MinnowBooster - The Holiday Magic is Back for 2019!

Season's greetings from @Minnowbooster! As the year comes to a close we would like to officially ring in the holidays with a couple exciting and fun new developments!

How would you like to spread the cheer and glee by gifting your friend a wonderful holiday upgoat? Well now you can for a limited time only with 'Santa Animals!'

Send your friends Holiday Animals!

Here are a few of the cutest holiday creatures we could find to make the holidays a bit brighter for you, your family and friends:

The Santa Squirrel

The Rudolph Chic

The Dasher Goat

The Santa Goat

For a limited time you can gift these wonderful creatures to your friends while upvoting them at the same time all you have to do is purchase an upvote from @minnowbooster with the following memo: gift url

For example, let's gift one to our good friend @furious-one!

Give it a few minutes.... Ok, here you are @furious-one! Happy holidays from your buddy @techblogger!

Increased Post Promotion Profit for the Festive Season

Also, one thing that we would like to point out again in case you missed it is the fact that we have raised profit on post promotion up to 8% for normal users and a whopping 16% for whitelisted users.

Even though the holidays are a great time to really sit back and enjoy experiences with friends and family, we still hope that this bonus will help everyone to be a bit more active on Steem and encourage them to publish a few posts...

The bonus promotion is already in effect and will keep reducing by a rate of 0.5% per week for normal users and 1% per week for whitelisted users, until we are back to 6%/12% in 2019.

Enjoy the holiday magic folks!

Lets make this a successful December 2018 and one to remember at that! Happy posting!

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I really liked the santa drawing for some reason. lol
I guess the upgoat thing wasn't a typo. lol

I have my Steem Power at 100% according to https://steemd.com/@dlina-v-metrah but in MinnowBooster it shows zero. And this is for a few weeks already!

Скриншот 2018-12-17 18.27.48.png

100 процентов.jpg

Hi, that may have been fixed now, please check and revert. I will raise this with our devs if its still an issue

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It's 1 year since "upvote from balance" update. (Do you remember?)

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Excellent idea to creat such pleasheant gifts for New year holidays!

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I remember @minnowbooster voting goats.
Those were the times 😍

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Wow, nice added feature 😄

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Nice feature

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Ha ha, oh that's so cute and fun!

Wow so bieutifull!
I liked each of your posts. You make very good blogs.I hope you will continue to share such good blogs with us.thanks my dear

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