explore the profound questions that pervaded my mind since childhood. After several years of contemplation I began to research these wisdoms and it's fascinating (in a non technical sense) how similar many trains of thought had already run through my mind. Indeed once we find a way to declutter said minds these concepts appear to run throughout the collective psyche of humanity. That's often how I still write, I think of an idea and then backwards research it and look into how other people have also arrived at similar perceptions.

In terms of the compression I wrote about this in far greater detail in the post I've attached below. But basically the inversion creates a kind of black hole/time warp that catapults us into an alternate dimension/reality perhaps even Nirvana. That was where this concept ended but I carried the idea over to this post and theorised that in this instance via the created tear in the space time continuum the physical universe that was expanding outwards inverts or is drawn back in on itself. Thus becoming so compressed that it once again creates the moment of pre big bang singularity which them explodes/expands outwards and starts the prcocess all over again.

I cast my concerns aside for this post but I equally believe that the approaching technological singularity to be that of a trap and our connection to some form of hive mind is a trap. So within this perception, it's not the idea I had when speaking about escaping the spinning cycles of time. I will write about this further so I won't give too much away but this theory very basically relates to finding a profound balance within the collective psyche of humanity. Within this understanding we are then able to move onto the next stage of our collective evolution or ascension. As I say I am going to write a post about this so that's a rudimentary explanation but basically one ascension/transcension is a potential flase promise and the other is a natural evolutionary process that comes from within. Although I'm fully aware that this answer probably poses far more questions than it answers I'm here for the long haul so will be dipping in and out of many of these theories as time moves on. Of ourse that's If time does move on, but that's a theory for another day ;) Thanks again my friend.

I'm building a far larger perspective so due to the time constraints of posts each part is like a piece of a jigsaw. But a jigsaw that will take a long time to finish, although I am trying to write a book to fit it all in :)


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"STEM compression."
Made me think of STEEM for some reason :-)
I so enjoy your posts and pictures!
Thank you @perceptualflaws 👍👍


Hey @shasta thanks for taking the time to read and leave a great comment, as always I really appreciate it :) Really glad you enjoy my posts, my aim is simply to ask people to explore some different thought processess. No problem and thank you!

Yes well that once again is one magnificent post @perceptual flaws ! Fascinating indeed the explanation of the duality between good/evil, light/dark ! I have always understood this spiritual energy locked into a wooden chair in our kitichen by example lol ! David Lynch for me is a filmaker that has understoof these mysterious relationships between martter and spirit ! The Big Bang, for me, was a previous Universe being sucked back into istelf to reemerge on collision and compression of this said matter into our present Universe ! Like you say all just one breath in a timeless existance caught between creation and destruction !


Thank you @gomeravibz and equally some great words you've chosen to share in this comment. Yes exactly we're divine spiritual energy that's anchored in one place, perhaps the divine consciousness observing creation through the eyes of those with the true force of the universe in their hearts. A force which I believe is love. I'm with you on David Lynch! he's a great filmaker that's made many profound observations over many years. Yes the big bang as the greatest and largest of all time cycles and one that plays out for infinity fits in synchronicity with the rest of the cosmos. Thanks again for the great comment my friend, it's always great to hear from you :)


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This reminds me of Aristotles' "The more you know, the more you know you don't know".
I am not an academic but an observer. I try not to figure the universe out but I find it fascinating!


Hey @kiwicanfly Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I'm really grateful. Yes exactly! for every answer just begs another ten questions. I'm fully prepared to believe many aspects of these subjects are beyond human comprehension. Equally, the act of trying to understand perhaps gives us a greater insight into ourselves. Thanks again :)


It's interesting that you say that "act of trying to understand perhaps gives us a greater insight into ourselves" I would put it to you that the opposite could also be true, working in duality. In knowing or getting to understand ourselves or getting in touch with our own consciousness we find meaning and connection to collective consciousness and the Universe.
Reminding me again of another great, Greek quote. "knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom".


Yes you're indeed correct and I commend you on your observation. I've spent perhaps the last three decades reflecting upon and understanding the interconnected nature of the universe and how we're all profoundly connected through resonating vibration. From this foundation I allow my mind to explore infinite possibilty but also understand that there is a need to simply be and feel the moment. Indeed embracing and understanding the concept of duality brings many rewards in itself. I've attached a post I wrote about this below but yes that's a great Greek quote! It's funny you should attach this because I replied to a comment last night with the quote below which is taken from the Oracle of Delphi:

"If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. In you is hidden the treasure of treasures. Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods"



"the act of trying to understand perhaps gives us a greater insight into ourselves." yes indeed )

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Such an awesome GIF

Ya'll my sister bought a fan that plugs into her phone so when she takes selfies it blows wind in her hair I'm done

Awwwww mannnnn xD

On a more serious note:

Another rock-solid post my brother

Couldn't agree anything more with everything that you said...

And it's been more a minute now since I last took some shrooms!

Love the way your posts flow so effortlessly...


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