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RE: | Alternative front end to, public release.

in #dtube5 years ago

Man, this is what I've been waiting for. Having your videos disappear after 30 days or so really made dtube pointless for me. Guess it's time to really give it a shot now.

Also, I wish I knew anything about nodes or how and what it takes to set them up. I don't know if it's possible, but having an option in dtube's settings to set aside your desired amount of HDD space would work wonders to get an average user like me to help out a little.


I was thinking about an option to do that directly inside browser or future desktop app. However the tests i have done with leaving a node on in the background of the browser, causes high ram usage. Not sure if I lower that severely or not. I am playing around with a pin option where your browser node will store the files for the other users.. I was thinking about having a Java app that will be a few click setup for storage in the future (a few weeks from now)..

I can give you a guide on node setup over discord. See this IPFS works on almost any platform, only a small amount of setup and configuration is needed. Maybe future setup guide?

Nah, I'll wait those few weeks for that separate app then. People like me need something easy to use, an app that holds your hand throughout the process which I get the impression yours will be. I can wait a few weeks, it's not like I won't be busy with making and uploading videos to dtube now. :)

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