LINKSeven77 Update #2

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You don't need to revisit previous updates and everything related LINKSeven77 can be found here in the latest update :)


1 Profiles of Passionate people - Empowering People with PassionSeven77

2 Profiles of Thriving Communities - Empowering Communities with Family77

3 Profiles of Projects - Empowering Entrepreneurs with Project77

4 Profiles of Angel Investors - Building Angel Investors Network with Angel77

5 Connecting People, Communities and Projects with Znap7 + Znap77

6 Reward Model - TweetIT

7 Token distribution Model - LovePoints

Journey of Building 4th Degree connection with LINKSeven77

  • PassionSeven77 At early stage, we'll have maximum 777 updated video profiles of passionate individual people

  • Family77 At early stage, we'll have maximum 77 updated video profiles of thriving communities

  • Project77 At early stage, we'll have maximum 77 updated video profiles projects of all sizes, From ideas to dApps

  • Angel77 At early stage, we'll have maximum 77 Twitter handles of Angel investors and venture capitalist

  • Within our Blockchain STEEM, we have passionate individuals, thriving communities and quality projects. Outside our Blockchain STEEM, we have Angel investors and venture capitalists who’re actively looking for driven entrepreneurs, who’re capable of building dApps. LinkSeven77 is kind of similar to Y Combinator to bring funding to early stage startup of Dapps and also it's kind of similar to LInkedIn/Kickstarter where it'll allow any parties to create strong network and enable skill delegation and crowdfunding. LinkSeven77's ultimate vision is to create 4th degree of connection

  • LinkSeven77's ONLY focus is you, your community, your projects and our Blockchain

  • If you want to become part of LINKSeven77 as an individual through PassionSeven77 then please share your Znap7 profile via Twitter using has-tags #STEEM and #Znap7 and your membership will be considered. Please note Any individual who wants to be part of our LinkSeven77 project will have to have minimum Skin of 200 SP in our Blockchain and everything that we include in LinkSeven77 will be #100%HandPicked with love and kindness

  • #NoRules for being part of our Blockchain and LINKSeven77. Be you and create contents that you like and leave genuine comments and connect with people, community and projects that you love

  • All the SP delegations will be cancelled by 27th January with account @nathanmars and Fresh SP delegations will starts from 1st February and it'll be associated with your own LOVEPoints

  • LINKSeven77 Update #3 will posted on the 27th January and the Update #4 will be on 1st February

  • If you've any questions regarding anything then please comment below or contact me directly or ask questions during #GoodMorningSTEEM Twitter Live-Streaming and we'll try to help you understand LinkSeven77

Q & A will be found here to make sure everyone is on the same page with LinkSeven77

  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3

Thanks 🙏
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Hello Nathan!

First of all, I'm sorry for being super late to the party, but I have several questions. I've been volunteering with refugees in Greece for the last 3 weeks + there was christmas before so I wasn't able to engage much for the last month (I was posting to keep my blog consistent, but my engagement was low..)

I see so many changes in former DTubeFamily777 here and LinkSeven77 seems to be really taking off. I'd hate not being an early adopter of something huge in the future :) That's where my question comes from.

I know my znap7 is going to be 1 day late (just uploading it). But do I have to share it on Twitter? I'm honestly not active on any typical social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) as they are all selling our data and being corrupt. Im only here on Steemit. Is LinkSeven77 something for me? I see you guys are really trying to bring attention to Steem blockchain outside of out world but I don't have accounts over there. Also, should my znap7 be uploaded somewhere with permanent storage rather than DTube IPFS nodes? So should I upload it to e.g. Youtube? I hope to be qualified in PassionSeven77 group :)

Hey Martin!!

I’m super super sorry for the late response.

I’m responding via WhatsApp now :)

Hi! I did my Znap7 :)
I uploaded on YouTube as well and Twitter.
Its ok? :)

PassionSeven77 then please share your Znap7 profile via Twitter using has-tags #STEEM and #Znap7 and your membership

Did I do that???? I mean I did the video but it was at the begining... Im kinda lost. lolololol I guess what I am saying is there new things I may have missed?

Yes you did do it :)

You’re one of the early adopters of LinkSeven77!

As you’re one of the pre selected members of PassionSeven77 through DtubeFamily777!

