dtube.network | Alternative front end to d.tube, public release.

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Dtube network alternative to d.tube

website: https://dtube.network
active source tree: https://gitlab.com/vaultec/dtube
permanente: https://gitlab.com/vaultec/permanente

As many of my past posts have illustrated, and is relatively common knowledge by the users of Dtube, Dtube is "lacking". Whether it is videos being deleted, features missing or bugs in the website, whatever your gripe is about dtube, the majority of users can agree there is a problem. Developers of dtube generally speaking, are not being proactive enough to solve these issues. Dtube developers has accomplished a lot and created a huge video empire, but I have seen a recent downtrend of dtube and many other DAPPs.

Now keep in mind this is all experimental.

I have decided to take the lead in developing Dtube and providing a great DAPP to the community. I am up to the challenge of providing a service to this great community.

What is the difference?

  • Dtube Network will never delete your videos. By default Dtube deletes videos to save space on their servers. Of course I cannot guarantee that I can store every video forever, but I will never delete them deliberately. This is a serious problem to the average non-tech savvy user. A permanent solution is under development.
  • Active development, I will be actively developing and improving Dtube Network. Any suggestions/pull requests that fit the ideologies of Dtube will be included/merged.
  • Temporarily higher fees than tube 10% -> 25% to cover costs, this may be reduced in the future. Fee usage allocation: 50% to hosting, 25% reserve/unallocated, 25% to development team. (This is how I want the money to be used).
  • Videos on d.tube and dtube.network will be cross playable. However dtube network videos will lag on d.tube. This is caused by d.tube's embed using ipfs.io gateway.

A new storage strategy

I have been developing a P2P storage network, called permanente. P2P storage contracts activated via blockchain transaction. A major Work In Progress system that will be available/fully functional in a few months. Issues with developing P2P in permanente native language (java).

This is the simplified model. This model has been changed slightly in the regards of IPFS gateways and P2P structure. Instead of using gateways in browser IPFS webrtc nodes will retrieve video data (WIP).

An IPFS node per browser

If every browser had an IPFS node operating directly in the browser. Popular videos will load faster as more nodes have temporarily stored the video. Past videos that the user has watched (within the garbage collection period of IPFS) will load almost instantly. For instant access to non-cached videos, a web socket IPFS connection directly to dtube network's main server. Providing clients with fast reliable connection to all videos stored without needing to use gateways. (Throwing out potential features that i will be working on).

Call to community arms (IMPORTANT!)

In order for this system to work, and store the masses of videos. A large community storage pool must be constructed. Any person willing to operate an IPFS node, contact me! The community node portion will include a P2P storage market.

Contact me.

I am always happy open to questions/conversation. I am most active in Dtube Official Discord or #community-dev in Onelove Discord

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Great work . I look forward to having different front ends . :)


I'm happy with this development too 😊

Thank You, I can't wait for it.
Fingers Crossed for D. Tube, people will be always willingness for being creative when they happy, and they will be always happy as long as policy of D.Tube will not change, to me is morally right.
All the best !

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Hi hun if you share your link in our server you will get your project seen by those extra nearly 70 people and on top of that you will get more funding to help push the project forward.. it takes 2 seconds to drop your link.. just trying to help.. of course I can't force anyone to take help... but I am here to support you.. all you have to do is reach out and take my hand.. <3

Much love,
KawaiiCrush aka SteemNurse

Excellent news.. I was eagerly hoping for something like this, and I'll start to use Dtube Network instead of the former.

Having said that, I think it is good to always have a purely decentralized version of Dtube, without AI, high fees or anything like that.

For Dtube Network though, I'd like to see AI for the search results, along the lines of @steeveapp (YouTube's search algorithm is their Secret Sauce), and I am 100% okay with giving Dtube a 25% cut.

P.S. It's okay if you roll out ads someday, but avoid using promoted videos and profiles, since that would definitely stop people from being able compete organically.


Thank you for the support.. If I ever put ads on the site they will be decentralized ads, that will bring more interest in the blockchain.

Interesting, right now I started to back up every video on Youtube that I produce for my daily vlog on DTube!


Consider hosting your own videos so they don't disappear.


On Youtube, they will be there forever for free, and I have a personal backup on a hard drive!


Forever? Where are alex jones's videos? You do know YouTube Purges creators they dont like? yea.. Good luck with that.


I am still confident what I publish is not something like Alex Jones's!

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

It's exactly like that. You are confused.. you are independent media just like Alex. YouTube is for corporate now. They will just delete your content soon enough. You don't bring them corp money.

Man, this is what I've been waiting for. Having your videos disappear after 30 days or so really made dtube pointless for me. Guess it's time to really give it a shot now.

Also, I wish I knew anything about nodes or how and what it takes to set them up. I don't know if it's possible, but having an option in dtube's settings to set aside your desired amount of HDD space would work wonders to get an average user like me to help out a little.


I was thinking about an option to do that directly inside browser or future desktop app. However the tests i have done with leaving a node on in the background of the browser, causes high ram usage. Not sure if I lower that severely or not. I am playing around with a pin option where your browser node will store the files for the other users.. I was thinking about having a Java app that will be a few click setup for storage in the future (a few weeks from now)..

I can give you a guide on node setup over discord. See this https://ipfs.io/ IPFS works on almost any platform, only a small amount of setup and configuration is needed. Maybe future setup guide?


Nah, I'll wait those few weeks for that separate app then. People like me need something easy to use, an app that holds your hand throughout the process which I get the impression yours will be. I can wait a few weeks, it's not like I won't be busy with making and uploading videos to dtube now. :)

Can you offer a service that restores our former @dtube videos on Dtube.Network without having to make new posts? @vaultec


Potentially but you must have the original video to upload. I would prefer reposting as that gets more exposure towards dtube network and helps with funding.

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Man, this is what I've been waiting for. Having your videos disappear after 30 days or so really made dtube pointless for me. Guess it's time to really give it a shot now.

Also, I wish I knew anything about nodes or how and what it takes to set them up. I don't know if it's possible, but having an option in dtube's settings to set aside your desired amount of HDD space would work wonders to get an average user like me to help out a little.

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