You’ve already EARNed 777 LovePoints 💕

Now you can EARN LovePoints more by referring new people to join LinkSeven77

Please let me know if you’ve any questions

Always appreciate your continuous contribution to our Blockchain and LinkSeven77:)

👽🎬🎥💬🕶 lololol

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@nathanmars awesome job, Finally all the updates together I think this update should be immortalized somehow or kept somewhere so that people can always refer back to this because so many people needed details as to where the link 777 started, or needed to understand something and if it were possible to pin this post somewhere I would have said we should pin it because since it contains all the whole details that needs to be known it's imperative that resteems on and twitter should be done so that people can see this update, at their disposal.

Thank you so much for bringing this update I think personally this took a whole lot of work to compile and this answer all the questions that even newer people or older people may have

Thank you so much mentioning about pinning this post and I’ll add this as @nathanmars and @nathanmars7 website on Steemit and On Twitter I can add this post to my profile!

Slowly but surely LinkSeven77 will become more simpler to understand.

Please let me know if you’ve any questions regarding anything!

Always appreciate your continuous brother:)

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Definitely @nathanmars, I'm always appreciative of your hardwork too, it's immense and really breathtaking, yeah I'll still have time to forward some quota to you via whatsapp, once I manage to put them together, you're really doing a splendid job, and letting me know if there's anything I can do to help immortalize this post.

This is developing fast and in many different categories, hopefully we have a discord soon so there we can pin these types of updates and changes as we go. Even a different forum other than discord is fine. That way of communicating can be quite time consuming.

I hope my number stays #8, usually I love 9 or 11, but I looked up 8 and will do a video on it. Infinity, powerful connections and progress! Very good words for what we want to encourage and Be. Big hugs and love

I hope I was of the first 100, that part was confusing but I did turn another 777 Intro in haha
Too many intros, so little time ...

Appreciate your encouragement darling!!

Sorry I would never will have Discord channel for LinkSeven77.

Twitter is LinK777’s Discord:)

Loving the philosophies behind number 8 and please let me know if you want me to move to 9 or 11.

Yes you’re one of the first 100 people she in fact first 10 !!!!

I appreciate your contribution and talk to you soon:)

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Well ! I try to resteem every updates related post so that I could find easily related information.
Now you made it more easy by putting together all updates.
First I would like to say you big thank you for your tireless efforts to growth this project and caring every dtubers related this community. I also appreciate your good morning #steem campaign on Twitter bring Steem to the Moon.This is possible only when we all together take this campaign forward. Every little contribution will make much help to growth this project.
Here is similar opportunity for everyone to be part of #linkseven77 as it's rule and updates is very simple. Now we are looking forward for your next to updates #3 and #4.
Thank you @nathanmars sir for bringing value/movement on this community.

I can openly admit that I have confused many people when I started LinkSeven77 because I had to withdraw my old initiatives like DtubeSnap then I had to put Znap+Zap to one side to focus on LinkSeven77.

Still long way to go with simplifying LinkSeven77 and always appreciate your constant contribution to our Blockchain and LinkSeven77!

Keep up the good work bro:)

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Sir! I think ,if we read carefully whole post/updates then there is no confusion to understand it.if you had made any change then you also briefly described it by digram.

It's coming together, slowly but surely

I am happy to see fellow Steemians who I appreciate on board :)
I wanted to make sure that I was included and just saw that you had uploaded your introduction as well... for your share of the Love Points hahaha... I wasn't expecting that :)
And you like numbers? Really? I would have never guessed ;p
I like numbers too, maybe not as much and my current favourite is 33... I tried so hard to get that spot on the list but I missed it ... oh well :)

I am still getting the hang of doing all the different platforms... Old Dog Learning New Tricks and all.. hahaha

Just wanted to say thank you for your efforts so far, thank you for the delegation ... I will definitely miss it, and let's bring Steem to the Moon :D

Yourself are an amazing member of the 777 family really, your hardwork and engagement is really amazing, i'm also a fan of numbers and it is essential to keep such kind of record especially when it comes to a project at the link 777 , numbers will definetly play a specific and important role, cheers to you

Core people of LinkSeven77 will play significant part towards taking our Blockchain Steem forward and I appreciate you for being an early adopter of LinkSeven77!!

I’ll probably will give away for own LovePoints to your family members. The main reason for I added myself is to show people how to Earn!

“A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought - they must be earned”

So you want your profile to be number 33 then ? I guess I’m just going to make it number 33.

Please let me know if you have any other favourite number than 33!

As always I much appreciate your continuous contribution towards our Blockchain STEEM !!!

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@nathanmars7, I have the following question: «Can I join the community of LinkSeven77, a bit later?» I mean: «Is the Door to LinkSeven77 open at any time? Or there is some Deadline after which no new members will be accepted?»

Let me tell you why I am asking this question/questions. Recently I have been very busy at work ... I hold a full time job and I haven't had enough time to follow all the information about the project/s 777. So I need time to catch up...

I got answers for you brother:)

  1. Yes you can request to join LinkSeven77 as an individual through PassionSeven77 at anytime. Doors always open and only the entry requirements will be different. As a early adopter you’ll get more benefit

  2. There is no more deadlines for new members. The 17th January deadline was only for pre selected DtubeFamily777 members. And we don’t have anymore pre selected members

As we understand that everyone can get busy with life/work, we’ve removed all the previous rules :)

Please let me know if you’ve any other questions.

Please please focus on work and LinkSeven77 will patiently wait for you :)

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@nathanmars, thank you for the answer! At the moment I don't have any additional questions. I hope during the weekend I will have free time and will record my intro video for LinkSeven77. Have a good day, my friend.

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@nathanmars, thank you for the answer! At the moment I don't have any additional questions. I hope during the weekend I will have free time and will record my intro video for LinkSeven77. Have a good day, my friend.

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Encouraging to see this great summary and how the project has evolved from one idea into this integrated network! I think it can become an ecosystem within Steem at the end! Great and inspiring work and a true example of perseverance my friend!

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I just wanted to take this moment to say huge thank for your continuous contribution towards LinkSeven77 journey from the start.

I appreciate it very much and I’ll never forget your meaningful comments!!

Guess I’ve HUSTLE DNA :)

Also I wanted leave trail on the Blockchain for other people to see that LinkSeven77 started with just an simple idea...

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Your feedback means a lot to me as I still think I can do so much more but it has been a busy start of the year for me. However, I have this initiative at the top of my list to continue supporting and engaging with. Keep up the Hustle and momentum is a powerful factor to have behind you!

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@nathanmars7, thanks for sharing linkseven77 update #2. I fully understand what's meaning of linkseven77. Thanks for giving anything for improve me included community 😊. Especially you bring different way us through making love points. It most likely for showing our love to community. I accept without dropping genuine support to others cannot improve alone. You got great point for improve anyone and carrying best positions us. Totally appreciate your heartiest assistance to stay long term our steem blockchain.

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My Znap77 reponse vi YouTube to @madushanka .......

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Thank you for making You Tube response to me friend. Talk you soon.
Have a Nice day.

All in one place😍, I will be copying link of this post so that if I have any doubts in future l can refer this😊. Thanks for helping me every time sir, I think I ask so much questions to you in a day and you answered me everytime 😊. I think now I will try to disturb you less😀. Thanks for supporting us everytime sir😊😊 Definitely linkseven77 will proves to be a successful project for all of us :). Now all the eye on angel investors, maybe it's not easy but our contribution will make it easy😊😊

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Finally all the details of LinkSeven77 in one place!!

It’ll continue to become more simple as we move forward!

Always ask questions and if you’re not asking questions then you’re not learning and improving.

When Angel investors see all the amazing people, communities and projects they’ll be on boarding with LinkSeven77 without a doubt.

Always appreciate you eagerness to contribute to our Blockchain!

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Thank You so much for this post, Now I am gonna bookmark it and if anybody asks me about the project i will share the link.. Wonderful and doubt clearing post: )

We are on the right track at right time :D 2019 is ours :)

Cheers Bro

I appreciate your encouragement bro!!

Yes we’re on Track but I’m extremely flexible with pivoting..


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Incentives turns on more morale to stick around and the idea of LovePoints specially to the early adopters is such a bold move. For the compilation, I feel much ready to check anything I so feels not so clear anytime on this single post.

Appreciating having me on board.

We’re so happy to have you on board bro!!


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Finally i already made my znap7 "Face reveal" , for those people who are they asking who is @cityofstars here is the answer

Thanks a lot brother and appreciate for revealing yourself and I’ll see you in your comments section:)

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my pleasure :)

@nathanmars7, No Rules = Your Own Creativity and Passion. Let's drive with collaboration and let's reach to the dream of reality which is welcomed by the universe. Stay blessed brother. 🙂

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This is very handy and does a good job of bringing the pieces of Linkseven77 together in an easy to read and understand document. I enjoy seeing how this is taking shape!!

I want you to know I appreciate you, brother.

With all the wonderful like yourself being part of LinkSeven77 will make LinkSeven77 the one of the killer project!

Always appreciate your continuous contribution brother!!!

Have a wonderful weekend:)

Amazing Nathan im inspired and i have an idea! i'll contact you on discord!

I love discussing ideas with inspired people!! Talk to you soon:)

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Thank you for this!!!

Everything is becoming more combined and more clearer... I think this post is very useful to know the overview of the project... Good luck for your journey Nathan...

Glad to hear positive feedback!!

Happy to have you on board with LinkSeven77 and super excited for you and your P&B’s chit-chat show :)

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Thank you so much Nathan...

Just now read all the updates and i am really happy in terms of everything but only one thing is bothering me and that is the no of Zap7 we got and it is really strange that how come people are not coming together to make Dtube a place where there is engagement and not just content, but nevertheless even with this bunch full of people we can achieve great heights.

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that all the updates are ready is great news ... I would like to join, but, I do not have the necessary SP, congratulations to the members and, good luck

Thanks for your compliments!! Good luck with buying or Earning your 200 SP :)

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Now its very clear that what we need to do. Thank you for making it simple without rules.
I am happy to see you doing effforts for everyone.keep up the good work my friend.
I am also thankful for the support you have given to me.
I have never seen such a kind heart man filled with love .
I will keep my journey with this team and steem blockchain.
Thank you very much.

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So glad to hear that LinkSeven77 update #2 is clear to understand!!

Truly appreciate your continuous contribution and honesty towards my own steem journey!

Let’s together take our Blockchain forward with LinkSeven77:)

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Thanks for the updated information -

LINKSeven77 Update #3 will posted on the 27th January and the Update #4 will be on 1st February

Is that still have the opportunity to create the Znap7 till 27th January 2019?

Yes everyone has the opportunity to create Znap7 anytime now.

Future membership of LinkSeven77 only available on request.

As per the post sub category (LovePoints) the first 100 people get 777 LovePoints and the next 100 people get 385 LovePoints.

Earlier is better because there will be more benefits for early adopters!

Please let me know if you’ve any other questions.

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Oops I just noticed the deadline for making a self-intro video just passed? So it means there are already 100 people getting 777 LovePoints or? And there's no requirement about the length of the videos created right? Somehow I thought it has to be 77 seconds long, and I made another one of this length... 😂

There was a deadline for all the pre selected members of DtubeFamily777 to be part of LinkSeven77.

Now all the new individuals who want to be part of LinkSeven77 through PassionSeven77 will have to request the membership by creating Znap7 profile. This video profile have no time limits and it can be updated at anytime.

The first 100 people who become of part of LinkSeven77 will EARN 777 LovePoints and the next 100 people will EARN 385 LovePoints and there is also another way to EARN LovePoints too be referring your friends.

More details can be found in 7th link of this post.

Please let me know if you’ve any questions and I look forward to your Znap7 soon :)

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Thanks for more information.

Posted using Partiko Android

Always appreciate your continuous contribution brother!!

Talk to you soon:)

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Thank u for information, I'm still collecting my SP to join Linkseven77. Have a nice day my friend.

Good luck with it!! Please note the entry barrier to LinkSeven77 will continue to increase as we progress. So I would recommend you to join us early as possible.

Have a wonderful day to you as well :)

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I guess you didn’t understand the TweetIT model..

Don’t worry and I’ll ask my wife to translate the new TweetIT model in Japanese

New TweetIT model will be posted on 27th January and please kindly patient with me

Don’t worry and I’ll ask my wife to translate the new TweetIT model in Japanese
New TweetIT model will be posted on 27th January and please kindly patient with me


Sorry... Thank you.

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